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How to Pick Up a Woman?

Beautiful girls are everywhere. There are many guys who meet beautiful and attractive girls every day. They want to learn how to succeed at picking up women. Picking up girls is very exciting and fun. Going out a bar or walking down the street is one of the places where you usually see the most amazing women. But when the time come to approach her, you get nervous, shy or start mumbling while talking to her. So now you are at right place, keep reading this article to know about the amazing tips to pick up a woman.How to pick up a woman

Best Ways to Pick Up a Woman:

1.) Know When to Approach a Woman

Finding the right woman is the first and important step to pick up a woman. A guy should find a girl who looks ready to talk to someone new whether she is getting bored with her company or she is looking out for fun. If she is open then you will succeed.

  • If she looks at you more than once and smile when you make eye contact then she is checking you out. If her friends look at you and start giggling that means her friends know about you.
  • If she looks annoyed or bored with her company then maybe she is looking for a fun. Then it is your chance to save her from her bored company. If you do it then she will like the change of pace.
  • Don’t approach her if she has a boyfriend. Notice if she is happy with her man then stay away. If she is getting bored with him or the man spends more time to check his phone then you can approach her.
  • Don’t approach her when she is enjoying with her group of friends.

2.) Be Confident

Once you have got your target, you have to show her that you are confident about who you are or what you love to do. But don’t be upset if she rejects you.

  • Make eye contact with her when you talk to a girl or when you cross the room. You don’t have to be scary but you should be comfortable while looking into her eyes.
  • Smile show that you are cool and fun with the situation. It shows that you are not nervous and shy. Be happy with who you are or if she rejects you walk out with your head high.
  • Always keep your body open and straight. Don’t cross your legs and arms over your chest.
  • Give her attention. Lean on towards her without getting too close and avoid distraction like checking phone in every 5 seconds.
  • Dressing well shows your confidence. You don’t need to wear expensive but just put on admiring outfit that fits well.

3.) Start with a Killer Opening

By saying and doing the right thing is the way to catch her interest. If you start with the wrong words then it is difficult to make a good impression.

  • When you meet her, be relaxed. If you are not relaxed then she will be turned off.
  • Don’t use pick-up lines. Be yourself as woman appreciates originality.
  • Make it clear that you are approaching her and you want her attention. Don’t be like that you are the kind of guy who approaches many girls.
  • To start a conversation, simply introduce yourself.

4.) Make Her Feel Special

Everyone wants to feel special especially women. Don’t think like how hot she is. Let her know that you think she is a unique girl.

  • Ask her some questions but don’t be personal. Like what she likes, what she loves to do or even her favorite sports team or tv shows.
  • Show that her opinion matters and ask her opinion about some things.
  • Don’t be scared to compliment her. If she is funny or interesting and beautiful then you should compliment her.

5.) Attract Her

By attracting a woman you can easily pick up a woman. Make her think that you are not only awesome at a bar but you are also good at the public setting.

  • Tell her something interesting like you love to read the newspaper and know what is going on in the world.
  • Find something which you have in common whether it is your Mexican food or college basketball.
  • Show her what things make you special.

6.) Be Yourself

It is important to avoid being fake. Be yourself so that she gets to know you better. If you pretend to be something or something you are not then they will not take you seriously.

  • Don’t be over smart. Don’t act like that you are very hot who gets a lot of girls’ attention. Be a cool and fun guy who wants to know her.
  • Tell her little bit about yourself like what you do on the weekend or how do you pass your day? She should know about that guy who is hitting on her.

7.) Impress Her with Your Sense of Humor

Charming a girl with a sense of humor is the best way to pick up a woman. Girls love those guys who make them laugh. Show her that you are funny. Don’t make her think that you are trying hard to make her laugh.

  • Make some funny conversation. If she says something funny then say back equally funny to her.
  • Tease her casually. Girls love if you tease them in the right way.
  • Making fun of yourself is also the best way to charm her.

8.) Take it to the Next Level

Now this is the time to take your friendship to the next level. If the girl is into you then take her at a bar or nightclub. If the girl wants to go with you then you can ask her or her friends for a party or bar. Don’t be afraid to ask her number. You can also text her or call her to ask her out. Hanging out with her is the best way to pick up a woman. Don’t go for movies and concerts. Suggest something where you both can talk. But keep in mind, don’t call her or text her again and again because she needs some space.

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