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How to Stop Liking Someone?

How to Stop Liking Someone

It is very difficult to stop liking someone, agreed! Still, there is no use of keep on liking someone when that person cannot be yours. Liking, someone who does not like you back will only fetch you pain and sorrow. Therefore, …

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How to be a Popular Girl?

How to be a Popular Girl

You may want to be a popular girl in your school or college or neighborhood. It is good to have a lot of friends. It may provide you with social support and you don’t feel left alone. Furthermore, it can …

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How to Propose a Woman?

how to propose a woman

Maybe you have found the girl you want to spend your whole with. It is every girl’s dream to get a perfect proposal. Don’t delay and propose her right way. Make it memorable for a girl by taking care of …

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How to Pick up a Girl?

How to Pick up a Girl

You can be as good as any other guy to pick up a girl. You can ask all those men who are good at picking up girls about it, but they often are confused while explaining how they do it. …

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How to Impress a Guy?

how to impress a guy

You like a guy and you want to impress him to make him notice you. Don’t try too hard to impress any guy. You need to just focus on yourself, be a clever conversational partner and embrace your quirks. If …

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How to Get Girl’s Phone Number?

How to Get Girl's Phone Number

When you meet a girl you like, it is very natural that you want to spend time with her. The easiest way to get to know her better is to get her phone number. Many guys hesitate when it comes …

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How to Chat with a Girl on Facebook?

How to Chat with a Girl on Facebook

Chatting has become an art these days and if you want to impress someone you need to do it right. Almost everyone uses social networking sites these days and especially Facebook is used globally by everyone. Talking online has its …

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How to Maintain Romance?

how to maintain romance

Whether you are married or you are in a long-term relationship or you have started dating someone, keeping the romance alive and fresh can be a challenging task. Romance suffers when people work a lot and busy with their work. …

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