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How to Turn Your Partner On?

In this article, we will tell you how to turn your partner on. You may be wondering about ideas to turn on your partner. In a relationship, physical intimacy is of much importance. You should ensure that you and your partner have kept the fire burning. There can be various techniques to unravel the wild side of your partner. However, different person gets turned on through different techniques. You should try these tips according to your partner’s preference. You may know them well. Follow these tips to spice up your love life and turn your partner on.

How to Turn Your Partner On

Best Ways to Turn Your Partner On:

1) Flirt with Them to Turn Your Partner On

Be a little flirty and show them that you are highly interested in them. It can be a suggestive gesture or a word of praise. You may look deeply into their eyes to get them aroused. You may tell them that they are looking tremendously hot to give them a hint that you are in the right mood. They may get turned up instantly or after controlling themselves for a certain time period. But, they may respond you in a reciprocative manner.

2) Kiss Them to Turn Your Partner On

It is one of the easiest ways to turn on your partner. You may kiss them on their lips and on the whole part of their face to gear them up for some wild moves. They may kiss you back in return. You should keep varying the intensity and speed of kisses to make them feel wanted. If you want a passionate kiss then you may hold them tightly in your arms and give small love pecks on their lips. Try to kiss them on their necks and at the backside of their ears.

3) Look Attractive to Turn Your Partner On

You may dress up appropriately to make them fall for you at a single glance. You may do some naughty gestures to play with their emotions. They may find it really arousing and may turn them on. You may go for flaunting a new hairstyle or just giving the right expression to make your presence lethal for your partner. Chances are that you may find yourself in your bedroom at the very next moment.

4) Smell Fantastic to Turn Your Partner On

You may apply the best perfume of yours to seduce them fully. Your cologne, body wash, or shampoo may also arouse their sleeping spirit. It just needs a trigger of fragrance to make them attracted towards you. Your mesmerizing fragrance can increase the rate of their heartbeat all of a sudden. You may look forward to get engulfed by them, if your partner gets excited from your smell. However, girls get attracted to a guy’s smell very promptly. Guys may find sweet smell interesting too.

5) Touch Them to Turn Your Partner On

You can be very touchy to turn on your partner. It can take place anywhere. If you are a guy then you may hug your girl from behind while she is busy in preparing dinner for you. If you are a girl then run your hands over his body when he comes out of the shower. Moreover, you may hold hands while walking or touch their feet lying under the table while waiting for your order to come in a restaurant. Touch them at every opportunity you get to make them feel wanted.

6) Tease Them to Turn Your Partner On

You may tease your partner either with your gestures or with your words. Teasing each other can break all the barriers between you and your partner. Both of you can do some kind of role play to seduce each other. You may opt for taking help of different props too. It can be interesting for you to woo your partner with some prop. They may like your initiative and may arouse by your lusty moves. It is a nice way to get the fire burning.

7) Talk Dirty to Turn Your Partner On

You may talk dirty to turn on your partner. You can use some romantic pickup lines on them to make them want you more. Whisper some quirky ideas in your partner’s ear. They may get filled with ecstasy and get excited. You can call out their names in a seductive manner. There is nothing more outrageous and raunchy than talking dirty with your partner. They will surely appreciate this effort of yours.

8) Write Down Your Fantasies to Turn Your Partner On

You may write down all of your fantasies in a paper and place it in your partner’s wardrobe or on their pillow or in their purse. You may find it much easier to communicate all the wild ideas to them through a note. Moreover, one can use more dramatic and sensual words in their writings as compared to a sensual speech. If you are shy then this may work wonders for you. You may surely be treated very well in your bed.

9) Be Confident and Daring to Turn Your Partner On

You should be confident enough to try out new moves with your partner. Don’t get confined in your comfort zone. Take a step forward to show your partner how confident and daring you are to take them to next level. They will love this attitude of yours. Similarly, you can encourage them to use some creative ways to spice up your love life. All it takes is some enthusiasm and will power to revive the old spirits.

10) Focus and Communicate to Turn Your Partner On

You should focus on your partner’s expressions and you may ask them their wishes to make them turned on. They may guide you to go to an extra mile to play with their senses. You may also let them know what is going on in your mind. This can be the simplest way to make them aroused. However, don’t add too much humour in that moment otherwise, you may lose the plot. Keep it intense and seductive to add some thrill to the lovely environment.

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