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How to Turn a Guy On?

In this article, we will outline some of the most trusted ways to turn a guy on. If you want to add some spark to your relationship then you should know how to turn a guy on. There are a lot of tactics, behaviours, and actions which can be pursued by a girl to seduce him. It can take almost anything to turn on a guy which you wouldn’t have ever imagined. For each guy, it works differently depending on their nature. Some guys are dominant and some of them are submissive so you need to act accordingly to turn them on. Well, we have come up with so many ideas for you to turn a guy on and enjoy your love life.

How to Turn a Guy On

Best Ways to Turn a Guy On:

1) Flirt with Him to Turn a Guy On

You may flirt with your partner to turn him on. You can do it by saying some playful lines in his ears in a soft tone. You may tease him and should adopt a light mood. He will think that you are great in the bedroom and he may tease you back. You can even flirt with him using your body language. Look into his eyes for a few seconds and then gaze off. Brush your hands against his hands. You may lick your lips to make him feel hot and heavy.

2) Wear Something Sexy to Turn a Guy On

A guy first notices your dress when he meets you. If you are wearing a sexy dress then it could make him desire you more. Show some skin to take out his inner feelings to the surface. You may wear a mini skirt with stockings and high heels to grab his attention towards you. He may definitely swoon over you. But, keep in mind that whatever you wear you should feel comfortable in it otherwise, it can be a major turn off.

3) Apply Makeup to Turn a Guy On

You may look more feminine when you apply makeup and this could prove to be a major turn on for guys. Enhance your features with that perfect stroke of liner and lipstick. Make your partner admire you more and just surprise them with your mesmerizing looks. You can get the makeup tips from men magazines as those magazines can guide you in the right direction.

4) Adopt a Sexy Walking Style to Turn On a Guy

You can walk in a sexy way to turn him on. Wearing a high heel sandal can give that perfect swaying motion to your hips. You should practice walking in a sexy way even if you wear flats. Guys’ heart comes to their mouths when they see a girl walking in a sexy way. It hints them about the assets you have with every step you make. It is one of the simple ways to turn on your partner.

5) Be Soft to Turn a Guy On

You should take care of your skin to keep it soft and adorable. You may use moisturisers, creams, lotions, shower gels, etc. to keep your skin soft and moist. It is one of the important aspects which shouldn’t be ignored by you. A guy wants a woman to be as soft as silk. He may touch you to feel that softness everywhere. You may shave on a regular basis to keep those hair away from your body. Hairy skin can be a major turn-off for guys.

6) Smell Good to Turn a Guy On

You should smell nice to turn on a guy. A stinking, sweaty smell can keep your partner away from you. However, do not apply too much perfume as it could suppress your natural pheromone. Smell plays a great role in making a strong bond between two persons. You should smell nice when you go on a date and meet your boyfriend and husband. Apply perfume while going out as well as while staying in the home. That flowery, sweet fragrance of a woman can be sexy and desirous for guys.

7) Talk Dirty to Turn a Guy On

You may try talking dirty with him to turn him on. It will surely explode his mind with ecstasy. You may whisper those wild thoughts to him and ask him to do something dirty too. It will definitely be provocative and arousing for him. It can be a huge turn on for him. You may take control of the situation and give him commands. He will love to follow all of them.

8) Use Your Voice to Turn a Guy On

A feminine, sweet seductive voice can seduce any guy. You may try speaking with him in a sweeter and relaxed voice. It shouldn’t be forced or strained. It should be smooth and not chopped or harsh. Let your voice do all the magic and make him desire you more. You may try singing a romantic song for him. He would definitely love this initiative of yours. You may use guitar or synthesizer to give it more playful touch.

9) Become a Hotter Version of You to Turn a Guy On

You should focus on your figure and body to seduce him to the highest point. A healthy and fit body is always good for your mood, skin, hair and love life. If you have a hot body then you will require only a little effort to turn him on. He will get turned on with just a glimpse of you. Make yourself happy, healthy and fit by eating nutritious foods. Sleep enough to help your body regulating the biological processes properly.

10) Touch Him Often to Turn a Guy On

You may touch him often while talking to him to turn him on. You may touch him on his arm, chest, hand, etc. He may get the signal that you are wanting him all over her. It really can be seductive if you use little grazing over her thighs or hands. You may tell him a raunchy joke and roll over your hands on his cheeks. He will love to come closer to you.

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