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How to Look Preppy?

You may want to look preppy. It can be your greatest desire to dress in a polished, preppy and clean-cut fashion. You just have to add a few key accessories to your wardrobe to cultivate a classic, simple look and flaunt your preppy side. Looking preppy is not just throwing on a pastel polo and boat shoes. You should exude the aura of a specific privileged lifestyle through your dressing to be preppy. Presenting your personality in the right way depends on your style sense. It all depends on you in being as preppy as you want. There are several tips which you can follow to diversify and upgrade your look.

How to Look Preppy

Tips to Follow to Look Preppy:

1) Choose something Simple to Look Preppy

Being preppy is all about simplicity and class. The fabric of your clothing should be fine and simple. Avoid too much complicated, revealing or flashy clothing. Modest cuts, high-quality textiles, and close fits are signs of preppy and classy look. You may get that clothing which is made up of clean lines. Altogether simplicity is the key to adopting this look. After all, you do not want to look sexy or hot that is why you are going for a preppy look. Isn’t it?

2) Upgrade Your Wardrobe to Look Preppy

You can go for upgrading your wardrobe to look preppy. Choose those colors which look good on you. The fabric of clothing should be of good quality and designs of those clothes should not go out of fashion in just 6 months. You should keep in mind that these clothes may last for years so plan accordingly before buying these stuff. Some of the popular preppy colours are white, navy blue, off white, beige, yellow, lime, pink, etc.

3) Go for Traditional Options to Look Preppy

All the traditional options are open for you to add up to your list. You can go for khaki pants, polo t-shirts, jacket or blazer, Bermuda shorts, rugby shirts, oxford shirts, boat shoes, ballet flats, chinos, knit trousers, etc. You should buy anything out of these which looks good on you and fits you well. You should avoid those clothing which screams out brand name louder on their front or something low cut and revealing. Do not buy ripped jeans as well.

4) Maintain Hygiene to Look Preppy

You should maintain hygiene and adopt a clean look. If you are fresh and clean then automatically you score well for being classy. For this, you may choose a classic floral scent. It may give you a fresh smell. You should keep your teeth clean and cut your nails regularly. It shouldn’t be dirty or less-maintained. Similarly, you should moisturize your skin and take good care of it. Your hair should be groomed well.

5) Accessories to Look Preppy

Carrying a simple and classy accessory can add up to your preppy look. You should avoid going for anything which draws too much attention of people around you. Pearl necklaces, diamond jewellery of simple cuts and style can suit your preppy look. Handbags should be small and simple designed. Colours of handbags should not be flashy. You can choose ribbon belts of conventional colours having descent prints on it. For men, brown or black belts can go well with their preppy look.

6) Wear Simple Makeup to Look Preppy

While applying makeup, girls should not experiment too much while adopting a preppy look. You may apply foundation which should match your skin tone. A little mascara and thin stroke of eye liner can be enough for eye makeup. For lips, you may apply red or coral matte lipstick. Do not go for anything shiny and glittery. A natural look is mostly appreciated for being preppy. You may apply nude eye shadow as well.

7) Hairstyle to Look Preppy

 You can flaunt simple and natural hairstyle to have a preppy look. Hair colour should be avoided. If at all you want to colour your hair then go for natural shades like black or brown. The length of your hair should be optimized. It should not make you look funky and unconventional. Keep your hair ends trimmed. Too much layering is a strict no-no for girls. For men, pony or long hair is not welcoming. Girls can go for high ponytails, tight French braids, sophisticated and simple bun.

8) Body Language to Look Preppy

Your body language can define how well prepped you are. You should hold open doors for ladies if you are a man. Keep your spine straight while sitting and walking. Avoid slouching. It shows your confidence and classy personality. Your table manners should be excellent. You should have an idea about which utensil to use at which time. Avoid bad mouthing about anyone in public. Respect your elders to be a high-class person. You may follow a guide to learn all the etiquettes and take help from your friends as well.

9) Play Sports to Look Preppy

Some of the sports which you can take up to look preppy are tennis, golf, swimming, rowing, rugby, volleyball, ballet, sailing, squash, horseback riding, etc. It has several benefits as well. You may come to know different people and have the chance to make new friends. You should wear high-quality workout clothing while playing sports. A simple t-shirt and sweatpants may not go well with your preppy look. You may get fir and healthy as you get to exercise while playing these sports. It may add up to your personality.

10) Socialise to look Preppy

Generally, preppy people have a large social circle. They used to be popular among their friends. They have good socializing skills. You should adopt these qualities as well. Communicate effectively with people. Pay attention to every individual you know personally when you are attending a party. It may leave a good impression on the people around you. Don’t think negative for anyone. You should keep the positivity flowing around you. A polite and simple gesture may attract everyone towards you. Having a charismatic personality is always a plus point for being preppy. A nice smile while approaching people can light up the mood of the person which is at the receiving side.

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