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How to Breakup with Someone?

In the start every relationship seems very beautiful everything feels wonderful and amazing. You feel you are the luckiest person in this entire universe but after some time everything changes. Due to one or another reason, you start feeling uncomfortable around that person and the same person may tend to annoy you. You feel like you cannot live with that person anymore and you have no other options left rather than doing breakup. There may be numerous reasons to do a breakup likewise various ways can also be opted for doing a breakup. No matter how desperately you want to do a breakup but breaking up with someone can be pretty hard for both of you and you need to know how to breakup with someone to execute it well.

When you are about to break up with someone you are already going to give them a hard time so at least try do it nicely. While breaking up with someone be honest, tell your partner the honest reason for doing breakup. Be very sure to not put them in the hooks or play with their feelings. Also, ask yourself is this really what you want? Even if there is a slight dilemma in your mind then drop the decision of breaking up because once you breakup, that person may not return to you. If you are very clear with your decision of having a breakup then there are various ways to do it and we are here to guide you with which one is the best way to do a breakup.

How to Breakup with Someone

Follow These Steps to Breakup with Someone

1.) Do it Privately:

Breaking up is a hard part and if the way chosen for doing breakup is bad then it makes it worse. You don’t want to have a lifelong grudge with the person once you shared beautiful memories with. Make it a personal affair; don’t do this being loud or shouting at the other person. Making a public issue would be very childish and stupid. Talk to your partner where you both will be comfortable and you both can talk freely. Make your breakup less dramatic and handle it like grown ups.

2.) Do the Talking:

Speak up to your partner about the cause of your breakup; make her/him understand the things from your point of view. Why do you want to do it? Things which are bothering you and why you both should not stay together anymore? Try to figure out why it did not work well for both of you. Speaking out your feelings would also make your partner understand the situation you are going through and it would help in ending your relationship in a better way. Do not fake your feelings or blame each other, act mature and share the blames.

3.) Be Firm to Breakup with Someone

You have made this decision on your own and after thinking a lot you reached to this conclusion that you do not want to stay any longer in this relationship. So, once you have made the decision be confident about it. Don’t keep on going to and fro like a pendulum. Accept what is on the platter and move on with it. Be confidant about your reasons to breakup. Don’t let others confuse you. Talk to your partner confidently and truthfully share your feelings. Once you have made your point clear you can even leave but stick to your decision, don’t change your decision by getting emotional you will regret doing it later.

4.) Plan a Date:

Plan a last date with your partner you guys went great till now so give it a perfect end too. Plan the way your partner would like it, take her/him out to their favorite restaurant order their favorite dishes or do the way you like it. Keep it simple and sweet don’t forget to be a nice person and don’t end it in a mess. Clear the things out and move on in your life. All I mean to say it end it with a smile on both of your faces. Life is very short to hold grudges against anyone.

5.) Keep it Friendly:

Also, decide to stay in touch always like a friend as totally cutting off might get you in very awkward positions in the future. Nobody likes to wail remembering past again and again so try to make it as peaceful as possible. Even if you guys don’t stay friends try to end it in a friendly manner so that you won’t be uncomfortable seeing them next time in the future.

6.) Be Polite:

Being polite while doing breakup is very necessary. Be polite while you have the final talk as if you go rude things may go worse. Politeness also refers to what kind of person you are. Harsh and rude words may have their impact in their heart throughout the life and you too may regret later raising your voice or using harsh words. Therefore, it is better to use polite words and avoid talking harsh or in a rude manner when you breakup with someone.

7.) Be Clear:

Be clear with your words when you breakup with someone, don’t use an ambiguous sentence or keep other one in confusion. When you breakup with someone make him/her understand it clearly what you really mean. Do not leave other person guessing about the relationship status. Make sure he/she knows that relationship does no longer exist and it is wise to move on in your respective paths.

Don’ts when You Breakup with Someone
• Don’t feel guilty once you are done.
• Don’t talk bad about your ex.
• Don’t blame the other person.
• Stop coming back to her/him once you break up.
• Don’t abuse, use bad language or shout at each other.
• Do not regret.
• Do not Create a big full about it.
• Don’t use violence or blackmailing.

Breaking up can be hard but remember life is beautiful and if you not like the way it is you have got to move on. And once you have decided to do it then stop feeling guilty or bad about it. Move on into life as soon as possible and regret nothing.

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