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Pickup Lines for Girls

In this article, we will let you know about some pickup lines for girls. You can use these romantic and witty lines to impress any girl you like. You may want to use some pickup lines for your girlfriend. Pickup lines can help you attract a girl towards you. These lines are so interesting that you can easily start a conversation over it. Pickup lines can leave their impression on a girl’s mind for long. Thus, you may use a pickup line to grab the attention of your crush. These pickup lines are often used to do patch up with your angry wife or girlfriend. Some of the best pickup lines which you may use are listed below in this article.

Pickup Lines for Girls

Famous Pickup Lines for Girls:

1) “You know what would look great on you? Me.”

This is an amazing pickup line to use with your girlfriend or someone you like. They may get amused by the question, expecting it to be related to fashion and styling. But, listening to your answer may tickle them from inside. They may get more attracted to you if they are also into you.

2) “Heaven must have cried at that time when you were leaving it.”

Aww! This pickup line may have made her feel so special. She may like this pickup line and hold you tight in her angelic arms (wink). She may feel the love that you have for her.

3) “I have gotten lost in your eyes. Do you have a map?”

This one is really sweet. You may use it while you are having a conversation with a girl for some time. She may get blushed. You can say a few lines about her eyes too. Your facial expressions should be intense at that time. Show your passion for her and she may get attracted to you.

4) “I think my heart is taking off. Is there an airport nearby?”

You are diving into the ocean of love. Show them what you are feeling by using this pickup line. However, it is not advisable to use while you are actually standing at an airport. She may get confused and your pickup line may go in vain.

5) “Hi, I have noticed you noticing me so I would like to say that I noticed you too.”

You can abruptly use this pickup line in a restaurant or bar or wherever you notice someone hot and beautiful. The playful use of these words may amuse her and you two can start a good conversation.

6) “I would like to introduce myself as Chance. Do I hold one with you?”

You may not have asked her so directly while using simple words. This pickup line may get you a chance with that girl. You just have to use it at the correct moment and make the most of it. This funny pickup line is for those guys who are trying to flirt with their female friends.

7) “I want to make beauty a unit of time then you may become forever.”

You can use it on your beautiful girlfriend or wife. You may use it while flirting with your partner. She may get to know the romantic side of yours. She may appreciate your efforts to woo her and you will definitely be rewarded for it.

8) “Shall I walk past you again? Because I have a firm belief in love at first sight.”

This one is the sweetest and cutest pickup line you can tell to any girl. She may like to fall in love with you at the first sight for sure. Using your sense of humour may help you earn more points among girls. This line is humorous as well as romantic.

9) “I am feeling so hot in here. Is it because of you?”

You can try this tricky pickup line with anyone whom you like. This is simple yet effective. She may take it as a compliment. You may use it while entering into a room or just after entering from outside. Make it more interesting by accompanying it with your outstanding expressions.

10) “Where were you all these years?”

You can show your genuine feelings and interest by using this pickup line on her. She may find it intimidating and emotional. You may try using it in place of saying “hello”. Moreover, you can start a nice conversation after saying it to her. Possibilities are immense.

11) “You look similar to my first wife. (How many wives do you have?) None. But I am hopeful for one.”

This is one of the cute and romantic pickup lines for girls. You can use it to propose your love interest. You may use it for flirting with your girlfriend. She may find it interesting and think that you want a serious relationship with her. This pickup line shows your commitment for her.

12) “I think I have lost my cell phone number, can I get yours?”

You may use this playful line to ask for her phone number. You may use it with enough confidence and spark in your eyes. She may like to give her number to you for sure. Playing with humour always brings you in limelight.

13) “Hi gorgeous, may I buy you a drink?”

You may use it while talking to a pretty girl in a bar or club. She may like your simple and straightforward attitude. You don’t need to use always glittery lines to make a girl like you. Some girls like it in a simple way.

14) “Feeling restless? You have been running in my brain all day long.”

This pickup line has been used many times and it works sometime. You may say it to her with a dash of humour on your face otherwise it may go flat. She may like to hear that you think of her all night. It is one of the funny pickup lines for girls.

15) “Let us shuffle the alphabet. It would be great to place ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.”

This pickup line sounds really cute. But try to use it with a girl who is not much studious or she may find a grammatical mistake in it (wink). It is one of the cute pickup lines for girls.

16) “Please don’t be so choosy…I wasn’t.”

This pickup line can be used to flirt with any girl you like. She may get the idea behind it and may pick you up as her boyfriend. It is one of the cute pickup lines for girls.

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