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How to Physically Flirt with a Girl?

Physically flirting is an art not everyone is an expert at it. A single mistake can ruin your all efforts and may spoil your partner’s mood. You will have to be very vigilant while physically flirting to make your partner like it. If you think that physically flirting with a girl is an easy task and you can ace it very easily then too you need to be particular if you do not know the girl very well. Physically flirting is a best way to make a move to go a step closer to the girl but you have to not rush into it. It is a slow process which can be achieved efficiently with endurance and few tips. To Physically flirt with a girl you have to be bold and a good observer. If you can observe what she wants then this art will be a piece of cake for you. We have an array of cures for your problem here follow up this article to know more on this matter.

How to Physically Flirt with a Girl

Steps to Physically Flirt with a Girl

A.) Accidentally Touch to Physically Flirt with a Girl

When you are unaware of her reactions then you can try touching her accidentally to know what is in her mind. Start with few areas to physically flirt with a girl. If you observe that she is not comfortable with your behaviour then you can apologize but do not apologize immediately. Wait for her reaction if she gives any bad gesture then apologize, saying “sorry it happened accidentally I didn’t notice”. You can start with these steps to physically flirt with a girl.

1.) Touch Her Arm to Physically Flirt with a Girl

While you both are sitting or having any conversation touch her while talking or laughing. Make it look obvious that you did not do anything wrong. You are just touching her hand, she might also take it lightly. Since you only touched her arm or hand she might take it lightly thus, do not make any bolder step based on this. But this step will make you lose your hesitation and she might also feel a step closer after losing the touch barrier.

2.) Put Feet Over Her Feet

While sitting on a couch or anywhere where you are bare footed you can try touching her feet with yours. If she does not show any sign of disapproval then she maybe liking it too and does not has any objection with getting you closer to her. If you feel like she is not objecting then you can try getting further freely. If she takes her feet back it means she is not ready.

B.) Touch Her Purposely

There can be many ways by which you can touch her to flirt with her. You need to be bold to do these but do it with confidence. Do not cross your limits and respect her while trying to flirt with her. Do these to flirt with her purposely.

1.) Hug Her

Whenever you meet her to give her a warm gentle hug. Do not miss this, it is a genuine and most safe way to get closer to her. No girl minds hugging as such. Hugging her will also create a bond between you two. If you want to make her feel that you want to be more than a friend then hug her for a longer period of time. To take it bolder you can hug her tight and remove her hair from her neck and can give a peck on her neck. It will definitely give her chills and she will love it if she has no objection it means she is open to get closer.

2.) Tickle Her

Tickling her would help you to get closer to her. Tickle her on her stomach or feet, she may try to tickle you back. This will help you to get closer and you may end up breaking your all hesitation. If she pulls back then stop right away. If she joins you then it is a great sign that she has no objection with you coming closer.

3.) Play the Push Game

While walking on the road side you can push her playful on the side she will push you back probably this way you both will come closer. This is also a fun way to flirt and she will not have any objection with this game. This playful act can get you both closer too.

4.) Play Footsie

Play Footsie with her when you both are sitting. If she has allowed you this far then she will also join you in the game. You can even let her win to make her feel good. Do not be too hard while playing footsie your purpose is to get physically closer not to win the game.

5.) Put Her Hair Behind Her Ear

When you both are doing any work together or eating the dinner or even reading the book and you see her hair strand coming in front of her face then put it behind her ear’s back. Look at her reactions while doing it. She will probably love it, if she looks at you and smile then smile back otherwise, carry on with your work.

6.) Wipe Her Lip to Physically Flirt with a Girl

This is a very bold act and it might let you kiss her too. If you both are eating together and you see something around her lip go ahead and wipe it with your finger. If she does not objects it then you can gently move your finger on her lip too. It is a bold and romantic way to physically flirt with a girl.

7.) Grab Her Waist

Grab her waist from her behind. Girls love this act, this is a romantic and sweet act. It will also left her surprised and she will like your action very well. But only try to do this action if know that the is ready to be touched that way. Her reaction on previous steps will help you to decide that she is ready for it or not.

8.) Head in Her Lap

To go very close to her and to tell her with your actions that you want something else than friendship. You can lie keeping your head down on her lap. She will be startled but she will also like your confident way. It is also a great way to physically flirt with a girl.

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