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Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

You may come across some of the finest things to say to your boyfriend in this article. You love your boyfriend a lot and he knows it but still you should make him feel special. Every now and then you can tell him some cute, nice, romantic and sweet things which may remind him of your love. Words have the power to make a relationship stronger and sweeter. You may try to make great use of your words. He may feel loved and may return more love in response to it. Stop worrying about what to say to your boyfriend and take help from this article.

Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Some of the Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend:

1) “You make me laugh when I don’t even want to show up.”

Praising your boyfriend’s sense of humour can be one of the great things to say to your boyfriend. He will love to hear that he can make you happy often. He may think that you like his company and may love to spend time with you even more.

2) “If loving you is wrong then I would better be wrong than being right.”

This could suggest your boyfriend the intensity of your great love for him. You can be wrong for others for loving him but can’t stop it. He may like to hear these words from you. He will realize how deeply you are in love with him. This line will reflect the passion and zeal which you have for love. It can be one of the great things to say to your boyfriend.

3) “I can explain why I love you, but it would take more than a lifetime.”

A real heart-melting line it is. He may feel respected and adored. If you give so much importance to your love for him then he will burst out of tears of happiness. This text will make him realize how much meaningful this relationship is for you.

4) “I love you like a kid loves ice-cream.”

Such a cute line it is to say to your boyfriend. He will get a smile on his face definitely after listening to this line. You will get a tight hug probably from your boyfriend. This is a comparison of one’s love for something. He may think he is as dear to you as the cake to a fat kid.

5) “My heart starts pounding the moment I see you.”

You might have felt that when you have seen his face for the first time. Well, you can make him realize that he is just as dashing and heart-throbbing today as well. You just forget everything when he comes before you. He will like to make you wilder after listening to this line.

6) “You are so perfect in everything you do. I wonder whether I am in love with a specialist of everything.”

It is again a cute line which you can use to praise your boyfriend. He may get overwhelmed to know the fact that you admire his perfection so much. He will love to be a perfect boyfriend for you as well. It is a wonderful line to tell him and make him feel special.

7) “Hey handsome, every girl out here is checking you out!”

Throw this line to him when you are with him on the streets. He will feel more manly and confident on listening to it. Definitely, this line will boost his self-esteem and he may love you for giving him such a cute compliment. Guys are also fond of receiving compliments from their loved ones.

8) “You make me feel like a princess, and I can be careless and reckless when you are around me.”

What a beautiful way to acknowledge his love for you. He may feel delighted to hear these confirmatory words from you. Every guy likes to give special treatment to their girls. They may love to get praised for it. Your boyfriend will become more concerned and caring on listening to these meaningful words. It can be one of the sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

9) “I could spend my day watching you workout.”

You can say this to your boyfriend to make him realize you are just flattered on his well-chiselled physique. He would get the inspiration and may workout even more to maintain his physique. Moreover, guys are always interested in attracting girls through their personality. Your boyfriend will think that his hard work has paid off very well.

10) “You know me better than I do. How lucky I am!”

Your boyfriend will get great sense of satisfaction on hearing something like this from you. He will think that you are happy and satisfied in this relationship. It is a greatest compliment which he could have gotten from his girlfriend. It is not easy to understand a girl. If he is doing this then he is definitely a genius guy.

11) “I love being in love with you more than I have enjoyed anything else.”

You can say this romantic line to your boyfriend just to make his heart melt down a little. He will acknowledge your passionate love with loads of kisses and cuddle. He will come to know how badly you are in love with him and this feeling may give him so much happiness and satisfaction.

12) “Kissing you is wiser than eating candies as you taste better and have no calories.”

You can be a little flirty by saying this sweet line to your boyfriend. He will like to hear that his girlfriend likes to kiss him more and more. Most probably, you will be showered with lots of kisses. You can make him feel wanted by saying things like this to your boyfriend.

13) “You are mine, forever and always.”

This line depicts how strongly you want to be with your boyfriend. You want him always with you. He will appreciate your love for him and may assure you to be with you forever. To create intimacy you can use such emotional lines on your boyfriend. It can be one of the sweet things to say to your boyfriend

14) “You are always there for me when I need your help with anything.”

This line may give a sense of belonging to your boyfriend. He will come to know that he means so much to you. Your boyfriend may like to be more supportive and helpful to you. Guys find it highly satisfying to be able to protect and help their partners. It can be one of the sweet things to say to your boyfriend

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