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How to Make Your Guy Friend Want to Date You?

It is very common to like a guy friend but you have no idea of whether he likes you back or not. Suddenly you develop feelings for your guy friend. You think that he is the only guy that truly understands you and with whom you can be yourself. You like him because he is always around you to help you. It is quite difficult to move a guy friend from the friend zone to dating. Here are some amazing tips that will help you to make your guy friend want to date you.

Keeping a friendship with a guy friend is not that difficult. But it can become hard when you fall in love with your best friend. If you want to bring that friendship to a higher level then you should know if he feels the same for you. By noticing his behavior you will get to know whether he likes you or not.

How to Make Your Guy Friend Want to Date You

Best Ways to Make Your Guy Friend Want to Date You:

1.) Start Flirting

Flirt with a guy friend is the first step to do to make your guy friend want to date you. Send him dating vibes so that he will get to know about your feelings. Send him texts with emojis especially late at night. Always smile and make eye contact. Tease him and then make a move. Teasing is the best way to make him interested. Don’t be in the friend zone.

  • Guys like when a girl tries to make contact with them. Adventurous and bold girls are more attractive. Stop worrying and get a little physical. If you do so, then you can make him thinking about more than friendship.
  • Touch his upper arm while talking.
  • Hug him and sit on his lap.
  • Don’t do it, if he is uncomfortable.

2.) Look Attractive when You are Together

Dress like as you are on your first date with your guy friend already. Dress normally, if you are at school or seeing him around you. When you are alone, he will feel special. Stand like a model, stand tall with your shoulders back, head up and butt slightly out. Perfume works best to make him lean in every time. Keep it mysterious and light. Casual clothes can also look sexy. Tank top and yoga pants will drive him crazy.

  • Give him the seductive smile and think about him if you are already dating. Look into his eyes when something funny happens and tell him secrets. At the end, it is his loss if he doesn’t want what you are offering.

3.) Hang Out with Your Guy Friend

Don’t only hang out with your friends; hang out with a guy you like. If you go with your friends then you have to find other ways to meet him alone. Spend some time with him and let him know that you are interested in taking the things further.

  • Don’t talk about other guys in front of him. Let him focus on you. Share your feelings and relationship can make him feel more like a friend. If he asks, “who do you like” then simply say “you.”
  • Don’t stop him if he wants to talk about other girls to you. Give him some relationship advice and make your move.

4.) Go with Him for a Fake Date

Don’t use the word date. Get him alone. You can’t spend time alone if other people are around you. You can go for activities like swimming, gym, walk or any other activities. Once you are alone, he definitely will think about more than friendship. Don’t feel nervous when you ask him otherwise, he will be confused or feel nervous.

5.) Understand what he wants in Girls

All guys are different and their choices are also different. Guys don’t like games or weird circular conversations. Find out what your guy friend wants in his girlfriend. Don’t complain him for every small thing. Guys like good looking girls. Don’t nag him about cleaning as this is him mom’s job. If he doesn’t love you that means he is not worth loving. Be yourself and be sexy to make your guy friend want to date you.

6.) Compliment Him

Complimenting him is the best way to make your guy friend want to date you. Don’t say directly, say him like, “I am interested”. Tell him he is cute, smart and attractive. Tell him also he is intelligent, kind and fun loving guy. Make sure your compliments should be genuine. If he feels like you are not real, you will lose his interest. Don’t ask him for a date. Let him know with confidence what he is missing. Give him a wicked little smile and let him know how great you would be together.

7.) Act like His Girlfriend

Behaving like a girlfriend is the good way to make your guy friend want to date you. Ask him about his interests like his hobbies or about his day. Surprise him by commenting on a new movie he has enjoyed or on a game he just played. Support him during sports event because guys will like when a girl cares about their hobbies. If you act like his girlfriend then he will want to make you his girlfriend.

  • Guys are stupid when it comes to relationship clues. After doing all the efforts, if he is not getting hints then ask him directly. Say him, ”Let’s go on a date.” In an isolated place, make eye contact, cuddle up close and move in for a kiss. He will like it a lot.

8.) Go on a Little Date

If he seems unsure then get a date out of him. You are a girl and you have complete control of him. So, move close to him, laugh at his nervousness and tell him to be a man and go “on a little date.” Make him comfortable and let him know, if he doesn’t have fun then you will go back to being friends. A first date is a good chance to hang out. If it doesn’t work then you will both be able to move on. If he says yes then you are ready for a happy relationship.

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