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How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back?

There are many people who break up every day. Everyone gives the advice to forget your Ex (Boyfriend/Girlfriend) and move on. But it is not always easy. Whether he was the reason for your breakup or you ended things but it is very difficult to get him back. Don’t think like that you are not good enough. Always think positive and this will help you in winning him back. Sometimes you think to fight for the relationship or you can’t close the chapter unless you give another try or you think to get another chance with your ex. If you think any of such things then you are at right place. This article is about how to make your ex boyfriend want you back.

How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

Ways to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

1. Keep Some Distance from Your Ex-Boyfriend

You may be trying to get your ex boyfriend back but the worst thing that you do is hanging around him constantly, calling him or texting him. If he finds you around him always then he won’t like this. Try to stay away from him for a while to make him want you back. Let him think about you and reach to a decision.

  • You should stop hanging around him at least for a month. Don’t call him or text him.
  • Avoid seeing him even when you are hanging out with mutual friends.
  • If both you are at the same party then don’t spend too much time while talking to him.
  • Don’t be rude to take a break from your ex boyfriend if you want your ex boyfriend to want you back.

2. Think About What Went Wrong to Make Your Ex Want You Back

By keeping a distance from your boyfriend, you can reflect on the problems in the relationship. You have to figure out what went wrong to get your ex back. Analyze your whole relationship and find out the cause why it came to an end. Try to make everything clear first in your mind then with your ex boyfriend. The problem can be simple or it can take a long time to figure out. These problems could be:

  • Maybe you were too controlling or jealous that he couldn’t handle it.
  • Maybe you didn’t spend enough time with him.
  • Maybe you were always fighting.
  • Maybe he felt like you were too insecure and were always around him.
  • Maybe he felt like that you were not caring or affectionate.

3. Make Yourself More Attractive

By looking attractive you can make your ex boyfriend want you back. Some girls think that they already have their man and they don’t give time to their looks. If you are not looking attractive then it might be the reason for your breakup. Maintain yourself to look good and attractive. The workout is so important to improve the self-esteem. Give some time to yourself and enjoy with your friends. But make sure don’t take so much time to resolve your issues because your ex may have moved on.

4. Enjoy Without Him to Make him Want You Back

After passing enough time, you should start to give your ex the opportunity to see that you are having a great time. You should start to go to the parties where he goes or go with a friend at his favorite bar or coffee shop. Let him see that how much you are enjoying with your friends. Look your best and let him see you. You have friends other than him and go out and hand around with them. It will even cheer up your mood and will help you to make him miss being with you.

5. Make Him Jealous to Make him Want You Back

Making him jealous is the best way to make your ex boyfriend want you back. But it doesn’t work for every guy. If you think that you can make your ex jealous by spending time with another guy or flirting with a group of guys, then go for it. But that doesn’t mean that you should get another boyfriend to make him jealous. Let him see that you are flirting, dance with another guy on the dance floor or toss your hair. Don’t do too much, if you do then he may back off. You can also make him jealous by posting some photos of you with your friends on Facebook or any other social media.

6. Start Hanging Out with Him

Try to make your relationship more friendly with him. Start your conversation from the casual hello to a short conversation. Then chat with him for ten to twenty minutes. Try to say goodbye first. This will make him sad to see you go. Let him ask you to take coffee or you can ask him for a drink. Don’t give him any sign to come in the relationship again. Be real and friendly and he will want you back.

7. Change Yourself to Make Him Want You Back

Changing yourself is one of the good ways to make your ex-boyfriend want you back. Let him know that you don’t have any bad quality that he didn’t like about you. Listen to him carefully if he thought that you never listened to him. Don’t be jealous when he talks to other girls. Let him see that you have become independent if he thought that you were too dependent.  Do not change your good qualities or things which make you unique. You are a unique person and you have qualities which might be different but that does not mean it is bad.

8. Read the Signs If he Wants to Come Back

You will get to know if your ex wants to come back with you. How would you know that he wants you back? He will send you some signals by which you will get to know that he is falling for you again. If he starts flirting with you, lightly touches you or tells you that you look nice then probably he wants you back. Notice his body language. He will make eye contact or stand close to you then he may want you back. If he wants to keep you as a friend then he doesn’t love you.

9. Start to Date Again to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

If your ex-boyfriend starts to flirt with you and know that you want him again. If you think that he wants to hang out with you again then tell him how you feel and start dating him again if he feels the same. Take your time to take the things further. Start going on blind dates as those are exciting. If you do not want to commit something then just date to have a little bit of fun. When you feel like you have found the right person then you can go ahead.

10. Don’t Repeat Your Mistakes

Making a mistake once is okay but repeating it again and again, is not what a human being should do. Remember your mistakes when you are with your boyfriend and don’t repeat them. If fighting was the problem then be calm or if you were not giving time to him then spend enough time with him. But remember don’t over think if you do then can’t enjoy with him. If you are so worried then you can’t enjoy your relationship. Not repeating your mistakes is the perfect way to make your ex-boyfriend want you back.

11. Play Reverse Psychology Phenomenon

In this trick, we will actually use reverse psychology phenomenon, in order to confuse your ex-boyfriend. After breaking up with you, did he try to stop you from leaving or did he answer your calls and texts? Do you think that he has moved on and has started seeing someone else? In this reverse psychology phenomenon, you total opposite, instead of showing your ex that you are sad and want to get him back in your life.

This will actually confuse him and he will end up thinking about you. All your thoughts and the golden memories will flood his mind. This will also portray that you are a very mature person and this will also create mystery in his mind. He may feel that you were the person who has been chasing him and now you are acting a total opposite, trying to get over him.

When your ex is around you or when there is a situation when you both come across each other, never ever try to look at him. Do not even make any eye contact with him. Look straight and move past him. Behave as if he doesn’t exist in your life and you did not recognize him. This will make your ex, think about you even more. Do not overdo with things and remember not get rude. When he tries to initiate a conversation, you must also greet him back with a smile. However, you should never be the first one to contact him or initiate a chat. You will soon notice that the tables are flipped and now you have the upper hand over your ex.

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