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How to Be a Good Boyfriend (As a Teen)?

Teenage is a tender age when one does not have much experience on being in a relationship and many sucks at it being a total newbie. Let me tell you being a boyfriend is being responsible. If you want to be a good boyfriend (As a teen) then you need to take care of few of things which you never had to do before. Sometimes you may find doing it hard but if the girl is worthy then you have got to keep her right?

This age seems to be the age to get your love and to keep it for long to do that you should keep few things in mind so that you can avoid having a sad end of your first love. It is simple to know what to do in a relationship to keep your partner happy at least it is not scary as you might think. You can become a good boyfriend by taking care of few details about her.

Make your lady feel special and love her for what she is. And never make her feel that she is under you. Treat her equally. To know things in details read this article.

How to be a good boyfriend (As a Teen)

Steps to Be a Good Boyfriend (As a Teen)

1.) Give Her Attention

To become a good boyfriend give your girl full attention. She should never feel like she is alone and she should always feel pampered and loved by you. Make her feel loved and take care of her small wishes. Do not make her crave for your attention. Do not make her feel like she is not important to you. In the start, every relationship is the sweet and happy go but after a few while, every relationship faces ups and downs. Stay with her in her every bad and good times. This way you will be on the top list of most desired boyfriend.

2.) Be Loyal to Be a Good Boyfriend (As a Teen)

A loyalty is a must in any relationship. If you really love your lady and do not want to lose her then stay loyal to her. A loyalty costs nothing but will give you a lifetime relationship to be cherished about. Staying loyal doesn’t mean to share every thought inside your mind with her. Share your life events so that she will feel more trusted and she will trust you more as well. If you had any ex in your past do not hide it from her. Tell her the truth and she will respect & love you more.

3.) Understand Her to Be a Good Boyfriend (As a Teen)

Understanding personality is very rare and most desired. If you really want to be a good boyfriend then you should be the understanding. Do not make a fuss when she goes out with her guy friends. Trust her and give her space. If she likes going out for doing a particular job or she wants to focus on her studies. Support her in her decisions and encourage her with your words. Trying to understand situations from her side of angle will help you be more understanding.

4.) Be a Good Listener to Be a Good Boyfriend (As a Teen)

This is very affirmative point and you should follow it by heart. If you have intentions to keep your girl happy listen patiently what she has to say. Most of the girls are talkative even if the girl is a quiet one still she will like to share small details with their boyfriends. Most of the time boys do not want to listen to the stuff which doesn’t matter to him. This is a bad way to treat your girl. Instead, listen to her and look if she needs any comfort or help. Don’t just pretend to listen as it won’t help you to run for a longer period.

5.) Say Sorry to Be a Boyfriend (As a Teen)

Saying sorry doesn’t make you weak. If it was your fault then never hesitate to say sorry. Saying these words can save your relationship and can be helpful to make your bond stronger. Sorry is one of those few words which has the power to change someone’s heart. When you say sorry, say it with heart and mean it, do not utter just mere words because of formality.

6.) Keep Her Happy

In any new relationship, efforts which are done for a partner are incredible but it starts diminishing as the time increases or relationship gets older. When you do want to be a good boyfriend then keep it in mind to not stop trying doing those stuff even when your relationship gets old. Do those little things which you did while trying to impress her or do those things which you thought of doing her if she will become ever yours, well, now she is so doing small gestures and sweet things for her to keep her happy.

7.) Give Surprises to Be a Good Boyfriend (As a Teen)

surprises are the sweet things which keep on the spark alive in your relationship. To make your girl happy plan surprises for her. It may be a small surprise, doesn’t matter. What matters most is your efforts and those small happy packets will keep her happy. Surprises are sweet happy packets which will keep on reminding her that she is special to you. It also helps to keep the love spark alive between you both.

8.) Encourage Her to Betterment

I believe one should never fall in love instead rise in love. It is so true, when the love is true it make you go higher. If a person truly loves you then he or she would seek happiness in your smile. Yes, that kind of love exists and many of you might also have felt it. If you genuinely want to be a good boyfriend encourage her for betterment. Tell her that you believe in her and support her. Nothing can make you a better boyfriend than to help your girl grow. Teach her to be independent and encourage her whenever she feels like quitting.

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