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How to Find a Girlfriend if You Never Had One?

Life gets better if we have someone to share with us. If you have never been in a relationship you don’t know what you are missing. It is always better to be with someone than to be alone. If you have never been in a relationship before, then you might be having thoughts that it is impossible for you to find a girlfriend but even if you have been single like forever still you have same chance as everyone else to get a girlfriend. If you never had a girlfriend, it means that either you never approached the girl or did it in a wrong way. Well, it is not that easy to get a girlfriend if you are shy. For getting a girlfriend you have to work on few aspects that might be the hindrance for landing a girlfriend in your life. You will have to work hard to get the girl you want. What do you need to work on? We are here to guide you step by step to on how to find a girlfriend if you never had one?

How to Find a Girlfriend if You Never Had One

Tips to Find a Girlfriend If  You Never Had One

1.) Analyze What Do You Want

Why you never had a girlfriend till now? We will move on further explaining the tips to get a girlfriend but before that we would like you to think a bit about yourself that why you never had any girlfriend?Was it because you were shy or you never wanted to have any girlfriend? Whatever the reason was in the past be over with it. Now if you sure you really want a girlfriend then keep on reading further. Remember having a girlfriend is like having a commitment so go for it only when you think you are very sure about it. Now since you are ready to have a girlfriend lets give you tips on how to find a girlfriend if you never had one?

2.) What Kind of Relation Do You Want?

Do you want a temporary girlfriend or the one with whom you would like to share your life with? And what are the things which you want to have in your girlfriend. As this is the first time you would be getting into relationship so it would be better if you get into a good one so that you will not have the regret for your decision. This it is wise to know what kind of girl you want in your life? There are different types of girl all around for example would you like to have a relationship with someone mature to handle everything or the kiddo type whom you would like to handle?

3.) Work On Yourself to Find a Girlfriend if You Never Had One

Once you have prepared your mind, you need to prepare your body. Girls don’t pay attention to any random guy. Get the spark in you alive be the cool guy every girl wants to hangout with or be the gentleman every woman desire of having. There are lot of things in a guy which are responsible for getting a girl to like you. Work for making you better, work on following to get a girlfriend:

  • Confidence; Nothing is sexy more than a confident man if you want to impress a girl you have to have confidence in you. Being shy wont work. Build confidence try to make female friends it will help you to talk to girls. Get to know what girl want in their boyfriend.
  • Improve your looks; Look presentable, wear clothes that fits you and in which you feel comfortable. if you feel like you don’t have good dressing sense take help from your any friend to help you get a whole new set of wardrobe. Dress up neat & clean and have clean hair. Be well groomed and follow proper hygiene. You can join gym too it will help to build your personality.

4.) Search to Find a Girlfriend if You Never Had One

You have decided what type of girl you want. Do you have someone already in your mind? If no then try to find a girl for your type don’t rush for it as it may take some time. If you think there is someone who has such personality observe her more. Once you know that this is the girl you want or if you already have someone in mind which you want to make your girlfriend then move on to read next point.

5.) Approach Her to Find a Girlfriend  if You Never Had One

Follow These Steps:

  • Now everything is fixed you know that she is the one you want to spend your life with. Go on and make her feel your existence. Get to know about her likes or dislikes. Try to know more about her, like what does she do? What kind of girl is she? How she may react and what kind of proposal she will like?
  • Now once you know her start approaching her you can try to help help or make regular eye contact with her. That would make her realize of your existence.
  • Be friends with her, try to do friendship but do not get friend zoned. Just talk to her and help her out whenever necessary. Do not over do anything.
  • Once she starts talking to you ask her out. Keep the first date simple. Flirt a bit, read on how to flirt around girls. Flirting is a good things it will make her free with you and would also make her laugh. When you are together also compliment her and make her know that you notice her.
  • Ask questions about her and show her that you care for her.
  • Keep yourself interested and focused around her, observe minute details about her and later on surprise her with it. She would be amazed to know that someone care about her so much.

6.) Ask Her Out On a Date

Now everything is settled, only you have to confess your true feelings. Till now you also have hints about her feelings for you. Ask her out she will say yes ask her casually do not show her that it is a big deal or you want to propose her. Plan a date at a beautiful place the way she would like and at the right moment propose her to be your girlfriend. Do it with confidence. She will say yes, but even if she says no do not worry she might have not expected this and it might have freaked her out. Just give her a bit space and time and accept her decision.

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