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How to Understand Body Language?

Relationships are based on communication. You share the things with your partner and your partner also do the same. If you share the things with your partner then you can understand each other better, which grows your relationship deeper. But using non-verbal communication is quite tricky. You might not use your words to share your feelings but you can physically show it to your partner. If you don’t understand the body language then you can’t understand what the other people say. So here are some tips that will help you to understand body language.

Body language is the non-verbal signals and it is a part of communication that everyone uses to communicate. These non-verbal signals are a huge part of daily communication. From your facial expressions to body movements you can convey your information to others. Understanding body language is very important. People throw off a storm of signals and you should look at those signals. Body language is not only relevant to relationships but also relevant to management and leadership. Body language reveals your feelings and meanings to others. Body language also helps to know if a girl or guy likes you or not.

How to Understand Body Language

Best Ways to Understand Body Language:

1.) Understand the Meaning of Looking

  • When you meet a stranger and look in his or eyes that mean you are saying, “I want to know about you.”
  • When you see people in the mouth, you are saying, “I want to kiss you” or “I am not feeling comfortable looking into your eyes.”
  • When you stare at strangers in the eye without giving a smile then it shows bitterness.
  • When you close half of your eyes then it shows you are suspicious.
  • When you look down then it shows you are thinking.
  • When you widen your eyes then it shows you are amazed.
  • When you roll your eyes upwards then it shows you are imagining.
  • When you raise your one eyebrow then it shows “Oh really?”
  • When your eyes are locked on a specific part of a person’s face then it shows you are nervous.
  • When you look away from a person or lean away from that person then it shows you don’t like that person.

2.) Understand the Facial Expressions

Understanding the facial expressions is one of the ways to understand body language.

  • When you wink then it shows you have a little secret.
  • When you smile subtly then it shows a gesture of approval.
  • When you bite your lower lip that means you are nervous or you are uncomfortable.
  • Biting your bottom lip while looking at a person shows you are flirty.
  • Dropping jaw shows you don’t believe it.
  • When you frown then it shows you are getting bored or you are unhappy.
  • Walking constantly looking at the ground means you are feeling confident.
  • When you smile and close your eyes half shows you are very happy.

3.) Understand the Head Language

The head tends to determine general body direction. So it is used a lot in directional and in defensive body language.

Here are some signs:

  • When your head is up that means you don’t mind people looking at you.
  • When your head is down that means you don’t want people to look at you. It is also a sign of rejection or failure.
  • When you turn your head to see someone that means you enjoy looking at that person.

4.) Understand the Legs Language

Legs and feet provide good clues to moods and feelings if you know the signs. Men and women sit in different ways which should be considered when reading leg body language.

Here are some signs:

  • When you close your legs together that means you are modest.
  • When your legs are apart that means you are not modest.

5.) Understand the Arms and Shoulders Language

Hands and shoulders are such expressive parts to understand body language.

Here are some signs:

  • If your shoulders are wide and open then it shows you want to meet new people.
  • When your shoulders are hunched and closed and you are unhappy then you are saying, “Please, leave me alone.”
  • If you touch someone on the arm then you want to be close to that person.
  • If you touch someone on the neck/face/waist then it means you are physically attracted to you.
  • If your arms are closed then it indicates that you feel self-protective, defensive or closed-off.

6.) Understand the Eyes Language

Eyes are one of the best parts to understand body language. Eyes help to reveal about a person what he or she is feeling or thinking. Eye movements are an important and natural part of the communication process.

Here are some signs:

  • If a person looks directly into your eyes while having a conversation then it indicates that they are interested and paying attention towards you.
  • If a person is blinking too much or too little then you should pay attention. Blinking is a natural process.
  • If someone’s pupil size gets wider then it shows he/she are amazed. One of the most subtle sign that eyes provide is the size of the pupils.

7.) Understand the Mouth Language

Mouth movements and expressions are essential to understand body language. Smiling is one of the greatest body language signs. Smiles can be interpreted in different ways. A smile can be real or it can be used to express sarcasm or false happiness.

Here are some signs:

  • If people bite their lips then they are anxious, worried or stressed.
  • If people want to hide their emotional reaction then they may cover their mouths to avoid displaying a smile.
  • If the mouth is slightly turned up then it shows that the person is feeling optimistic or happy.

8.) Understand the Gestures

Gestures are the most obvious and direct body language signals. Pointing, waving and using the fingers indicate numerical amounts are very common and easy to understand the gestures.

Here are some signs:

  • A clenched fist indicates solidarity and anger.
  • A thumbs up and thumbs down are used as gestures of approval and disapproval.
  • Creating the V sign with the fingers indicated the peace or victory sign.

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