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How to Be a Perfect Girl?

Every girl wants to be a perfect girl. The secret of being a perfect girl is very simple. The perfect girl must be physically attractive. Physical appearance always molds the first impression. Physical characteristics are always attractive by any man. But some men are not looking for a supermodel. They are looking for a girl who is down to earth, sensitive to his needs and sweet. Nothing can beat an attractive and confident girl. Here are some useful tips to feel more perfect. You need to follow these steps and you will be on your way to perfection.

How to Be a Perfect Girl

Best Ways to Be a Perfect Girl:

1.) Be Attractive

The perfect girl must be physically attractive. Physical appearance is the first impression. Some physical characteristics are always considered attractive by any guy. Girls with an attractive face must have an attractive body too. Girls should be slim but not too slim that she doesn’t look good. Girls with attractive body always catch the eyes of many guys. Guys always want a girl who looks attractive.

2.) Be Confident to Be a Perfect Girl

Physical attractiveness is not the only thing that men like; mental attractiveness with confidence is the other thing that men like. Combine an attractive girl with confidence and you have an unbeatable girl who can beat the world and help you do the same. Confidence is the best trait that every girl should have. Confidence is a girl’s way of projecting that she knows exactly what she is doing in the world. She should be self-assured and she doesn’t think what you or anyone else thinks. There is nothing more than a confident girl, nothing can beat a confident and an attractive girl.

3.) Smell Amazing to Be a Perfect Girl

Being clean will help you to smell good but you can use scented soaps and moisturizers and try perfume in the morning. Figure out what works best on you. If you smell bad, nobody will come to you. The good smell always attracts people. You can also try deodorant.

4.) Wear Makeup to Look Good

Not every girl chooses to wear makeup but it can be used to enhance your natural beauty. Here are some guidelines:

  • Wear a light foundation. Foundation will cover imperfections without hiding your skin. First, apply a sheer powder and if it is not working then move up to a liquid matte.
  • Lighten your under eye circles or dark circles. If you have dark marks under the eyes then you can apply concealer to make your skin look lighter.
  • Wear eye makeup. Apply light eyeshadow, liner, and mascara.
  • Apply blush to make your cheeks glow. Apply a shade that matches to your cheeks look like when you blush naturally.
  • Wear lip gloss or lipstick. For daily wear, choose a light color or you can choose a color darker than your natural lip.

5.) Dress Well to Be a Perfect Girl

Dress in such a way so that you look attractive. Your attire shows everything. So always wear classy outfits. Get straight leg jeans, a good sweater, white button-up shirts and a pair of boots are all basic pieces that can go with different outfits.

  • Don’t stick to only one pattern. Buy something outrageous. Be sure you have clean laundry. Dirty clothes make a bad impression.

6.) Smile Always

Flashing your pearly whites is the best thing you can do to be a perfect girl.

  • Keep your smile easy and natural. Don’t pull your lips too hard.
  • When you smile, let your eyes to crinkle because people see it more sincere.
  • Have a good sense of humor. Laughing not only makes you feel good but it can help other people at ease. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

7.) Be Polite and Respectful

Presenting yourself in a way that is dignified and elegant can help you to win respect and admiration from other people. Every girl should have good manners. Say “thank you”, and “please” and don’t badmouth anyone in public.

  • Avoid swearing because it will make others think that you are an immature and unintelligent person and would ignore you.
  • Be mature and know how to handle situations reasonably and maturely. Be calm, cool and collected whenever possible. Have fun and don’t make a complete fool of yourself.
  • Always remember your values. Your values are your future and your reputation. Values take a lifetime to build and a moment to destroy.

8.) Maintain Your Interests

Your interests are that make you unique and interesting, so make time for your interests. Participate in music, sports, hobbies, reading or whatever else you enjoy. It will keep you fascinating and well-rounded.

  • Extracurricular activities are a great way to meet people, so always participate in activities.
  • Being busy will make you interesting. When you meet new people you have things to talk about. If you have several interests, people would be more interested in you.

9.) Respect Everyone to Be a Perfect Girl

Always respect others that will lift you higher. Always listen to your parents and respect them. Clean up your house or do the wishes, they will appreciate you.

  • Always listen to your older relatives, parents and teachers. You might not agree with the things what your elders say, but they are older and have more life experience. If you are pleasant and obedient when they ask something of you then they will think highly of your maturity.

10.) Be Positive and Proactive

Don’t let people lead you or walk over you or take advantage of your kindness. Letting people boss you around can damage your self-image and self-esteem.

  • Tell people that you respect their views, beliefs or opinions but may not necessarily agree. If someone scares you or bothers you then don’t be afraid to be firm. Try to quietly diffuse arguments.
  • A perfect girl always tries to get good grades. Make time to set up a schedule for study. Try to take a genuine interest in what you are learning. It will be good for your future. Remember, a perfect girl can become a good girlfriend.

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