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How to Attract Women without Doing Anything?

In this article, we will tell you how to attract women without doing anything. You may be hesitant to start a conversation with a girl you like. You may want to attract her without doing anything. You don’t have to send her flowers or gifts or chocolates to impress her. Well, this is really a nice idea as you just make her interested in you without putting much effort. Thus, you may talk to her with much confidence as she is already attracted to you. Follow these simple steps to attract her towards you without doing anything.

How to Attract Women without Doing Anything

Best Ways to Attract Women without Doing Anything:

1) Have a Great Appearance to Attract Women without Doing Anything

You can attract her with your splendid appearance. You should dress well and avoid wearing loose fitted clothes. Pick some clothes which are fashionable and carry these clothes nicely. You may apply moisturising cream on your face so that your face may not look dull throughout the day. Use shampoo and body wash of good quality. Apply cologne or perfume so that you can attract women from your mesmerizing body odour.

2) Move Slowly to Attract Women without Doing Anything

You may walk a little slower to add that poise to your personality which may make women fall for you. Just like James Bond you may talk slowly, walk slowly, and blink slowly as well. You can adopt it gradually by practicing it at your home. Use it in front of your friends so that you may not miss out even a single thing when the right time comes. It is one of the attractive traits which represent high status quality.

3) Be Spacious to Attract Women without Doing Anything

You should keep some extra space around you. In this way, you may capture some space to show that you are having a territory of your own. You can sit while leaning back a little and kick out your legs in front of you. You should be relaxed in your position. Girls and women may notice this behaviour of yours. They will think that you are the alpha male present in that room. They may get attracted to you. it is a kind of “territory” thing.

4) Be Confident to Attract Women without Doing Anything

If you want to be that alpha male who seduces women with his character then you should adopt confidence in your personality. If at all, you are not that confident then you may fake it. But, look confident in the way you walk, you talk, you express your desires, you approach someone, confidence should be observable in your personality. Be sure of what you do and say. You should not doubt or question your behaviour. Be less concerned about it.

5) Make Eye Contact to Attract Women without Doing Anything

You should not keep your eyes downwards or distracted. Make eye contact with everyone you meet whether it is a guy or girl. Look at them in their eyes while talking to them. It shows that you are confident and approachable. You should not look at women’s chest or attire or at your smart phone. It may look odd to them and considered as a major turn-off. By looking at a women’s eye, you can build a connection with her. She may get interested in you.

6) Stand Tall to Attract Women without Doing Anything

You should stand tall and try to not slouch while walking. Keep your spine straight and shoulders in the backward position. It may make you look more handsome and presentable. It enhances your personality as well. Women may approach you if you look approachable. For this, you should keep these small things in mind. You don’t need to do anything extra just mending the way you present yourself before others may attract women towards you.

7) Be Kind and Respectful to Attract Women without Doing Anything

You should be respectful and kind to everyone you meet. This may be observed by women around you. If you treat them well then women may think that you are a sociable person. They may get interested in you and may approach you for your kindness. Thus, give enough respect to each individual to attract women towards you. Don’t treat anyone in a poor way or you may lose respect among people around you.

8) Maintain Your Body to Attract Women without Doing Anything

You should have a toned body to make yourself shine among women. They may notice your chiselled arms and toned midriffs. Let them know how much you care for your body. Stay fit to make them fall for you. It may build up your confidence as an individual. You may feel great about yourself and hence, it may get projected in your attitude. You can move with enough confidence if you have an athletic build. You may wear fashionable clothes as well as they may fit you greatly if your body is in shape.

9) Observe Your Environment to Attract Women without Doing Anything

You should be aware of your environment. Observe what people are doing around you. Look around if any good woman is present in that room. You should be aware of your surroundings. It may help you take smarter moves. You can talk to other persons in an active way. Project others that you are interested by nodding your head and making eye movements. Women may find you very energetic and approachable. Show them how much agile you are in your responses.

10) Don’t Be Afraid to Touch People to Attract Women without Doing Anything

You should greet people by shaking their hands or hugging them sideways just to show enough warmth in your approach. Women may take it as an attractive trait. You can pat on the back of your friend while having a lighter conversation. Stand close to your friends and portray how much connected you are with them. Women may love to see this behaviour of yours. They may consider you a warm and loving person who takes good care of the people around him.

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