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How to Get a Guy to Notice You?

It is one of the easiest jobs for any girl around the world. As every girl like different boys likewise, every boy also like different girls. When you want a guy to notice you then you will have to know what kind of guy he is and what is the factor which matters most for him in any girl. If you have any guy in your mind whom you want to notice then work a bit and find the girl he wants in his life. If you do not have any guy then follow few general instructions which work on most of the guys. Look up more in this article to get a guy to notice you.

How to Get a Guy to Notice You

Steps to Get a Guy to Notice You

1.) Dress Sexy

In this era, the dressing is very important to reflect your personality. In fact dress actually tells a lot about the personality of a person. When you meet a person you too try to figure out about that person by the clues which you get from his/her dressing style. When someone knows you and they know what kind of person you are then dressing sense doesn’t matter much. But for attracting a person who doesn’t know you personally it does matters. If you want to be a scene girl then you have to dress to attract. Dress according to your style, every actress even has different dressing style but they all look good. You too choose a style which will make you look good and will turn everyone’s eyes towards you. Wear what gives you confidence and you feel comfortable in it.

2.) Do Not be Free Always

To get a guy to notice you, you do not have to be around him all day long. Have your own life and keep yourself busy in some productive girls. Guys do not like girls who keeps surrounding them all day long. Girls who are too obsessed cause nuisance and men generally avoid being with them. To get a guy to notice you it is advised to have your own life as it will attract him more towards you. Have a class and a bit of attitude as it is what will make you different then rest of the girls. Being different will help you to get noticed.

3.) Have Fun and Stay Cool

Cool girls are every guy’s favorite. A guy always prefers a girl with whom they can play video games and who can watch a basketball game with him. If you are a girl who likes to go to a game parlour and pubs both then he is a lucky man. No one can resist being with such a cool girl. Also, have fun as it will make you appear way cooler. Having fun will keep you happy and happy girls attracts the lot instead of girls who keep on nagging on petty issues.

4.) Have Self Respect

There is a fine line of difference in having a self-respect and being proud. If you have a self respect you will never tolerate any action which is inappropriate. Even when you want a guy to notice you do not start acting like mean girls rather have your self respect. Do not keep following that guy all around as it will make him dislike you more. Guys like girls with self respect who does not keep on following guys. Desperate girls are mostly avoided by the good guys. If you want to get a guy to notice you then act differently than every girl. Have dignity and do not lower it for anyone.

5.) Be Kind to Get a Guy to Notice You

A kind person is rare to find. Everyone likes a kind person. In the throng of selfish people, selfless will catch the eye. Also, kindness is positive and attracts everyone. Do not act kind just to attract a guy. there is a difference between acting kind and actually being kind. Adopt kindness in your daily life and think positive for everyone this way you will shine uniquely like a moon. And will be easily able to get the attention of the guy.

6.) Impress with Your Skills

Have your own life do not just keep on wasting time to follow him around. Present a strong character of yours in front of him. If you like to paint then try to improve it. If you really want to get a guy to notice you then be good in what you do. Like, if you are good in dancing then impress him by your dancing skills. There could be nothing better to impress someone by your skills. As looks are temporary but your skills will always be there. And if he gets impressed by your skill then he will never go back to anyone.

7.) Talk to Him with Excuse

You have to get into his life to notice you. Even if you are a great person and great artist still you both need to interact. Interaction will make him aware of your skills more. To interact with him you can find any excuse. For instance, you can sit beside him in the library and start a conversation there about any book. If he’s not a nerd but a sports person then blow him off by knowing some great facts about his favorite game. He will be amazed to see your this side and he will definitely like you.

8.) Show What Makes You Different

When you are different not just him but everyone will notice you. Do something which makes you different. You know what is your strong point put it as a bait to hold him. There must be something in you which makes you different than others and differentiates you. Highlight your that skill in front of him. You can be a girl who loves to drive cars at top speed, a girl who is great in academics or maybe a great singer. Whatever is your positive point let him see it? If your fashion sense is good then flaunt it in your style. There must be many unique character in you and use it to get a guy to like you.

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