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How to Dress for a First Date?

Have you ever heard ‘First impression is the last impression?’ Most of the relationships are built on the first impressions. Your first date is a prime opportunity to create a stronger connection with someone. If you want to make a good first impression then you should dress well. Don’t let your first date outfit ruin your chances for a second date. By dressing well, you can impress someone on a first date. What you wear is the perfect way to show who you are before you say any word. There are many things to be concerned about before going out on a first date like what to talk about, where to go and what not to talk about etc. The most important question comes in your mind is what do I wear?  How you dress on your first date is pretty important. Present yourself in the best light and follow some amazing tips to dress for a first date.

How to Dress for a First Date

Best Ways to Dress for a First Date:

(A) Dressing as a Guy

1.) Dress for the Occasion

You should know what is appropriate for your first date. With your outfit make a good impression on your first date and dressing inappropriately is not a good way to impress.

  • For casual settings like going out for coffee, going out to a movie, choose clean jeans or casual dress pants and a nice T-shirt or button down top. Don’t wear a hoodie or holey jeans. Keep them in the closet.
  • Stay away from all black ensembles and muted colors. Add a bit of color to your outfit and don’t wear super bright or fluorescent colors. Go for jewel tones like cobalt blue, maroon, emerald green or even dark purple if you are daring.
  • If you are dressing up a bit then you should have a pair of dark brown or black dress shoes to go with your attire. If your date is more casual then wear a nice pair of clean sneakers or slip-on.
  • A good semi-casual outfit would be a jewel tone sweater over a basic button town and nice jeans. To dress for a first date, wear a pair of casual shoes and you are good to go.

2.) Wear Comfortable Outfit

If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing on your first date then don’t wear it. Don’t go on a date in ratty hoodie or sweatpants. Try to avoid wearing something that you are not used to it.

  • Don’t try a new outfit or trend on your first date. If you do so, you will feel uncomfortable in it and you come off as an uncomfortable to your date. Stick to your outfits that you know.
  • If you wear what makes you comfortable then your date will go amazing.

3.) Wear a Unique Style

Wearing a unique style is the best way to dress for a first date. Don’t go overboard on your first date as it shows you are trying to show how different you are from everyone else.

  • You should wear some sort of interesting necklace, watch or belt something that gives you a little bit of flair.
  • Don’t wear plain old white socks. Try to wear patterned socks of some fun design.
  • If you have an awesome shirt with a cool design, then wear that with a pair of slacks or nice jeans.

4.) Avoid Outfit Blunders

There are some clothing that is bad choice for a first date. They would be irritating to a date. Avoid this type of clothing to impress your date with your attire.

  • Avoid the khakis. These trousers will not go for a first date. They look good for day to day use.
  • Don’t wear joke tees. A band tee is good.
  • Don’t wear crocs or flip flops on your date. Such type of items will look more casual like you are not taking your date seriously.

5.) Show Your Best Features

Your best physical traits will be highlighted form looks that show your best physical attributes that will benefit that first impression. Your clothes should be properly fit. To dress for a first date, choose colors that suit you.

  • It is important to pay attention to your hygiene before going on a date. Like take a shower, your beard and hair should be manageable and your clothes should be freshly laundered.
  • Most girls and guys apply too much scent or deodorant. So, don’t overuse it.

(B) Dressing as a Girl

1.) Dress for the Appropriate Occasion

Before making any fashion plans, know what type of date it is going to be. Your date can be casual or fancy.

  • If you are going for a low-key date like going for coffee or going on a picnic then wear some nicer combination of what you normally wear. To dress for a first date, wear your nicest jeans and t-shirt. Try to wear something a little fancier than normal.
  • For a fancy occasion, wear a nice black dress with some jewelry and nice shoes.
  • Wear shoes according to your date occasion. Wear comfortable footwear.

2.) Be Unique to Dress for a First Date

Make sure that you have a flare of uniqueness that will help you to remember the date well and will be more interested in getting to know about you.

  • Choose something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Wearing accessories are important as put on a funky pair of earrings or a dashing scarf or fun leggings to give yourself individuality.
  • Wear at least one thing that is brightly colored. Don’t only wear black or just drab colors. Wear a bright purple belt, red tights or vivid socks. Wear something that draws the eye.

3.) Focus on Your Best Features

On your first date, you are going to make a good impression by including a good physical impression. On your first date, show your best features.

  • If you want to show off your cleavage then wear a tight, low-cut top, longer bottom or opt for a looser fitting.
  • If you want to show off your legs then wear a short skirt and top that doesn’t draw attention.
  • Your clothes should fit you properly and are not too small or big.
  • Emphasize your body shape. Wear colors to flatter. If you are pear shaped and have larger hips and legs but have fit arms and a slim waist then wear a light color on top and dark color on the bottom.

4.) Work on Your Best Style

On your first date, you don’t need to have perfect hair and make-up. Try to enhance your natural beauty.

  • Do your favorite style if you want to wear make-up. Wear neutral eye makeup and bright lipstick or super awesome eye make-up to show your lovely eyes with a little balm for your lips.
  • Your nails should be clean and paint them to match your outfit.
  • You can also style your hair or you can go with your usual hairstyles.

5.) Avoid Lots of Scents

Having a favorite scent which smells nice is good. The best rule to use a perfume is to dab a little on your wrists, on your neck, in your cleavage or behind your ears. Don’t overuse it.

  • Being clean and presentable is a part of making a good impression on your first date. Give yourself a manicure and a pedicure. Exfoliate your legs so that they are smooth and soft.

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