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How to Be Attractive to Women?

Women find most attractive qualities in a male partner. Guys always think about how to become more attractive to women and then they find a conclusion that they need more muscles and money but this is not the case. It is very easy for a guy to become more attractive to women. Being attractive is a combination of many factors including personality, grooming, and style. Attracting a woman helps with dating or romantic relationships. But keep in your mind that women have a varied taste and they get attracted to solid personality traits. Nothing will universally attract all women. Here are few tips that you must consider following to be attractive to women.

Ways to Be Attractive to Women:

(A) Work on Appearance

1.) Grow Beard

Women like facial hair but especially in the form of slightly have grown untidy. To have a bit of beard, don’t grow the full beard. Don’t shave for some day so that you can have a bit of stubble. This type of facial hair women finds most attractive in men.

2.) Wear Red to Be Attractive to Women

Studies indicate that red color makes people think of sexuality and sex. Wearing a red can make women feel more attracted to you. Women also associate the red color with social status and success. Both of which can make you appear more attractive in their eyes.

3.) Work Out to Be Attractive to Women

Men with a stronger physique may appear attractive and healthier to women. Women also like strong with protective and dominant men which many women find attractive. Join the gym and spend some time in weight lifting. Get more protein in your diet to support strength training.

4.) Look Older to Be Attractive to Women

Women like older men. Older men associate with financial security and independence that come with age. Women like men who are confident and have their lives together. This kind of self-esteem is in older men. Try to become older, professional men and wear suits and ties. You can also trim your hair in a short and conservative style that can make you appear older.

5.) Maintain Your Personal Hygiene

Women are likely to be more attracted to men who are clean and take care of their personal hygiene. Taking care of your personal hygiene is the best way to be attractive to women. Brush your teeth daily or you can have chewing gum for your fresh breath. Avoid drinking coffee, smoking or alcohol. Get regular haircuts and keep your hair brushed. Check your teeth before going out on a date or to a place where you are going to meet women.

(B) Interact with Women to Be Attractive to Women

1.) Be Respectful

If a woman feels comfortable with you that means she is likely to find you attractive. She may be interested in you romantically. So be respectful of a woman’s body and her opinion and choices. Every woman carries herself in a good way. So don’t comment on her fitness habits, eating habits, make-up, outfit, piercing or tattoos. Don’t pass judgments or comments on her sex life. A woman is not concern about her past and history. If she feels that you are judging her that means she will not feel comfortable around you.

2.) Listen to Her

Listening to her is the best way to be attractive to women. Being a good listener can make a woman feel attracted to you. When a woman talks to you, maintain eye contact. By using non-verbal signals show them you are listening. Ask questions about what she is talking to convey that you are paying attention. Show your interest what she is saying.

3.) Be Conversational

Women are always attracted to men who are good conversationalist. You should work on making conversations while listening can also make you more attractive to women. If you are at a restaurant, club or bar with a woman then pay attention to what she is saying. This is the best way to start a conversation. Ask for her opinion on a variety of matters. You can also tell her an interesting story so that you can attract her easily.

4.) Share Your Emotions

A man who is open about their emotions can easily attract a woman. Sharing your emotions is the way to be attractive to women. Vulnerability makes men appear more masculine and attractive to women. Be open about your feelings while interacting with a woman. This can make you feel more attractive to a girl.

5.) Play a Game with Her

Playing a game with her is the fun way to keep a woman busy with you. If you are at a bar with her then play a game of tic tac toe or hangman. Try to play games that involve intelligence, strategy, and insight which can help you to show off your better qualities. This can help you to appear more attractive to a girl.

(C) Use Your Personality to Attract a Woman

1.) Be Kind to Her

If you are really kind, honest and attentive person then women will definitely find you more attractive. Be genuinely kind to those who are around you and that can help you to appear more attractive to a woman.

2.) Have a Passion

Women are attracted to men who are passionately engaged with their life. Be confident and be yourself around women and discuss the things in which you are genuine interested. Women feel that men who can speak passionately are more attractive. Don’t feel shy about talking about your interests. Women are also attracted to the intelligent and deep conversation. You can talk on intense subjects like art, politics and literature.

3.) Be Supportive

Women appreciate those men who are understanding and supportive. Allow a woman what she wants to do like taking selfies, making jokes and laugh without judgment. Be supportive of her opinions and choices.

  • Women are also attracted to men who are romantic. By bringing flowers for her you can get the attention of her. Send her a sweet message during the day.
  • If you consider her needs then she will be more attracted towards you. Ask her what she needs.

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