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How to Get Your Crush to Like You?

Getting your crush to like you probably is the best thing in the world. When you like someone and that person likes you back then probably you are a lucky person. Still, there are many who are not lucky to be liked by their crush. Every one of us encounters crush in our lives and even seeing them can make our heart skip a beat. Getting crush is not new, it is very common and everyone gets it in their life and if one’s crush like them back then they feel themselves amongst the luckiest. Well, there is not at all luck in it but few tactics and strategies can make your crush go crazy over you. If you want to get your crush to like you then these tips given below.

How to Get Your Crush to Like You

Follow These to Get Your Crush to Like You

1.) Maintain Proper Hygiene Get Your Crush to Like You

Be clean and smell good to make your crush like you. If you want to make your crush to like you follow a proper hygiene. Wear clean clothes and wash your body regularly. Clothes should be ironed and should not smell of sweat. If you wear clean dress and smell good, a lot of people will get attracted to you. Everyone likes a person who is clean and well maintained. Also, not forget to wear a nice perfume a good smell attracts people like nothing else. You can also wear stylish dresses if that is your style but do feel confident in whatever you wear and also feel comfortable in whatever you wear.

2.) Be Friendly to Get Your Crush to Like You

Being friendly would help you to liked by many people. If you want to be likable by every one then being friendly will help. Being friendly will also help you to do friendship with your crush easily. This will make your task easier as it will let you go closer to your crush and you will be able to make him or her like you by showing your true personality. To appear friendly have a good smile on your face whenever you see your crush. Also, be easily approachable so that to appear friendly and people can make your friend easily.

3.) Become Outgoing to Get Your Crush to Like You

Outgoing people are happier as they enjoy more. People like to be with outgoing people, it makes them see the happy side and they feel that outgoing people are much enjoyable. Nobody wants a boring company rather an adventurous and fun company is sought by everyone. To get your crush to like you start hanging out with people and be outgoing. Start enjoying and having fun. Live a happy life and also, make others happy. Do not be a couch potato go out and breathe the fresh air. This way you will not only be liked by your crush but by everyone out in your group.

4.) Help to Get Your Crush to Like You

Help others to make them like you. If you will help others they will definitely like you. Do not impose your help on anyone. See if anyone needs your help and then approach them. See what problem your crush is going through. Try to help him or her, if they reject then wait for the time when they will really need you. Helping nature people are liked by everyone, thus, be friendly, easily approachable and try to help your crush as much as you can to make your crush like you.

5.) Don’t Be a Follower

If you want your crush to like you do not be a follower or stalker, it might put you in the crazy stalker’s category and your crush will never like you. If you want your crush to like you then have a bit positive attitude in yourself. Try to make your crush like you on his or her own. You can not force anyone to like you. If you want to be liked you will have to stop following your crush it might irritate him/her as well. They might have a lot of people having a crush on them you cannot be same as them if you want to be liked by your crush.

6.) Have a Life to Get Your Crush to Like You

Having a life means do not keep on thinking about your crush all day long. Have your own life to get your crush to like you. Do not waste your whole time for your crush. Try to live as an individual as well have your own life do whatever you would do when you would have to impress no one. Being natural and real is liked by everyone. If you will live your life happily people will get inspired by you and your crush will like you as well.

7.) Make His/Her Friend Like You

This is a great strategy to get your crush to like you. If your crush’s friend will like you then he or she will think of you as a cool person and they will start liking you too. Do friendship with your crush’s friends and make them like you by being good to them and not faking yourself. Once they like you they will start talking about you with your crush and this will make your crush curious to know you more. His or her curiosity means they have started liking you at some point. Now present yourself as a great person which you are to make your crush like you.

8.) Show Them that You are Interested but Don’t Admit it

Once your crush started to know you and you become friends then it is time to give subtle hints. Do not tell your crush directly that you like him or her. Show it with your gestures and body language to tell that you like that person. This will make your crush go crazy and who know they might ask you out themselves. Give them sometimes special attention to make them feel that you like them but do not give too much importance as it might lower your importance.

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