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How to Pick up a Girl?

You can be as good as any other guy to pick up a girl. You can ask all those men who are good at picking up girls about it, but they often are confused while explaining how they do it. You may follow certain tips which are mentioned in this article to understand some of the basic principles of the dating game. In some time, you may develop an approach that will help you hear the word “yes” a lot more often when asking a girl out.

How to Pick up a Girl

Best Ways to Pick up a Girl:

1) Walk with Style to Pick up a Girl

Your walking style should be flattering. Girls may get attracted to you if you have that perfect motion. You may slow down a little. It is said that confident people are not in a hurry. However, you should remember that there is a difference between meandering and walking slowly with purpose. Be clear in your mind about what you are doing and where you are going. Furthermore, you should look stylish as well so that you can get an impeccable personality to show off.

2) Don’t Use Pickup Lines to Pick up a Girl

You should be aware that pickup lines may appear bad and make girls groan. Keep in mind to not let the situation dictate you next move. In spite of this, choose to be spontaneous, commenting on something she is wearing or has been doing can work. You can take a chance to make a positive comment on her actions. You need to be very much anticipative to think of her answers earlier. You will get much faster at this with time. Try to have some open-ended questions in order to gather information about her.

3) Be Honest to Pick up a Girl

You should be honest about your intentions while picking up a girl. However, don’t be blunt. There can be a better way to use your words in front of her like say her that she is a fun person to get along with.  She may like to hear it and may think that you are clear about your intentions. In this way, she won’t feel misled. You should plan earlier before proceeding towards next step.

4) Be Yourself to Pick up a Girl

If you want a girl to be on your side then avoid being fake. Generally, girls being more perceptive will not take you seriously if you disrespect them by pretending to be someone or something you are not. On the other hand, girls are not expecting a mess to enter into their life. You should concentrate on your motive to pick up a girl. This is your chance to show off and make them like you. Furthermore, it is better to be yourself to initiate a relationship.

5) Work on Your Body Language to Pick up a Girl

Working on your body language may provide you an edge over others. It is not just standing with a straight back and making eye contact. Instead, you need to concentrate on everything you do to communicate to others. Not alone the words coming out of your mouth are going to present you. But, a strong and definite body language is the primary way by which human beings communicate effectively.

6) Be Responsive and Quick to Pick up a Girl

It would take you only a couple of minutes to ask a girl out. So, you should not let her wait forever to get along with you. If a girl is attracted to you then tell her that you want her to be in your life. Girls may feel that their feelings have been acknowledged on time. Generally, if you go slowly and try to win over a girl’s heart then it never seems to work. A girl will be expecting a man to come right out and say how he feels. In order to date her, you should be willing to risk rejection for the sake of the chance.

7) Use Your Sense of Humor to Pick up a Girl

When it comes to woo a girl and pick her up then humor can be your trustworthy partner. Being funny sometimes can make a girl fall for you. Especially, those girls who appreciate sense of humor and count it as one of the great elements of one’s personality. On the other hand, if there is a girl who lets your jokes fall flat then she may have some different taste for humor unlike you.

8) Give Subtle Compliments to Pick up a Girl

You should make sure that whatever compliments you make should come up naturally. If you want to have a good conversation with her then learn to talk about things you both feel comfortable discussing. Somehow you need to find a way to give her a compliment. It can be anything related to her personality or her dress. However, try to keep it subtle. Finally, you may even flirt with her without breaking the flow of the conversation. It should not sound awkward to her.

9) Ask Her Number to Pick up a Girl

There can be any perfect moment when you may ask her number. It can be asked at the end of a conversation when both of you are about to leave. You can give an acknowledgement that you are having a great time with her but now you may be leaving for some other work or to your home. However, she may have all the right to refuse your proposal. In that case, show empathy and graceful attitude. If at all, you get her number then you may call her within a day or two and see about scheduling a date.

10) Get Prepared for Date to Pick up a Girl

For the first date with a girl whom you have picked up recently, you may do some preparation. Take care that both of you may not remain silent for longer. You may keep talking to her and be engaging. However, on your first date do not go to any concerts and movies. In spite of it, you may go to a place where you two get enough room to talk, and which does not cost a lot of money as well.

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