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How to Act Around Girls?

After writing sweet things to say to a girl, and funny things to say to a girl, we are now writing how to act arounds girl? Acting around girls can be confusing specially when you have just started interacting with girls. If you want to make a good impression in front of girls then it is important to know how to act around girls? Well, according to guys it is hard to understand a girl and they get confused when it comes to deciphering what girls say and what they actually mean. Girls can be tough to decode at first but once you know abut them they can be an open book to read. Small actions can turn off a girl and make her angry and same ways small actions are all required to make them feel loved. Do not pretend around girls if you want to impress her as it will never help you make her like you. If you too are one of those confused guys who are looking for answers to all those questions related to acting around girls then you are at the right place. Follow given below simple steps to act around girls to make them like you.

How to Act Around Girls

Tips to Act Around Girls

1.)  Be Cool to Act Around Girls

Girls like cool guys, acting cool and staying calm are the best way to act around girls. If you will stay nervous or stressed around girls you will feel embarrassed and take everything seriously. Being cool will help you to enjoy the company of girls and you will even be able to avoid the negative feelings. Do not pre analyze any situation and do not be prejudiced about girls. Staying cool will give you confidence and girl will like your this form more. Your confidence will reflect in your attitude and you will be liked by everyone.

2) Be Yourself to Act Around Girls

To act around to impress any girl you do not need to act like someone else. Being yourself is classy and will always be in trend. Do not try to be someone else and try to be yourself, it is also the best way to maintain your confidence. Accept yourself as you are and never compare yourself with anyone else it will lower your self confidence. If you think that you lack somewhere then try to better yourself in that area. You can take classes or learn on the internet to develop your personality. Remember, those who will not like you as you are do not deserve to be in our life.

3.) Be Friendly to Act Around Girls

Rude people are not like by anyone. When around girls stay friendly and be polite while talking to a girl. If it will be hard to approach you then it can be a bad thing for your relationship with any girl. Try to treat everyone nicely with a sweet smile on your face. Do not treat any girl inferior, it is not a good and mature action. Welcome everyone’s friendship easily and do not mistreat anybody. If you will treat a girl badly then you may be added in their bad books.

4.) Respect Her to Act Around Girls

Always respect a girl and do not try to go against her consent. Do not be rude to girls while talking to them and avoid using abusive words. Maintain a proper distance while meeting a girl if she is not your friend. You can hug your friend if she is okay with it otherwise, just have a formal handshake. You can figure it out by her body language that she will like your hug or not. If you think that she is okay with your hug then only go for it. If she tries to pull away do not force your hug and leave her right away.

5.) Be a Gentleman to Act Around Girls

A gentleman is always is the most desired by every girl. If your small actions can make a girl like you then there is nothing wrong doing it. Be mature when you are with a girl and take responsibility. Girl feels secure around a responsible and mature person. When you are with a girl she is your responsibility and you need to act wisely. Being a gentleman does not only mean to opens doors for her or bring her flowers it means to respect her and take care of her feelings. See if she is enjoying your company or not, keep her feeling above yours.

6.) Make Her Laugh 

Making a girl laugh is the best way to act around girls. When she will laugh in your company she will enjoy being with you. This will prevent occurring the weird situation amongst both of you. If you can make any girl laugh then you will become their favorite and they will love to go out with you. If you feel that your sense of humor is not impressing her and she is not laughing at all then do not push it hard.

7.) Make Her Feel Special

Treat her well, express your feelings in a good and romantic way. Every girl is special and to act around girls and make them fall for you make them feel special. When you are with a girl do not talk about any other girls or do not flirt with every girl. If you have any particular girl in your mind whom you want to impress then only flirt with her to make her realize about your feelings.

8.) Know Your Limit

To act around girls it is very important for you to know your limits. If she is a stranger to you then do not hug her at first or do not treat her like a buddy hitting her on her shoulder. If she is your friend then also do not touch her at an inappropriate place. If you want to make her feel that you like her then start with breaking the touch barrier, take the smallest step like holding the hands first.

Tips to Act Around Girls

  • Do not be a pervert while being around girls.
  • Be confident and do not lose it, nervousness will not help you to impress girls.
  • Keep the conversation interesting and do not keep talking about yourself.
  • Do not be unapproachable for girls or do not be rude to them.
  • Respect her feelings and try to avoid hurting her feelings on any matter.

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