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How to Attract the Guy You Have Crush On?

Every girl has someone in their life whether it is their boyfriend or crush. Some girls are satisfied with simply gazing hopefully and happily at their crush because they have a fear of being humiliated while some other girls want to get out there and impress their special guy. But it is not that much easy. If you have feelings for someone you like and you want to get his attention or get him to like you back then read this article and get some useful tips. This article will help you to attract the guy you have crush on.

Crushes are part of everyone’s life and most of you have experienced them. Sometimes it is just a crush that lasts for a few minutes and other times it becomes bigger crush that stays in your heart for a long time. Getting a crush on someone is the easy part but getting their attention is quite difficult. So, it is always good to reveal your feelings for them.

How to Attract the Guy You Have Crush On

Best Tips to Attract the Guy You Have Crush On: 

1.) Work on Yourself

If you want to attract the guy you have crush on then you will need to be attractive first. It can be done by being the best version of yourself. Bring out all the qualities about you that are good.

  • Try to learn the fun skills that you always wanted to have. This will make you more interesting to other people and will make you happy as well.
  • Always help others. No guy wants to be a jerk. Show your crush that you are a wonderful and kind person.
  • You should have a good sense of humor. Don’t be panic when you talk to your crush.
  • Change what you want to change in yourself. If you think that you need to change something you don’t like then change it.

2.) Eat Healthy and Keep Yourself Clean

Eating a healthy diet and doing exercise a lot will help you n to look healthy and strong, a very attractive personality for most people. You will feel a lot better, which will show in your daily interactions.

  • By showering regularly keep yourself fresh smelling and wear clean clothes. Don’t forget to use deodorant. Smelling bad will turn a lot of people away, even if you have a great personality. Keeping yourself clean will help you to attract the guy you have crush on.

3.) Look Beautiful and Be Confident

Wear good looking clothes and take care of your skin and hair. This will help you to attract any man. You don’t need to dress like a celebrity, or even wear brand name clothes. You just wear clothes that look good on you and that is real all that people will notice.

  • Confidence is incredibly attractive to everyone. Of course, you don’t need to actually be confident just let people see that you are confident. Be upfront and stick up for yourself and do the things that are important to you.
  • Let your crush see the best part of you. Be friendly and kind to someone you have a crush on and don’t be negative around them. Don’t get angry or gossip around them. Let your crush see you doing things that make you cool and happy and having fun with your friends.

 4.) Spend Time with Him to Attract the Guy You Have Crush On

People want to date someone who can be their friends. Show him that you are always there by being a good friend to him. Support him when he is having problems and help him to be their best self by encouraging him to reach for the stars.

  • You can’t get his attention if you never spend time together. Hang out with him, either alone or in groups of friends so that he can see how fun you are to be around. You can also go to movies, play games, or go to special events like concerts.

5.) Get to Know Him to Attract the Guy You Have Crush On

Talk to him and get to know your crush for who he really is. He will not get attracted to you if he feels like you don’t know him or like him for who he is. Talk about the things that matter, like what he wants out of life or try to know his ideas about current events. This is a great way to get to know someone you like.

  • Let his also get to know you. All of the things that you want to find out about him, let him also find out about you. Be open to his questions and don’t try to make yourself seem super mysterious. You want him to see you as a whole, a real person.

6.) Share Common Things to Attract the Guy You Have Crush On

Having common things will help to build a relationship or a bond between the two persons. So try to find the things that you have in common. This will help you to connect with him on a deeper level and start to build feelings on both sides. Start with sharing things like movies and music and move on to things like hobbies and passions.

  • If you don’t like the things that are most important to him, try to understand those things and see the importance. Understanding the things that matter most to a guy you like is an important part of developing a relationship.

7.) Flirt with Him to Attract the Guy You Have a Crush On

Flirting is the way to show your interest in your crush. Your crush may not ask you out or show an interest because he doesn’t realize that you like him, so start dropping hints. Before flirting, you need to establish a friendship first.

  • Don’t make him think that you are into someone else. Project yourself that you are single and you are looking to date, someone. Don’t flirt with other guys too much and don’t spend a ton of your time with other guys.

8.) Tell Him that You Like Him

If he is not getting the hint, then you may need to come out and admit that you like him. Be bold and take the initiative. This will make him like you more.

  • If respond that he likes you too, then ask him out. There is nothing wrong if you take the lead. Spend some time alone and go to a romantic place.

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