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How to Fix a Huge Argument with Your Girlfriend?

Every relationship has their ups and downs. If you are fighting it doesn’t mean you do not love each other. In relationship fights are also necessary then and now so that one can feel the love as well. The important thing in a fight is after fight settlement. It can either break your relationship or you both can come stronger afterward. After a huge fight, you both are feeling sad and are kind of screwed up but someone has to initiate the conversation to put an end to it. Fighting is not bad but not trying to mend it may break your relationship apart. There are numerous ways to fix a huge argument with your girlfriend. Follow up this article to know how to fix a huge argument with your girlfriend and get the stronger relationship.

How to Fix a Huge Argument with Your Girlfriend

Tips to Fix a Huge Argument with Your Girlfriend

1.) Analyze what went Wrong

The first thing to do after a fight is to analyze what went wrong between you two. Remember the situation when everything was fine and you both were laughing and talking and then what happened which triggered the anger and boom everything went wrong. Find out the cause of it. Go back to the time in the temple of your mind and think what could have happened which made her reacted that way. Look for the time and observe your words were they harsh? Was she upset from before or were you not in a good mood when you arrived? Many time we tend to lose our temper at petty causes because we had a bad day. Figuring out what went wrong will help you to fix the argument sooner.

2.) Take a Break 

When you both are fighting, shouting and yelling at each other then, halt for a moment and take a break because no one ever said anything wise when they were angry. Anger makes us go senseless and we talk nonsense which may cause a great damage in your life. To avoid speaking abruptly without thinking try not to speak when you are angry and try to avoid saying bad words. Once words said can not be taken back thus, it is wise to think first then speak. Tell her that you want time to think and move out and sit alone for a while till your anger gets away.

3.) Calm Down

After taking a break calm down. Try to get peace within you first then only you can work to get peace between both of you. Get rid of all of your thoughts especially related to fighting and thinking bad about your girlfriend. You know that she loves you and you love her too. These fights are just part of your relationship it can occur anytime but you need to handle it maturely. Try to think about the good memories which you both made this will help you in getting calm down.

4.) Try to Understand from Her Point of View

After the fight, to fix the huge argument with your girlfriend try to understand the things from her point of view. Maybe she is right at her place, and she just has a different perspective than yours. Try to understand the whole situation from her point of view. Stepping in someone else’s shoe will tell you more about their feelings and you will be able to analyze better. Maybe she had a bad day too that is why she was not in her normal calm and composed self. There can be many things which will help you out to get the better solution of the problem.

5.) Apologize if You’re at Fault

If you get the points that it was your fault then do not hesitate to apologize. Ego is not important than that a relationship. Do not use words like ‘maybe it was my fault’ apologize directly and mean it while apologizing. This is a great way to fix the huge argument but do not do it if you were not at fault doing it without your fault might increase the chances of having serious conflicts in the future. Thus, apologize when you mean it and do it with your full heart. Try to mend the relationship like before and there is nothing wrong in apologizing if it can save a relationship.

6.) Share Your Feelings to Fix a Huge Argument with Your Girlfriend

This is a very important step to fix the huge argument with your girlfriend. Sharing your emotions will also let her tell her feelings and why she felt bad. Talking will help you both to sort out the fight and build your relationship stronger. Share with her that what triggered your emotions and what made you feel bad and ask her point of view too. Tell her that she means a lot to you and fight happens between every couple. She will also feel that you are right and will consider what you are saying. This is a mature way to handle the situation and to make it stronger than before.

7.) Plan a Date to Fix a Huge Argument with Your Girlfriend

Plan a date after having the fight to fix the huge argument done with your girlfriend. Take her out and behave romantically. You can also cook for her at home and invite her to have dinner. Seeing your efforts her heart will melt right away and everything will be like before. Try making her favorite dish which she can not resist to eat. Decorate the table beautifully, you can even put a flower on the table and give it to her when she arrives. This romantic setting will leave her awestruck because she won’t be expecting this after a fight. You can also leave a cute sorry note on the table below the flower.

Tips to Avoid to Fix a Huge Argument with Your Girlfriend

  • Do not say abusive words no matter what. It will leave a scar in her heart.
  • Do not keep on talking about your issues only.
  • Apologize only if you’re at fault.
  • Do not agree on anything if you do not feel like.
  • don’t accept blame for what you did not do.

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