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How to French Kiss

After reading how to kiss your girl for the first time, how to kiss passionately and how to practice kissing we have brought how to French kiss for you to read. Do you want to be an expert being perfect in your French kissing or if you want to know the basics of how to French kiss for the first time? If you are in a relationship, then you must have tried doing it but is it the right way to do? Everyone has a different style of kissing like some people kiss slow, some kiss passionately and intensely. The French kiss is a timeless and passionate stance of romantic emotion where a boy and a girl kiss each other while using their tongues. You have seen French kiss in the movies, heard your friends talk about it, saw people kissing even in the public area and even read tips in magazines and books. A French kiss is an electrifying and intimate moment between two people who are attracted to one another. French kiss is about moderation. Kissing is a great way to bond with your love and you should take it seriously. So here in this article, we will discuss amazing and sensuous tips and techniques to French kiss.

How to french kiss

Tips to French Kiss

1.) Keep Your Lips Soft to French Kiss

When going for a kiss try to keep your lips in the best position possible. Drink water to keep your lip soft and hydrated. A soft, smooth and slightly moistened lips are best for kissing. Before kissing, you should make sure that your lips are not chapped or dry so that your partner does not get distracted by the state of your lips.

  • Apply lip balm or gloss an hour before you kiss.
  • Drinking water can make your lips soft because dehydration makes your lips dry.
  • Move your tongue over your lips and press them together. It will moisten your lips without making them slick or slobbery.
  • If you are not a pro and you are not very much comfortable with your partner then try to avoid using lipstick as it might make your kissing session messy.

2.) Freshen Your Breath

You never want to have bad breath when you are going to kiss someone whether the kiss is a French kiss or not. Practice good oral or dental hygiene. Before kissing someone, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with mouth freshener. Always keep mint flavored gum or breath mints with you, if you are going to kiss someone. When you go on date or visit your partner maintain fresh breath as foul smell will spoil the whole experience and your partner may leave you forever.

3.) Wait for the Right Moment

A perfect moment is very much important when it comes to being romantic. A great timing plays a great role in creating the perfect mood. Same is with the kissing, you have to know the right moment. A second is important to create the spark. A good French kiss is the culmination of growing intimacy between the two people. Choose the right moment to make sure you and your partner are both in a mood to lose yourselves in the kiss. Check if your partner is comfortable to use the tongue or not? Start slowly by inserting the tip of your tongue then try to French kiss.

  • You should have complete privacy when you are going to french kiss for the first time.
  • Try to pick a romantic place as an ambiance makes a great impact and also helps to change the mood.
  • By noticing your partner’s body language you can get a clue whether it is the right time to make a move or not.

4.) Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is a crucial step about kissing. Look deeply into each other’s eyes. If you want to make your intentions clear, then slowly gaze at each other’s lips and then go back to the eyes. You can also make intense eye contact, break this eye contact for a few seconds and then look back at the person. Making eye contact is romantic and gives a signal to your partner that you are ready for intimacy. It is easy to get to know what other person wants when you are staring into each other’s eyes.

5.) Smile

A smile makes the situation light and happy. If you are smiling it will give your partner strength to approach you on an intimate level. If you are really excited about the kissing then the smile is the way to keep the situation light and fun. Smiling will also help you to feel relaxed and will make your partner relaxed too by telling him or her that everything is going well. Make sure your smile is genuine do not fake a smile as it does not have the real charm.

6.) Break the Touch Barrier

A touch has a lot of potentials. Touching right way can create magic and you need to know how to do it right. First test the water, start with holding hands or putting your hand over your partner’s shoulder. If you are alone with your partner, then you can decide whether you want to go for kissing without touching or you want to break the touch barrier first. That means sitting with your legs touching, putting your hand on the person’s knee, holding hands or just giving a sign of affection.

7.) Move In for French Kiss

When the moment seems right, you can go for it. Start slowly to get the feeling that your partner is ready for the next step or not? Come close to each other until your heads are a few inched apart. Now you will have to start angling your head for the best kissing position. close your eyes as it will help you to focus just on the kiss. If you and your partner both will have eyes closed then it will boost your confidence too.

8.) Tilt Your Head Slightly to One Side

Tilt your head slightly to the right or left. If one person is going to one direction then the other person should pick the opposite. Don’t put too much pressure on each other to do this perfectly. If you want you and your partner to end up kissing each other then you should naturally adjust your heads into a comfortable position. Tilt your head as you move closer to your partner.

9.) Close Your Eyes in French Kiss

Keep your eyes closed while kissing. Kissing with open eyes is associated with insincerity and dishonesty. Keeping your eyes closed will help you to focus on and enjoy what is happening on your lips. This will also help your partner to enjoy without being embarrassed. Closing your eyes can also help you to focus on your mouth and to live in the moment. When you pull apart after the kiss then you can slowly open your eyes.

10.) Start with Your Lips

Start with light kissing on each other’s lips. Put feather light pressure at first as it will build anticipation and excitement which will turn into a full on French kiss. Kiss each other in slow movements and you can speed up soon.

11.) Test the Waters

After doing kissing without using tongue, you can give a hint to your partner that you are ready to move. Open your mouth to make the first tentative tongue contact. Lock lips so that the lower lip of your partner is between in your two lips. Then lightly move the tip of your tongue over the lower lip of your partner. Do it smoothly so that the contact lasts for less than a second.

12.) Explore with Your Tongue

If you see that your partner is interested, then go ahead and start French kissing. But now keep your tongue in motion. Slowly move your tongue into your partner’s mouth. You can also place your tongue above or below your partner’s tongue.

  • Notice how your partner is anticipating your approach.
  • Try to match the pace of your partner it will help you to have a better session.

13.) Breathe

Many couples forget to breathe while kissing for a long time. If you are kissing non-stop, then you have to stay alert and conscious. Take small breaths through your nose while kissing. Take a break while kissing. Passionate kisses also need a break and those small breaks can make you and your partner craving more for it which is a good sign.

14.) Mix it Up

You can make your French kiss more interesting by adding different styles from time to time. After doing slowly, try to go a little faster for a few seconds. Once you are comfortable with kissing someone then try kissing a little more deeply. Be a little bit forceful with your tongue and keep it in the motion. This feeling will enhance your kiss. You can even add up biting gently and look if your partner has no objection to it. When you both start getting comfortable then you can try inserting your whole tongue in your partner’s mouth and start playing with tongue.

15.) Practice to be a Pro

Good French kissing requires practice. If you practice more then you will be more comfortable while kissing your partner and you can develop a style that suits both of you. Over a period of time, you will be a pro at it.

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