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How to Ask a Guy Out?

Asking a girl out seems to be easy when it comes to asking a guy out. Well, it can be terrifying for a girl to ask a guy out. If you too think that it is not a girl’s job to ask a guy out then you should know a point that plenty of girls ask guys out. Also, keep in mind that guys love girls with confidence so, when you want to ask a guy out do it with full confidence. When you are filled with confidence there is a lot of chance to your success. The time has changed and girls are on the top level in every sector then why not in this?

The time has changed and girls are at the top level in every sector then why not in this? Time has gone when girls used to sit and wait for their prince charming to find her. Girls, now it is time to find your prince charming on your own as who would know better than you that which kind of partner you want to have in your life. To ask a guy out you know most important factor is confidence but that is not enough you need to keep in mind few others aspects too which we have mentioned in this article. Read on further to know how to ask a guy out?

How to Ask a Guy Out

Tips to Ask a Guy Out

1.) Choose a Place to Ask a Guy Out

Ways of asking a guy out can vary from the place where you wanna ask him out. If you know that person then choose a time or place convenient where you will feel free to ask and he would be able to reply back freely. Think of a good reason in mind so that you will not hesitate in front of him. The reason could be anything which will suit your situation most. If you do not know the guy or you have just met him randomly then you can offer him to show a good place around. You can even ask him randomly that whether he knows a place and tell him that he haven’t had visited such an awesome place for sure. This way he will also show interest in going such place and who denies a beautiful company. Do not start with flirting as he might back off.

2.) Do not think Much

When you want to ask a guy out you have got to just do it. The more you will think the more complicated it will get. Do not think much or over and over again for it. Be confident, go to him and ask him out. What worst could possibly be? He might deny that is it. Asking out someone is not a sin and you are a confident girl you can do it with an ease. Only thinking will not fetch you any result you will have to take any action.

3.) Buy Him a Drink

When you see a hot hunk in a bar and want to ask him out then this is the most common trick to do that. Yes, it is very common but still works every time. Send him a beer and he will definitely come to thank you. This way will he will understand your intentions without you saying anything. This is a good way of letting a guy know that you are interested.

4.) Challenge to Ask a Guy Out

Challenging a guy in anything will make him come out with you. You can challenge a guy for the game of bowling. Many guys like playing it and it will fun too. You can go to him and by any means start boasting about your bowling skills, guys will get attracted hearing of your bowling skill and then you can tell him that you can beat him as well. This way he might even feel challenged and he himself might ask you to go for a match of bowling. This is a great way to ask a guy out without knowing him.

5.) Have an Extra Ticket Excuse

This always works, almost. You know what is likes and dislikes whether he likes any baseball game or musical concert. If you do not know about his choice then find it out and get an extra ticket for it. You can tell him that your friend gave you two tickets as he had it extra or you can find any better excuse which will suit your condition and will be easy to buy for him. He won’t be able to deny to go to his favorite event which is even free. Even if he finds out that it is your plan to go out with him then it is even better as he will know what is in your mind.

6.) Invite in a Group Party

There is no harm in calling anyone for a group party, you can always do that. Call your guy for the group party this way you will get to spend time with him. Also, there is very fewer chances for him to deny a group party. When you meet in group party you can show him your real intentions and he might take it further. Group parties are also a great way to know him more and what kind of person he is.

7.) Show Him You are Interested

Showing him that you are interested in him might help you to go out with him without even asking. Seeing that you are interested in him he might himself ask you out directly. You can show him that you are interested in him by various ways. You can show body language of being interested and he will get to know.

8.) Ask a Guy Out Directly

This is the best and the bold way to ask a guy out. Every guy loves a bold and confident girl he will like your direct approach more. There is nothing bad and wrong in asking a guy out you just need to get rid of your hesitation and fear of rejection. Ask him out directly and embrace the answer. There is a very less chance of getting rejected but still be prepared for it. Also, present yourself well while asking him out. Wear something good and charm him with your looks and confidence so that he will never dare to say no.

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