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How Not Lose Your Girlfriend?

Getting into any relationship is easier than maintaining it. As the time passes the new love fades and people starts to get bored with their partner. It is not the fault of time that you or your partner start losing interest in each other but it happens due to the lack of efforts by both of you. In the starting when you get into a new relationship everything sounds exciting as there is a lot to discover and to find out about your partner. It may also be the case that people lose their hopes very soon when they get bored with each other. To keep interest alive in your relationship and to make it as exciting as new you need to keep working for it. Remember, the relationship is not a goal to accomplish but a responsibility to handle. If your girlfriend who used to love you like an idiot does not even bother to know about your whereabouts? Or is she so much busy that she doesn’t get time to spend with you? Whatever may be the reason of your fear to lose her you will have to work to not lose your girlfriend.

How Not Lose Your Girlfriend

Follow These Tips to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

1.) Say “I love You” Often to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

After a while in the relationship one starts getting bored with the over sugar coated love. Even if it is the case saying love you never gets old. Make her feel loved from time to time. Tell her “I love you” whenever you feel like. Do not say it for the purpose of formality say it from your heart to make it reach to her heart. This will keep your love fresh forever and you will get the love from her side as well same like forever. You can text her in your busy schedule to put a smile on her face or can send flowers to show her that your love has increased with time. This way she will stay with you forever and you will have her on your side throughout your life time.

2.) Value Her to Keep Her

Remember when you were hitting on her and trying hard to get her and make her ready to be your girlfriend? Are your behaviours different from the past? Do you do anything like those times to keep her happy? If no, then start doing it all. Having a girlfriend is a responsibility, not a one time achievement task. If you want to keep her you will have to value her like you valued her in the beginning. Value her and show her that she means a lot to you. Do these often this way she will never feel left out in your world. Also, do not forget to tell her that she is very important in your life and she means a lot to you.

3.) Make Time For Her to Not Lose Her

Unlike in the beginning, you may have started to give her less attention and priority. With time priorities changes but she is your girl you should give her time and importance if you want not to lose your girlfriend. Occasionally take her out on a date, cook for her. When a girl truly loves you, all she will ask for is your time. If she is valuable in your life and you can not afford to lose her then do not forget to keep her on your priority list. Give her time whenever you can, if you really love her you would not need to make time for her. Make time for her because you want to be with her not because you should.

4.) Plan a Surprise to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

A surprise is the best part in any relationship whenever you feel like your relationship is getting messed up and you need to keep it alive. Then, that is the right time to plan a surprise for her. Surprise her with anything, any plan or any idea she will love you more. This will also save your relationship from getting dull. No matter whatever the surprise will be she will feel happy to see you doing efforts and she will like it.

5.) Gift Her to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

Gift her in between to make her feel happy and to keep your relationship alive. Gifts can be anything need not be an expensive one. If she really loves you she will appreciate your efforts and it will strengthen your relationship. These small packets of love will enlighten her mood and will make her feel that you care a lot about her and your relationship. The most important factor in keeping a girlfriend is to never make her feel that you do not care anymore or have started taken her fo granted.

6.) Give Her Space to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

Sometimes, over involving with a person could be dangerous. No matter how much you love her do not forget to be yourself before you met her. You were an individual and had your own time same ways she might have her time which she might like to spend on her own. Do you stop her from going out with her friends? Or interfering with her personal time? If yes, then you need to stop it right away. Between a couple, there are many close moments and nothing stays personal still you need to give her a little space so that she can breathe. You are in a relationship you haven’t captivated her.

7.) Talk to Her to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

When you feel like you can not bear it anymore or anything is troubling her best way to sort out is to have a mature talk. Make her sit and ask her about her problems. Why is she not happy with you? Ask her questions which will lead you to your answers. Try to sort out your problems like a mature one. This is the best way to tackle your problems. As you will get to know what is really bothering her. This is a better way to know instead of assuming and making things up in your mind. Once you know what the problem is then try to sort it out and make everything normal as before.

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