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How to Have a God Centered Dating Relationship?

In our culture, everyone set a predictable pattern to begin a relationship today. What you do in routine: you see someone either a guy or girl. You get attracted towards him or her. Your eyes meet theirs and then you start the conversation with them. You spend some time or days with them until you start an emotions-led dating relationship. In a relationship, you present your best side to the other person. But we believe that God is responsible for creating love between the partners. If you are having problems with your partner or in your relationship then God is there to help you to find a path through the confusion to create your relationship. Those who pray together will stay together and you should start praying with someone you want to deepen your relationship with. Dating in a Godly way is the best part you will do in your relationship. Read this article you will get to know how to have a God centered dating relationship.

How to Have a God Centered Dating Relationship

Best Ways to Have a God Centered Dating Relationship:

1.) Remember God’s Love is Everywhere

The perfect love comes from God which is always yours. Understanding the love God has for you means that you don’t need to seek fulfillment in how someone makes you feel. God will fill the love space that a man cannot do. Approach your dating relationship by knowing that God loves you and likes you. There are lots of room for wonders of love, mature family love, and marriage. God enables you to build a relationship with your loved one and with your own family. Like in Christians, he sent his son Jesus to die for your sins. Always be strong in your dating or loving relationship with God. That means knowing that God is always there to help you in any way. Always trust him. Make him an essential part of your life. Also, make God the love of your life.

2.) Find the Perfect Match for You

Love someone whom you would consider marrying. Find a person who also has a similar desire for God or one that who helps you to build up more faith in God. If you are already dating someone then positively encourage one another in praying or in pursuing God. Always help your partner to keep God in the center or focus. This is the best way to have a God-centered dating relationship. If Christians are not keen to accept the faith then they might have to be sacrificed in the relationship.

3.) Pray for Your Dating Relationship

Praying is the best way to have a God centered dating relationship. Give everything to God. Let him know that you are asking for his approval. Talk about your problems with God. Say thanks to God being in a relationship and the amazing times you experience. Always try to pray with your girlfriend and boyfriend. This is the best way to help each other out from stress. If you pray together then you experience God together. Don’t interrogating and judging each other instead help each other to build trust. Forgive and love each other.

4.) Talk and Discuss about God

Try to bring God into your conversations. Bringing him in your conversation is the best way to have a God-centered dating relationship. It helps to keep God in your mind and also it helps to find each other’s beliefs. If you talk about a spiritual subject then it will change the normal conversation into eternal significance. Discussing God will allow you to build up confidence and knowledge. So try to read Bible together. Reading Bible will be spiritual, fun and good for conversation. Go to Church so that your partner and you can involve in the body of Christ. You will feel amazing if you share God’s love.

5.) Be Careful with Physical Love

Hugs are the great way to show your affection and also the good way to have a God centered dating relationship. God created physical affection which is good for your relationship. But it depends on how much you give physical permission to each other. If physical bonding held too quickly then your relationship can turn sinful. If you feel guilty for all your activities then it may be a good sign that you are going too far. Avoid physical actions like sitting on lap or sensual kissing as it may cause lustful thoughts. Do sex after marriage. Talking about physical actions is great to make comfortable each other.

6.) Show Christ’s Love to Your Partner

Showing Christ’s love to each other is the great way to have a God centered dating relationship. Do sacrifices for each other. Go to play a game like a basketball. Be helpful to serve one another. Show your love to each other. Keeping the God-centered in a dating relationship will help to relieve stress in relationships in this World of troubles. Always follow joy, love, gentleness, patience, faith, goodness and temperance. Read these things again and again. There is no law against such things.

7.) Have Fun and Praise God

Praising God is the best way to have a God centered dating relationship. Smile and keep in mind that God is always with you. Enjoy your beautiful life that God has given to both of you. When you get the chance, praise God for whatever he has given in your life. Trust God and remember he knows that what is best for the both of you. Spend time alone with God which is good for you. Give your time to read the Bible or pray. God is your love so it is best to have that time alone with God.

8.) Remember God is Real

Having a special someone in your life brings happiness in the world. You don’t want to miss the eternal wonderful nature of God’s love. God is real and his love is also real. God is doing his work in your life and his promises and forgiveness are real. God has given you a perfect partner. His love is perfect. God must be in your relationship. God is holy that’s why we are also called as holy. We have to honor our mother, father, husband, wife, children, siblings and even our own life.

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