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How to Romantically Hug a Guy?

Hugging someone you love is indeed one of the best feelings. After writing how to practice kissing?, how to get a guy to like you? and how to be a classy girl? we are here to help you with how to romantically hug a guy? You are in a relationship or maybe you want to make a guy feel of your love. In both cases hugging a guy romantically would easily serve the purpose and it’s great that you know it too. Girls usually wait for guys to make the first move but he would love your bold step indeed. A hug can easily let you express your love and devotion for someone. You may have hugged a lot of people by now but hugging your guy should definitely be special and romantic.

You can even make a guy feel something for you just by giving him a romantic hug or can vent to him about your feelings that way. Hugging romantically is not a rocket science. Hold onto a longer period while hugging someone and you will easily communicate your love for them. Therefore, to make a guy realize that you are into him hug him romantically. Read this article to know more on how to romantically hug a guy?

How to Romantically Hug a Guy

Best Ways to Romantically Hug a Guy Romantically

1.) Make Eye Contact to Romantically Hug a Guy

Eye contacts are responsible for making people fall in love since centuries. When you want to add romance in your hug then go for a prolonged eye contact. You should hug your guy while making eye contact with him to make it romantic and sweet. In this type of hug your torso, stomach, and chest should remain in touch with your partner while hugging. You may rest your arms around his shoulders and he may put his arms around your waist. Touch each other’s foreheads and make eye contact by leaning your heads. This is an intimate hug and romantic as well. You may gaze deeply into his eyes to make him feel loved.

2.) Make it Intimate to Romantically Hug a Guy

You can make a simple hug quite intimate and romantic just by doing a simple step. Hug him just like a normal frontal hug. Rest your head on your partner’s shoulder or chest. Listen to his heartbeat. You may feel his increased heartbeat all because of you. You may take the initiative to kiss him on his neck to make it extra romantic. Try to just rub your face on his chest or neck area. He may get aroused instantly and may shower more love on you. Move your lips or nose tip on his neck and watch him go crazy for you.

3.) Use Hands for Caress to Romantically Hug a Guy

A sensual touch can enhance your romance easily. You may use your hands for caressing your boyfriend. It is another great way to hug him. You may hold him in your arms and make eye contact with him. Then run your fingers through his hair. He may love it completely and you may get it too on your back, neck and lips. However, don’t rush into it. Keep it slow-paced and intense. He may get the hint that you are totally into him and want him badly. Your sensual touch will make him feel how much you are into him. All guys want to love his girl badly but they wait for some signs to get sure about your feelings. Hugging him this way you will be giving him all signs he needs to get.

4.) Grab Him from Backside to Romantically Hug a Guy

You may have hugged him from his front many at times. Try something different and hug him from his back side. It may be a romantic surprise for him. Hugging same way always could be monotonous. Try hugging him from his back to make your hug more romantic. You may grab him from his chest from behind but make sure that he is not doing any important work. You may lean on his back too for having a warm hugging experience. A lot of warm cuddle and hugs can make your relationship stronger. Show him the intensity of your love for him by giving him a tight hug.

5.) Squeeze Him to Romantically Hug a Guy

A hug is an expression to show your love to your partner. A tight hug tells that you never want to get apart from your love of the life. To make your hug extra romantic hug your guy tightly. You may squeeze your partner into your arms to show him your love. He may feel loved and caressed by this sweet gesture of yours. A hug can make you feel secure and safe. It assures you that you mean a lot to somebody. Hence, you should hug your partner often and show them what they mean to you. But, be careful to not squeeze them to that extent so that they get suffocated.

6.) Have an Inviting Gesture to Romantically Hug a Guy

Whenever you meet your boyfriend make him feel how much you missed him by hugging him. You should welcome him in your arms having a big smile on your face. Show him that how much you want to hug him. Spread your arms wide open. This will not only get him prepared for a warm hug from your side it will also make him feel loved. You can even flirt with him while hugging him, talk dirty in his ears to spice up your hug. It will set the mood for a romantic hug and cuddling. You can do some sweet talk and touch him here and there to invite him for a romantic make out.

7.) Intertwine Your Legs to Romantically Hug a Guy

Hug him romantically by intertwining your legs against his legs. If you both are lying then it can be done easily. It is definitely a bold move. It may make him think that you are ready to be in an intimate relationship with him. He may get to know about the sexual desires you have and may propose you for the same. You may press your lower body onto him to make it more intimate. Slowly run your fingers on his hair and relax him. You can even play footsie to make your hug more romantic and sweet. While lying down with your partner keep your legs over him and try to play with his leg. You both can even hug while doing so.

8.) Make it Last Longer to Romantically Hug a Guy

Longer hugs are romantic and easily conveys that you do not want to get separated. You should keep yourself secured in his arms for a longer duration. It may give him hints him that you want him. When you hug someone whom you love deeply then oxytocin releases in your body which gives you happiness and contentment. You should be in his arms for at least 20-30 seconds to make the hug meaningful and romantic. You may put your hands around his neck while hugging him to make it more intimate. The longer the hugs would be the more romantic feelings you will be able to transfer to each other.

9.) Think about the Intentions to Romantically Hug a Guy

When you initiate a romantic hug be sure of your actions before going for it. You should keep the intentions in your mind clear while hugging someone. Know what outcome you want from this hug to make it better. Also, do not give him confused hints let him know your intentions clearly. He may get prepared for it as well. Squeeze him tightly and make a soft “mmm” sound to reflect your expression of enjoyment. He may embrace you well and you may melt in his arms. You initiating will be a clear hint for him that you too want to get closer.

10.) Part with Him Slowly to Romantically Hug a Guy

You may have embraced him for a longer period. Now, you are parting with him. While parting away do not just shrug him off and push him away. You should squeeze him a little and then move your hands on his shoulders or chest. Make eye contact again and give him a sexy smile. This will make him think that you have enjoyed being in his arms. You may slowly run your hands over his body and hold his hands while stepping back. You may hug him sideways by putting your hand on his back and then walk separately.

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