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How to Choose between Two Guys?

In this article, we will tell you how to choose between two guys. You may be confused right now. You need to choose one guy out of two hot guys. It really is a difficult task. You may have feelings for both of them. But, you can’t be with both of them. You need to figure out who among those two guys can fulfill all of your expectations. Just think, if that guy can love you enough or not. Sometimes, you get the gut feeling that this guy is good for you and this guy is not that good. Well, you may follow these tips to choose the right guy of your life.

How to Choose between Two Guys

Helpful Ways to Choose Between Two Guys:

1) Look for Similarities to Choose between Two Guys

You may look for similarities to choose the right guy for you. Chances are that one of those two guys may have more similarities with you. Look for similar hobbies, similar outlook, similar family values, similar taste for fashion, etc. There can be multiple categories on which you can look for similarities with you. Altogether, you tend to enjoy more with that guy who is more similar to you. You may coordinate well with that guy in future.

2) Determine Their Qualities to Choose between Two Guys

You may have some criteria in your mind for choosing your life partner. Those qualities like helpfulness, kindness, compassion, honesty, etc. are must have qualities which any girl may look for in their partners. Thus, figure out who out of those guys fulfills these criteria completely. Don’t think that both of them are standing on the same platform. There will be some differences in their character. You need to shift your focus on that thing.

3) Consider Your Feelings to Choose between Two Guys

It is one of the simplest criteria to choose out of two guys. You may know how comfortable you are with each guy. There may be certain things which can give you a great sense of comfort in someone’s company. One of them may make you laugh more often than the other one. You may go with that guy. You should consider how each of them makes you feel when you are around them.

4) Look for Red Flags to Choose between Two Guys

There may be some red flags which you are overlooking because of your love for them. You should consider it for choosing the best guy for you. One of them may be less romantic or get angry easily. Any of them can be clingy, short-tempered, possessive, unfaithful, etc. You need to check it before committing to any one of those guys. Observe their negative traits and decide which of these you can tolerate. Thus, it will become easier for you to choose between those two guys.

5) Keep it to Yourself to Choose between Two Guys

You should not share it with any of these two guys that you are seeing another guy too. It is a totally personal thing and you have got all the rights to choose a guy who can take good care of you. You have not committed anything to any of those two guys. So, it is not unethical to look for a good option. Probably, those guys may also be seeing some other girls. If you tell them that you have someone else in your mind too then they may manipulate their behaviour to impress you. Obviously, you don’t want it.

6) Compare Your Communication Styles to Choose between Two Guys

You should notice their communication styles and compare it with yours. Good communication between partners is essential to make a relationship work for you. Find out if they are assertive or not in their approach. Do they ask you if you want to change something in them? Or, do they ask you about your opinion while taking some decision? It can be the case that one of them may turn out to be more introvert. You need to check who can match best with your communication style.

7) Analyse who can Help You in Crisis to Choose between Two Guys

You may face some kind of crisis in your life at some point then you may need a helpful guide who can take you out of that situation. Thus, you should analyse each prospect’s behaviour to understand whether he is enough capable to handle that situation. Or, he may just let you face it yourself. You know better who out of those two can manage everything with much ease. Keeping the practicality of life in mind, you should choose a partner.

8) Listen to Your Heart to Choose between Two Guys

This is probably the best way to determine which one of those two guys can be your partner. You need to ask this question to your heart. It may probably guide you accurately. For this, just close your eyes and think of those two guys. Which of them has clicked your mind at the very first moment? Probably, that guy can be the best option for you. Or, you may find both of them average attractive and look for some other great guy. Anything can happen so you need to decide what is best for you.

9) Consider Whose Texts You Expect More to Choose between Two Guys

You may have built a connection with any of those guys and maybe you are unaware of it. You can make it clear by checking out your texts and calls pattern. You may have texted a lot to any one of them or probably you may wait for him to text or call you. It is a simple way to find out the best prospect for you. You may notice that you feel excited the moment you see his name flashing on your mobile phone.

10) Try Doing Same Conversation to Choose between Two Guys

You may try out this simple strategy to have same conversation with both of these guys and figure out with whom you enjoyed it more. You may pick up any general topic like you have watched a movie recently, talk about it. You may get to know how differently they describe their experience. You will get the idea about their thinking process as well. After that, you may probably choose one of them.

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