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How to Hug Romantically?

After writing how to be romantic?, how to kiss your partner’s neck? and how to practice kissing? we are here to help you out with how to hug romantically. When you love someone or like someone, it is natural that you want to get closer to them. Hugging is a great feeling which bonds you and your partner and brings you two closer. A hug is not just a romantic feeling, it is also a sweet gesture to make your loved ones feel secure. A hug shows that how much you are affectionate or care about your partner. A touch plays a very important role when it comes to showing that you care about your partner. There is no better way to show your affection, your gratitude, your appreciation as well as your love for someone than by giving your partner a warm and tight hug. Hugs could be totally different depending on what you have in mind and what your intention towards your partner is. The way you hug will show what is actually on your mind it could be a romantic hug or just a friendly one. Let’s learn the best ways and techniques to romantically hug a guy or girl.

Haven’ you been hugged tightly? Hasn’t it made you feel out of the world like the person hugging you want to keep you in a safe haven? Hugging is the gentle way to show your affection. You can do it perfectly only when you feel it from your heart and for the one you are in love with. An intense hug has a magical power that makes you forget about everything except the one you are hugging. A perfect and intense hug can give you an intimate, magical and content pleasure and also it helps to improve your love life.

how to hug romantically

Best Tips to Hug Romantically

A.) The Frontal Hug to Hug Your Partner

1.) Position Your Arms

Making an eye contact is very important when you are about to hug someone. Set the mood first to hug passionately and romantically. Also, make sure you both are alone if your partner is shy. When you hug romantically, your chest, stomach, and torso will touch. This is an intimate and warm position that emphasizes closeness.

  • Generally, the taller one places their arms around the waist of the shorter one, while the shorter person places their arms around the shoulder or neck of the taller person. This can happen in an opposite way, especially if there is a big height difference. The taller one can put their arms around the other person’s shoulders, while the other one wraps their arms around the waist.

2.) Make Your Head Contact to Hug Romantically

Leaning your head against someone is a sweet gesture. When you lean in to give a romantic hug, move your head to the side. Don’t move too far to the side, if you want your cheek to brush up against your partner’s face. To add an extra romantic touch, move your head or face into the head or neck of the other person.

3.) Squeeze and Hold to Hug Passionately

A romantic hug lasts longer than a casual hug. Hug your partner a little tighter for 2 to 3 seconds. Take a deep breath in and breathe out; relax and enjoy your hug. Make sure, hug should not be so tight that it prevents your partner from breathing normally. If your partner has a problem while breathing then it is not considered romantic.

4.) Use Your Hands to Hug

Use your hands to rub on their arm or back a few times. If your hand is by the person’s head then gently stroke their hair or the back of your partner’s neck. A slow caress is considered as romantic.

  • When you pull away, put your hands on your partner for longer, that means you are still touching each other after you get apart. This is the best time to look into each other’s eyes, smile and speak from your heart. A sweet hug can play a great role to strengthen your relationship.

B.) The Front to Back Hug to Hug Romantically

1.) Hold Your Partner From Behind

Another way to hug your partner romantically is to surprise your lover with a hug from behind. Wrap your arms around your partner’s waist and place your head against theirs. This can be a super sweet surprise. Your partner will definitely love this action as it is indeed a romantic one.

2.) Stand Behind Your Partner to Hug

Back hugs are great and girls love it the most. Guys too like back hugs as it is more surprising than the front hugs. Try to not make it obvious to your partner that you are going to hug them while giving a back hug. Press your torso up against the back of your partner while you are hugging and wrap your arms around your partner. It doesn’t matter if you are shorter or taller. Girls like back hugs when guys place their hands on their stomach. If you are a guy you can even put your hand on your girl’s waist and pull her close and hug her simultaneously. Guys also like back hug especially when girls grab them from their chest and lean their head on to guy’s back.

  • If you want to hug romantically back hug is a great way to do so.
  • To do a romantic back hug do not put your arm around neck rather try to put it on your partner’s waist.
  • Back hug may surprise your partner, therefore, do it when you know that she or he has no objection with your hug.

3.) Put Your Arms in Front

You can put your arm on top of the other and your one arm should be in front of the other. You can also reach up over the chest and hold the shoulders of your partner you are hugging. It depends on the size of your arms and the size of the area where your arms are best placed. When you are about to hug read the body gestures and take your next step accordingly. It will make the whole experience hassle free.

  • There is no hard and fast rule to hug your partner. Just think of being romantic and close.
  • If if you do any mistake laugh it off. Laughing at silly moments will also bring you closer than before as you have shared some good moments together.

4.) Make Head Contact to Hug Romantically

Just like a front facing hug, lean your head against your partner. It is a sign of intimacy. If you are taller than your partner then you can nuzzle their neck or face. If you are shorter then you can place your head sideways on their neck.

  • Notice the physical sensation when you hug your partner. Smell your partner and feel the touch of his or her arms around you.

5.) Squeeze and Hold Your Partner to Hug Romantically

A romantic hug lasts longer than a casual hug. Hold your partner for two to three seconds or more if you feel like. Relax in your partner’s arms and enjoy it. Caressing your partner’s arms is a natural and lovely touch which your partner will also approve as a sweet gesture. You can also try caressing their hair or face. For the one who initiates the hug, if you initiate caressing too then you both can become intimate without much effort. If you reach that level of closeness then this is a charming way to begin intimacy.

  • After the back hug, rotate your partner. Now enjoy a front facing hug to enjoy the closeness of your partner.
  • Check how your partner is responding to your actions. Keeping a check on your partner’s expression and body movement will help you to guide to your next step.
  • Do not make everything a big issue while hugging. Just go with the flow and keep it simple to experience the moment.

Other Tips to Hug Romantically:

  • When you hug a girl first pull her close to you so that she feels secure and warm in your embrace.
  • Make sure you smell good because no one wants to hug someone who doesn’t smell good.
  • A hug brings people close and increases the proximity. So try to smell good at least not of sweat. Remember, cologne, perfume and breath mints can make your hug more romantic.
  • Hugging is somewhat which needs interaction and your partner’s consent is very much important. It is interactive. You can’t force anyone to hug.
  • Extreme height difference can make hug confusing but it will not spoil the romance if done correctly.
  • Let your partner know about your intentions before you hug them.

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