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How to Get Kissable Lips?

Kissable lips are not that hard to get just a few steps you need to follow to get perfect kissable lips. Your dull lips might lower your confidence to kiss someone. there could be many factors which make your lips appear not very attractive. Problems like dry, rough and black lips can be treated. To get kissable lips you have to work for it on a regular basis. To make your lips more appealing and attractive moisturizing and exfoliating it from time to time is very important. Everyone wants to enjoy a perfect trouble free kiss, to have an amazing kiss lips should be soft and tender. Follow great tips given in this article to get perfect lips to kiss.

How to Get Kissable Lips

Tips to Get Kissable Lips

A.) Easy DIY Tips to Get Kissable Lips

Simple do it yourself tips which can be done at home in very less timing can make your lip look attractive and kissable. You do not need anything extra for these tips and it will make your lips look gentle and sexy in no time. Do the following steps given below to make your lip look kissable.

1.) Exfoliate

Exfoliating your lip will clear out the dead skin. If your lip looks dull and dry it is because of the dead skins accumulated over your lips. It needs to be cleaned from time to time. You can exfoliate your lips at home with easy process. Do it once a week to get a healthy lip. Ways by which you can exfoliate your lips are very easy and given below.

  • Use toothpaste to exfoliate your lips. When you exfoliate your dead skin gets removed and blood circulation enhances which helps in keeping it healthy. Take a toothbrush and gently rub it on your lips.
  • A wet towel can also be used to exfoliate your lips. Gently clean your lips with a wet towel to remove the dead skins.

2.) Scrub to Get Kissable Lips

The various homemade scrub can be used to scrub and exfoliate your lip. Scrubs which are good for your lips are as follows.

  • Sugar Lip Scrub; take sugar, honey and Vaseline jelly mix them in equal portions. Apply the paste on your lips and gently scrub your lips with it.
  • Olive oil lip scrubs; you can use olive oil and sugar together to make your lips look kissable. Mix olive oil and honey and apply this over your lip. This can even cure dry lips.

3.) Moisturize to Get Kissable Lips

Moisturizing is very important to keep your lips healthy. To moisturize your lips try to use natural products more as it does not have any side effects. Also, keep your lips moisturized almost all the time to give your lips full nourishment. Use coconut oil to moisturize your lips. Also, eat healthy stuff which will keep your lips nourished and soft.

B.) Things to Do to Get Kissable Lips

4.) Oil Based Lip Balm

Using oil based lip balm will not only make your lips look great but it will also nourish it. Oil based lips balms are great for dry lips. It repairs and nourishes chapped lips easily. Use lip balm before applying any lipstick so that it will work as a base for your lips and lipstick and will help your lips to stay healthy in a natural way.

5.) Use Lipstick or Lip Gloss

It is also very important to look good when you want to look kissable. To get kissable lips you need to have attractive lips which will attract your partner towards you. Apply a lip liner if you want to get fuller lips then apply lipstick or lip gloss as you like it. You can also use oil based lipstick as it will also nourish your lips while beautifying it.

6.) Drink Water to Get Kissable Lips

Hydrated lips look beautiful naturally. If you want your lips to be perfect then keep it hydrated. Drinking lots of water is not only good for health it also gives a healthy glow to your skin. Lips tend to dry due to loss of proper hydration. To get a perfect healthy lip drink lots of water. It is a simple and penniless tip to follow.

7.) Massage You Lips

Massaging your lips will help to make it appear fuller. With age, lips tend to lose its firmness and volume. Massaging is the best way to maintain it. By giving few minutes every day to your lips you can get your desired lips. Massaging improves blood circulation in the lip giving it a very beautiful colour. Few lips exercises can also be done, to do lip exercise tighten your lips in a straight line keep your lips together firmly. Hold for five seconds and relax then repeat it around ten times. One more exercise which can be done is; open your mouth as wide as possible then relax it for few seconds then again do it for ten times. This exercise also helps to remove wrinkle.

c.) Other Aspects to Work on to Get Kissable Lips

If you have perfect, beautiful and fuller lips then too it is not good for kissing if you do not maintain a good oral hygiene. To get a kissable lip only how your lip looks is not necessary. Other things rather than how does it look, other aspects should also be taken care of such as given below.

8.) Have Fresh Breath 

A bad breath will scare your partner away. No one wants to kiss a bad breath person. Have a fresh breath when you go to kiss, someone. Clean your mouth properly, brush it on a regular basis. Rinse after you eat something. Chew mint gum or use mouth freshener before you go to kiss a person.

9.) Hold it in a Good Way

Not only looking good and having a healthy lip can attract anyone to kiss you. to look kissable you need to have that attitude in you too. You need to present your lips in a sexy way. You sexy way might be liked by your partner. To make your lip appear sexy bite it in front of your partner. you can even make a pout or try pursing your lips.

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