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How to Give Your Boyfriend Space?

Falling in love with someone is such a wonderful thing and staying in love may be a challenge. When you become a part of another person’s life then sometimes things get out of hands and you end up your relationship. In the long term relationships, there comes a point where you end up your feelings. If left unchecked, then it can destroy your relationship. If you and your partner want to make your relationship work in the long run then you have to make short-term changes to ensure that you both can live freely in your relationship. For this, you have to give your boyfriend space. In this article, you will get some amazing tips to give your boyfriend space.

Giving space doesn’t mean that you both are getting separated or you are breaking up with your boyfriend. Giving your boyfriend space means you want to pause your relationship for some time so that your boyfriend will have the time to go to his normal routine. Your boyfriend might have some goals that he wants to work on. Or maybe he wants to spend some time with his friends. He wants some time to himself to relax or to sort the things out. If you genuinely want your relationship last then give him some space and time he needs.

How to Give Your Boyfriend Space

Ways to Give Your Boyfriend Space:

1.) Understand the Reason to Give Your Boyfriend Space

Giving your boyfriend space will be healthy, normal and necessary for a flourishing relationship. This will be good for both of you. If things have been reaching the breaking point in the relationship then try to let the situation go for a while. Don’t control what he is doing or what you are not getting out of your relationship. If you let the things be then they will find a way to fix it. If you give him the space he needs then he will not think about to break up with you.

 2.) Ask Him What is Going On

Ask him why he wants space and for how much time he wants space. This is very important to know what is going on in his mind. Don’t assume the worst thing because there can be any reason. If he still wants to see you or care about you then keep yourself cool. Perhaps he may be stressed under the pressure of exams or from a heavy workload. Remember, it is not about you. Reward him with trust when he clarifies the reason behind wanting space. This may force you to be with him. You should take some time to consider your relationship.

3.) Do Something Out Willingly

Know that if he wants a permanent schedule change or he wants a few days or weeks for himself. Figure out what you really want. If you both want that your relationship will work then settle on something you both are satisfied with. Don’t beg to him or don’t show that you need him. But you can take help from him. Begging is unattractive and childish.

4.) Give Time to Yourself

It is also important to spend some time on yourself. When he asks for space then don’t feel bad. Feel good as it shows that you also need space. Use this time to think about your life and emotional state. Become the confident, strong and independent girl you always wanted to be.

  • Plan some fun activities with your friends.
  • Enjoy the outdoors like hikes, swimming, climbing, sailing, long walks etc. will improve your mood.
  • Rediscover your new hobby.
  • Reconnect with your old friends. Spend some time with your loved ones so that you couldn’t miss him.
  • Get involved in your career direction. Keep fit and healthy.
  • A confident lady seems more attractive. So in this way, you can do a favor by remembering your own strength.
  • Change your bad habits that he doesn’t like. Let him see that you have changed. Your bad habits may lead to a breakup.

5.) Have Patience

Give your boyfriend space, if you want the relationship to succeed. Take your time to rediscover each other. Make your relationship feel new and fresh. You should not call him if he doesn’t call you after a few days. You have to be patient for your relationship to work.

  • Don’t call him or text him. Let him realize the memories that you have together. By doing this, you make him miss you. If you show excess emotions by calling him or texting him then it will cause him to breakup with you.
  • When he is with his friends, leave him alone.
  • Don’t involve him in your plans.

6.) Respect His Freedom

If you give him the more respect and freedom then he will appreciate being with you. Be sure that he respects your freedom and choices too. Make your relationship more balanced. Don’t be too emotional if he wants space. If you are temporarily apart then show him that he can trust you. Don’t try to make your boyfriend jealous. If you do then he will go away further.

7.) Be Friends

Nurture your relationship through a healthy relationship that will make you both feel more secure and happier. Being friends is the great way to give your boyfriend space. When he talks don’t interrupt and listen carefully. When you respond, stay supportive and positive. Keep yourself relaxed. If you put him at ease then he will start pouring out his feelings and thoughts.

8.) Be the Girl He Fell in Love With

Be carefree and happy. Love yourself as much as you love your boyfriend. Find ways to spend time together. Maybe one of the reasons of his aloofness is you have changed a little bit and he misses the old you. Balancing space in the relationship will challenge you because you have to regulate togetherness and separateness.

  • Avoid being too nosy as this irritate boys a lot.
  • Don’t interfere in his friend’s matter because this might affect your relationship.
  • Try to be more understanding to for a longer and healthier relationship.

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