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How to Impress a Guy?

You like a guy and you want to impress him to make him notice you. Don’t try too hard to impress any guy. You need to just focus on yourself, be a clever conversational partner and embrace your quirks. If you both share the common interests then you will be more likely to impress him. For a guy, physical attraction is important. An attractive or beautiful face can hold a guy’s attention for a few seconds. To make a guy fall for you or to impress him, you need to do more than that. Here are some tips to impress a guy.

Great guys love a chase to win a girl’s heart because they love her. Some girls are not good looking and still manage to make every guy fall for her. Guys want a girl who wants to get the attention of other guys. Guys approach a girl who is not only beautiful, also good at the heart and confident.

how to impress a guy

Best Ways to Impress a Guy:

1.) Dress to Impress a Guy

Taking care of your grooming shows a guy that you are mature and capable of doing important daily tasks. Look attractive and smell good. Wearing good clothes will help you to look more attractive.

  • Shower daily and it is best to do in the morning. Keep yourself fresh and clean.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day. Use mouthwash, breath mints and chewing gum.
  • Manage your hair or get an amazing hair cut.
  • Wear a good deodorant.
  • Wear neat and clean clothes.

2.) Be Kind and Polite to Impress a Guy

Being well-mannered doesn’t mean that you are boring. Treating other people with respect is the best quality that most guys want in their girlfriend. Being well-mannered is the way to get a guy to always want to talk to you.

  • Say “thank you”, “please” and “you are welcome.”
  • Don’t say anything crude in public.

3.) Think Before You Speak to a Guy You Like

Everyone says stupid things and slips up but try to say things in the limit when you are around this guy you like. Don’t talk about other guys to make him jealous. This is not a good idea.

  • Don’t come off as a bully. Maybe he is not picking up on your humorous tone.
  • Don’t say dirty jokes. There is always a time and place for wicked humor.

4.) Give Him a Sincere Compliment to Impress a Guy

You should give a genuine compliment to a guy you like. Think about what you like best about him. It can be his laugh, his smile and his intelligence. You don’t need to get him completely alone to pay him a compliment. You can also text him to give him a compliment. Keep your compliments short and sweet. Don’t take 3 to 4 minutes on his best qualities. Keep eye contact when you compliment him.

5.) Make a Guy Feel Special

Find little ways to let him know that he is special. Don’t ignore him and always make him feel special. If he texts you then text him back. Try to make the time when he wants to talk. Always help him if he needs you. Talk to him in a difficult situation.

  • When you talk to a guy, focus on him. Guys feel comfortable when you talk about common interests. Ask about his hobbies, interests, music, favorite books etc.
  • Share your secrets with him. If you share your secrets then he will feel special.

6.) Spend Some Time on Self Improvement

Spend time with him to feel better about yourself. You will be a new and improved girl with self- confidence. Try to make your routine a little more rigorous and you will notice it affects your self-esteem. Take care of your skin, get a different hairstyle, shower regularly and try new cologne and so on.

  • Cultivate a new interest or new hobby. Devote yourself to extra-curricular activities. Guys like those girls who are interesting and having hobbies.

7.) Make a New First Impression to Impress a Guy

When you are ready to interact with the guy again, you have the chance to make another first impression. If you play it the right way, then he will start liking you.

  • When you feel like that you are getting close to seeing him again, try to put extra effort to look good as much as possible.
  • If you want him to see you as a girlfriend then make your intentions clear and act accordingly. Maintain eye contact and give him a compliment.

8.) Look for Opportunities to Show Him Your Unique Abilities 

The best way that you can find out if the guy you like is to find your unique talent and then look for an opportunity to showcase your abilities. Like, if you are a good dancer then invite the guy you like to come to one of your shows. Or if you are good at sports then ask him to come to see one of your games. This is the amazing way to impress any guy.

9.) Show the Guy that You Have a Great Personality

Showing your great personality to the guy you like is the best way to approach a guy. By being positive, thoughtful, funny, kind and well-mannered, you can show him that you are a great girl.

  • If you feel that your personality is lacking in some way, then focus on improving yourself.
  • Remember, that great personality can make guys find you more attractive. If you never talk to him then how can he find you a great girl?

10.) Ask Him Out on a Date

If you feel like that he is interested in you, then go on a date with him. If you really want to wow him then get him flowers, go out with him at a nice place and impress him with your food recommendations at the restaurant.

  • Find out what he likes through your casual conversation and then plan a date. If he likes horror movies then take him to see the latest horror flick. If he likes Chinese food then take him to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

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