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Best Pick Up Lines?

As the first impression is most important in a meeting same way pickup line will determine that you can get yourself a partner or not. Since Romeo Juliet’s era to this contemporary word pick up, lines are the most important things to get a partner. Your ice of pickup line will determine your possibility of you getting home alone or with someone? If you choose the best pick line to pick someone you have more chances of success. A pickup line is the chance to introduce yourself to someone whom you want to impress. Thus, you would not want to have a stereotype and boring introductory phrase. We have picked some best pick up lines for you which will definitely get you the girl or the guy.

Best Pick Up Lines

Some of the Best Pick Up Lines Which Can be Used

1.) How You Doin’?

Well, I would give this pickup line full marks because of Joey. Yes, the famous character Joey Tribbiani has made this pickup line very famous. Girls will not stop smiling when you will use this pickup line in front of them. Like Joey, your success rate will also be great for impressing girls. You can use this pickup line anytime anywhere. Doesn’t matter if you are meeting a girl in  a coffee shop or a bar.

2.) Am I Dead? Because You Surely Are an Angel

Yes, it sounds a bit cheesy but it is sweet as well and she will not be able to resist smiling after hearing it. You can use this among the best pick up lines with a smile on your face. Also, use a bit of expression to make it sound real. You can give expression like you really have seen an angel and haven’t ever seen a better girl than her. This will make her fee special and also will make her feel beautiful. It is also one of the best ways to compliment a girl for sure.

3.) You Know You Have the Best Curve, Yes, Your Smile!

Well, this is such an adorable way to pick up a person. No matter you can use this pickup line with any girl. She will definitely love it. It is one of the best pickup lines and has a lot of success rate. This is a sure way to get a person to impressed. This pickup line sounds flirty in the start and till the end the whole meaning changes and this will surely put a smile on her face.

4.) Is it Really Hot Today or it is Just You?

This pickup line is a bit flirty and uses it will full confidence and a wicked smile on your face. It is not gender specific can be used for picking up a guy or a girl both. If a girl will use this pickup line for a boy then it is sure to make that boy fall for her. Everyone likes to be complimented and you can even make someone’s day by using this pickup line. Be sure to use this pickup line only when you are confident enough.

5.) I Can Hear Your Eyes Talk All day Long

This is a genuine and sweet pickup line. It can be used when the girl has a beautiful and talkative eyes. If you are blessed to meet a person with stars studded in her eyes then use this pickup line for sure. This will tell her that you are a good observer as well. She will definitely like this cute and genuine approach of yours. You can use this pickup line without hesitating because there is nothing bad or offensive in it.

6.) I Have Lost My Phone No. Can I Have Yours?

Yes, this is very common and must have been used million of times. But it still works. Trust me, you can ask any person this to get their phone number. It might help you to get that person’s phone number. or might not but surely put a smile on that person’s lips. Try using this when you want to get someone’s phone no. As without asking directly you may even get the no. by this pickup line.

7.) Do You Have Any Connection with Rose? Because You Smell Amazing

This will make her laugh and will make your work easier. Complimenting someone about their smell is not usual. People will love it when you will do that. Complimenting is a good thing and people appreciates and welcomes it heartily. Try this one of the best pick up lines to impress someone and make them smile.

8.) Are You a Magician? My Eyes Got Stuck at You

Another perfect and sweet pick up lines. This flirty line will surely make any girl laugh. She will surely like it. Everyone loves to be complimented and this one is a subtle pickup line with a  hint of flirt. This will surely make her fall in your trap.

9.) I am Sure You Have Stolen My Heart

A lot cheesy one, yet very effective. This pickup line will make them laugh and leave them impressed simultaneously. This pickup line is also safe to try on any person. This is bit simple but can work depending from person to person. A pick up line also depends a lot on the way it is said. Thus, always be confident by using a pick up line. Do not panic or hesitate as it will alter the effect of the pickup line.

10.) You Know What Would Look Great on You? ME!

You really need guts to use this pick up the line. It a lot sensual and exotic. If you are not confident enough and are afraid of that person’s reaction then better avoid using it. But it will do great and get you a partner if the person will like it. Say it will full confidence and a bit smile on your face. You can use this pickup line when you want to hook up with someone.

These above mentioned pick up lines will work wonders if you use it in a correct way. Do not panic or hesitate as it will spoil the fun. All the best and may you pick up the best pick up lines.

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