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How to Stop Liking Someone?

It is very difficult to stop liking someone, agreed! Still, there is no use of keep on liking someone when that person cannot be yours. Liking, someone who does not like you back will only fetch you pain and sorrow. Therefore, it is best to forget someone who does not like you back. In the starting, it will not be easy to stop liking someone but eventually, you will be able to achieve your goal. We all have had liked someone in our life and teenage crush is very common but it is not necessary that every crush we get is destined to be our soulmate. Everything comes in at its own time and when the perfect time will come you will have your partner in front of your eyes or maybe in your arms. Wait for the perfect timing and move over with this current one. Read on in this article to know genuine ways on how to stop liking someone.

How to Stop Liking Someone

Steps to Stop Liking Someone

1.) Give Yourself Time

Giving yourself time is important to recover to get over someone. You should be the first person on your love list. If you want to stay happy then love yourself the most and never let anyone hurt you. There might be many reasons for which you both couldn’t be together or you both can not be together. Few reasons might even be reasonable, you will have to understand those reasons to move on. Think about those issues due to which you couldn’t bring her or him in your life. Take your time and try to get over those feelings. Give yourself ample of time to get over of that person but once you get done do not go back.

2.) Love Yourself to Stop Liking Someone

As mentioned above first of all you should love yourself to keep yourself happy. Loving yourself more than others will stop you getting harmed by others. When you give yourself priority then you create a shield to protect yourself. Doing so keeps your happiness intact. Loving yourself does not mean being selfish and considering everyone else not worthy. Instead loving yourself means that you love yourself more than others and not to give others authority to make you sad.

3.) Keep Yourself Busy

When you will be busy you will not have time to think about him or her. Keep yourself busy in productive things as it will even make you a better version of you. There are numerous ways to keep yourself busy you can adopt a new hobby or if you already like something then start making it better. Other ways to be busy are:

  • Stay with your family and loved ones; staying with your family and loved ones will not only help you to keep busy but it will also keep you happy. There are few people in your life who will always stay with you no matter what, be with them.
  • Learn a new language; learning anything new is always better. We should keep on working for our betterment. If you will go out and take classes and divert your mind everything will be alright.
  • Plan a trip with friends; what can be better than this? Planning a trip with friends will give you best memories for a lifetime.
  • Try to make more money; if you want to be rich then what are you waiting for? Well, money does not provide you happiness but it makes your life comfortable and will also help in forgetting the person you like.
  • Read books; reading books are a great way to forget the miseries of the world. You just dive into the most amazing world and you do not need to remember anything.
  • Get a new interest; getting a new interest is already interesting. Find a new interest and indulge in it. It will help you to forget whomever you want.

4.) Get Rid of Memories to Stop Liking Someone

Getting rid of memories will help you to stop liking someone easily. It is memories which keep us reminding of that person once the memory fades away then there will be no more pain. To get rid of memories there are various things which can be done such as:

  • Delete texts & messages; to get rid of memories you need to delete those texts and messages which you have been exchanging with him or her.
  • Change your routine; changing your routine is also a great way to help in getting rid of your memories. When you will keep on following the same routine you will not be able to adapt new things easily. Thus, change your routine to stop liking someone.
  • Adopt new things in your life; adopting new things will keep you to get rid of memories and evetually will help you to stop liking that person.
  • Delete pictures; if you have any photograph of that person then consider deleting it or else you will get sad and think of that person looking at it.

5.) Adopt a Pet to Stop Liking Someone

Pets are bundle of joys. When you will adopt a pet it will help you to keep yourself busy and will also help you in changing your routine. Having a pet will make you a responsible person and give you no time to think about bad memories. When you want to stop liking someone you need to divert your mind from that person. Pets are best way which will help you to achieve that. Pets are also considered to be filling the void of your life and to keep your happy. When you will have a pet you will feel the change yourself.

6.) Meet New People to Stop Liking Someone

This is also a great way to stop liking someone. Start socializing and try to make new friends. If you do not want to go out then try making friends online. This way you get to know about someone new and soon you will forget to think about the person you like. You can also join a new club or start grouping with other people. Making new friends is easy and a great way to stop liking someone.

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