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How to Woo a Girl?

After writing sweet things to say to a girl, and funny things to say to a girl, we are now writing how to woo a girl? Everyone knows women are one mystery that men fail to solve. Guys, we are going to make your task a bit easier. Getting a girl interested in you is not difficult if you know the correct way to approach her. Many guys move in, express their feeling and infatuation to a girl they like and expect everything to work out fine. If you genuinely like her, get to know her and make her fall in love with you then a well-planned wooing effort will make a great impression. Here are some ways to make her like you. But always keep in mind that a great girl likes a great guy. If you want to turn a girl on and make her want you, sexually and emotionally, it is important to connect with her and make her desire you. You just need to read this article, and you will surely be well on your way to woo a girl the right way.

How to Woo a Girl

Best Ways to Woo a Girl:

1.) Spend Time With Her

If you avoid a girl or play hard to get her then they will not make her like you more. Spending time with her is important to make her want you. Try to win her heart by becoming a part of her life. Go for parties or for a movie with her. Getting her know is most important to make her fall for you. Pay attention to what she is saying and she will appreciate if someone listens to her.

2.) Compliment Her to Woo a Girl

Be a gentleman and you will definitely leave her thinking of you. Be very charming and have conversations with her. Give genuine compliments to her like about her smile, her eyes, and her dress. If a girl blushes with delight then it is one step closer to wooing her and making her fall for you.

3.) Remind Her of You to Woo a Girl

Always look for ways to remind her of you. Message her late at night before falling asleep, have a good night conversation on the phone or buy something that reminds her of you. Speaking on the phone or texting a girl at night is the best way to build the romance. In this way, girls get interested in you within a few weeks. If she is uneasy to chat with you at night then start calling her in the evenings. Once she is comfortable with chat, then you need to do is flirt in a friendly manner.

4.) Be Confident and Dependable Guy

Girls always want a guy who can protect her and always be there for her when she needs him. Be a dependable guy who is always there in bad and good times of her. If she feels grateful to have you around then she is bound to think highly of you. Make her feel special around you, so that she can start to look at you. Accompany her or offer to help her when she goes to a new place or she needs a friend to talk about something. Make her feel like you are an intrinsic part of her life.

5.) Open Up to Her

To make a girl for you, all you need to learn is the art of communication. If you want to connect emotionally with someone you like then you need to do is confess about an incident of your life. When you confess something, it reveals your vulnerable side and makes the girl open up to you. Tell her about your few secrets if you want to get a girl to open up to you emotionally and connect with you. It will make her feel closer to you and she may talk about her own life and her secrets. The more you open up to a girl and talk to her about your secrets, the more she will open up to you and get connected to you.

6.) Don’t Become a Friend

It is very important to maintain a line between a best friend and a guy who is going to be a girl’s boyfriend. It is quite easy to end up becoming a good friend when you are trying to win a girl’s heart if you don’t want to build the sexual chemistry with her. Always let her know that you find her attractive and you like her.

7.) Flirt With Her to Woo a Girl

If you have a perfect sense of humor then she will end up having a great time with you all the time. Having a good sense of humor is important to make her laugh. If you really want to woo a girl then you need to flirt and tease her. Gently touch her and find excuses to get closer to her and build the sexual chemistry.

8.) Let Her Notice You Think of Her

You can impress a girl by doing little things for her. Tell her that you thought of her while listening to a song or watching a show on the television. Let her know that you think of her very often. It will make her wonder why you think of her and without realizing it, she will start thinking of you too.

9.) Ask Her Out

Once you have built the right sexual tension and made her realize already that there is more than just friends, now this is the time to ask her out on a date. When the right time comes, tell her how you feel. If she also feels the same, then she will be ready to go on a date.

10.) Be a Gentleman about Kissing

When you set the romantic atmosphere and set the mood, and you are ready for the first kiss, lean towards her slowly. If she seems interested, gently lean the rest of your body in for the kiss. Lead the kiss and let her also come to you. This shows her that you value her feelings and respect her which makes you both more likely to enjoy the kiss. Show her that you are a real gentleman and impress her. You can also try French kiss.

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