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How to Turn a Girl On with Words?

Guys if you want to turn a girl on with words there are some magic tips that will help you to arouse any girl. You can turn a girl on either by texting or over the phone. Turning a girl on over text is much easier than to get physical with her. Flirting with a girl over text is one of the effective ways to flirt with a girl and create sexual tension. Many guys have very comfortable and safe conversation with a girl. They are scared of taking a risk to move in a sexual direction. The hesitation around your sexual desires comes through vocal tonality, posture and eye contact which are independent of your words. Due to this reason, words alone can turn a girl on.

Every girl is different and they are turned on by different things. Some like flirtation and sexual chat while other prefers simply getting physical. It also depends on your personality how you communicate with girls. Developing attraction and interest is important to connect with a girl. The words when speaking to a girl is very important to seduce her. By using the correct words you can create powerful sexual and sensual desire in your girl.

How to turn a girl on with words

Best Ways to Turn a Girl on With Words:

1.) Use Your Words to Turn a Girl On

It is very important to let her hear your voice get a girl turn on with your words. Don’t try to get a girl steamy and hot over IM or through texting. It can be done in a better way if the girl you are talking to can hear your sexy voice.

  • Use your deepest sounding voice when you talk to a girl you like. Men with deep voices have more sexual partners and girls are attracted to men with deep and sexy voice. But it doesn’t mean you should lower your voice because if you do then it will not turn your girl on.
  • If your pitch is high then try to lower your voice when you are talking to a girl.

2.) Set the Mood to Arouse a Girl with Words

When you start talking to a girl then it is important to set the mood for the further conversation. Say things like “I have been thinking to hear your voice all day” or “I can’t stop thinking of you.” This will help to created closeness and let her know that you are feeling intimate. It is obvious that you don’t want to turn her on in public. So make sure you are alone and in the sexy and comfortable environment.

  • You can also say, “I missed you today or “you look beautiful.” Keep your compliment short because if you elaborate your compliment then it might be interpreted by her.
  • Don’t compare your girl to other girls. Avoid the comparison by saying things like, “she is prettier or smarter.” Because she doesn’t want you to think about other girls. She wants you to think only about her. If you talk about other girls then it will turn her off.

3.) Compliment Her and Ask Questions to Her

Complimenting her features is the best to make a girl fall in love with you and turn her on. Say something about her that makes her feel special. Girls appreciate it when you notice something about them that they like too. Say something like, “I love your eyes” or “I like your sexy smile.” If she seems interested then keep giving her sexy compliments.

  • Ask her something that will show her that you care about her and you are interested in her. Girls want to be interesting and sexy. Ask her, “What you did today?” or “what you have planned for the weekend?”
  • Be playful and funny. Girls like guys with a good sense of humor. Make her laugh and keep her on the tips of her toes that will be easier to turn her on.

4.) Make Her Feel Special and Don’t Talk Dirty

The things you are saying to her should be romantic and sexy but not dirty. Be creative because lots of imaginative and imagery words can help. Say something like, “I would like to run my fingers through your hair if we kiss. “I would like to massage your back when I kiss your neck”.

  • Make her feel that she is the sexiest girl in the world. Let her think sexiest things about you and it will not definitely stop her thinking about you when your conversation is over. This is the important thing to turn a girl on.

5.) Say that You Want Her to Turn Up the Heat

When you want to turn up the heat, the most basic thing you can say is “I want you.” You can also say it in other variations so that she thinks that you want to be physically close with her and it is enough to turn a girl on with words.

  • Compliment her about the parts of her body other than her face. Say something like, “your legs are sexy.” Or “Your chest and hips look amazing in that dress”.

6.) Tell Her What You Want to do to Her

After describing what you want to do to your girl’s body, you can move a step further and tell her that you would like to do something to her body. Say something to her like,” I want to kiss you”, “I want to run my hand through your thighs and hair”, or “I want to kiss every part of your body.”

  • After continuing to turn a girl on with words, now you can tell her that you want her to do something to you. In this way, a sexy image will come in her mind. You can say something like, “I want you to kiss my shoulders and chest”, “I want you to take off my shirt”, or “I want you to start kissing my neck.”

7.) Tell Her about Your Fantasies

This is also the good way to turn a girl on with words. Tell her about some fantasies you have about being with her. Fantasies can be about explicit things that you would like to do to her or it can be related to role-playing or it can be a place where you have always wanted to go with her. Let her tell you about her fantasies too. This will turn both of you on.

8.) Send Her Message to Keep Her Feeling Sexy

Sending her a sexy text message is the best way to turn a girl on with words. You can tell her about your feeling through texting. You can ask a girl out over text. Sending her messages shows her that you are still thinking about her and her body.

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