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How to Be a Good Girlfriend?

Being a good girlfriend is very simple. Guys don’t require much to be happy and satisfied you just need to be with them  and also, give them proper space when they want. If you can keep the balance in when to give space and when to get closer then you can be the best girlfriend ever. There is nothing new which you will have to do to be a good girlfriend which you haven’t heard before. Guys are not as complex creature as girls are and they just need to have their few basic desires fulfilled and they will stay happy with you forever.

When your relationship is new then it can be a bit cumbersome to be a perfect girlfriend as you do not know much about your boyfriend but as you will get to know him everything will be getting easier. Read on our article to be a good girlfriend your boyfriend would love to have.

How to Be a Good Girlfriend

Steps to Be a Good Girlfriend

1.) Be Cool to Be a Good Girlfriend

Every guy desires to have a girl in his life who is cool. Be a cool girl and you will be liked by your boyfriend. Anyone can be classy by changing her walking style and wearing a classy dress and those girls are plenty. Cool girls are rare to find they can be classy when required but a classy girl turning cool is not that easy part. A boy likes a cool girl with him he can hang out and have real fun and he can be himself. Boys like girls with whom they can be themselves. In the start of a relationship it is good to act and classy and all but you need to be cool if you want to be liked by your boyfriend forever.

2.) Give Space to Be a Good Girlfriend

This is the most important factor if you want to be a good girlfriend give your boyfriend space. Giving space will not make him go away to someone else if your love is true no one can make him go away. Most of the guys complaints about this negative aspect of being in a relationship that they do not have space for themselves once they get into a relationship. In any relationship, a space is very important it helps to flourish it better. Thus, it is very important to give a proper space to your boyfriend in order to keep him happy and to be a good girlfriend.

3.) Look Good to Be a Good Girlfriend

Looking a good is prominent part to be a girlfriend happy. As you want your boyfriend to look good and presentable same ways he wants that his girlfriend will dress up well. You do not need to wear expensive branded clothes all the time but do maintain yourself and wear dress according to the occasion. Dressing well will keep your boyfriend interested in you. As in the start of relationship girls are interested to dress well but as the relationship goes older they forget to give priority to these matters. To be a good girlfriend show some effort to look good for your boyfriend and he will always be happy with you.

4.) Trust Him to Be a Good Girlfriend

Trusting is the most important part in any relationship. Every guy want his girl to trust him. No matter how good you are but you do not trust your boyfriend then your relationship cannot last longer. I am not saying to trust you blindly even when your boyfriend is wrong but do not have doubt on him without any reasons. If you will trust your boyfriend then he will love you more. Also, show him in between that you trust him. This will make him happy and glad to have you, do not doubt or fight over stupid things because of your stupid doubts on him it may harm your relationship.

5.) Be Understanding

Understand what your boyfriend want to say. Do not exaggerate any topic unless it is necessary. If your boyfriend wants to go out to have a trip with his buddies let him go. If he comes late from office do not fight over it. Try to see things from his point of view it will help you to be understanding. Few things which are important you cannot be important from his point of view. To know him better and to be a good girlfriend be understanding.

6.) Be His Best Friend

If you want to be a good girlfriend be his best friend first. A relationship in which both of the couple are friends lasts longer. Try to become his best friend or say be a buddy to be your boyfriend’s favorite. You can stay awake with him to watch his favorite movie even if you do not like it. Do what you would do for your best friend. This will keep him happy with you and you will be a good girlfriend.

7.) Do not Fight Over Petty Issues

Fighting over stupid issues can cause a big fight in the future. To be a good girlfriend tell him directly if you do not like anything in him but do not fight over it. Try to see things from his angle before starting a fight it will help you to know why he did it and you will not fight over it.

8.) Compliment Him

Everyone likes to be complimented. If you like anything in your boyfriend tell him, it will make him feel good and satisfied. Compliment his efforts to keep you happy and tell him now and then that how much he is important in your life. Boys also loved to be complimented and when you will compliment him he will feel that he is doing his job right.

9.) Take Initiative in Bed

This will make your boyfriend super happy. Take initiative in bed or be romantic, it will left your boyfriend surprised and will make him happy as well. If you can keep him happy then you are a great girlfriend. Also, if you will show interest in him or in his interest then he will feel loved and will feel himself lucky to have you in his life.

10.) Be Smart

Many guys like smart girls, and every boyfriend want their girlfriend to be smart and intelligent. Know about things going in your surrounding and about his favorite sports or games. This will make him awestruck and he will feel that you are the perfect girl anyone can get.

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