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How to Get Your Girlfriend Kiss You More Often?

Many guys in relationships feel or think that their girlfriend doesn’t make enough romantic gestures. It affects their self-esteem and happiness in the relationship. Guys always think that they are the only one in their relationship who always tries to do romantic things for their girlfriend. If you want to get your girlfriend kiss you more often or make her more interested in you then read this article and follow the tips.

A kiss creates love or makes you crave like a drug. A kiss makes your heart beat faster and you feel the love for your loved one. Almost every girl never initiates the kiss. So, if you want to get a girl to kiss you then you need to make a few moves first. If you are dating a girl, then it is always easy to do that. But if you are trying to get a kiss on the first date then it is not possible. You need to take it slow and follow the tips.

How to Get Your Girlfriend Kiss You More Often

Best Tips to Get Your Girlfriend to Kiss You More Often:

1.) Show Affection to Your Girlfriend

Showing affections are the best ways to get your girlfriend kiss you more often. If you show her affection, then she will show you affection back. Do it regularly, but don’t smother her.

  • When you are walking with her in the mall, hold her hand or hold her hand while watching movies.
  • Give her a kiss, when you greet her.
  • If she doesn’t know that you are there, then come up behind her and hold her from back and kiss her neck.
  • Cuddle her on the couch, with your arms around her, and run your fingers through her hair.
  • Offer to give her a hand, foot or back massage. Girls like to be pampered.

2.) Don’t Overdo It to Get Your Girlfriend to Kiss You More Often

If your girlfriend tells you that you are too clingy, or she doesn’t to be affectionate then try to find a balance between what type of affection she wants and what she thinks is reasonable. If she doesn’t like it, she may get annoyed by some of the affection you show.

  • Try to back off a little bit and respect her feelings. But don’t stop showing affection completely, slow down with a few kisses and hugs, and focus on putting emotion into the ones you do give her.

3.) Compliment Your Girlfriend

When your girl does something nice, appreciate her. Don’t prepare a script of what to say or don’t be dishonest. Say, what about her makes you lucky, what about her makes you want to have her by your side or what about her makes you happy.

  • If she is wearing a nice dress, say something like, “What a beautiful dress. You look nice”.
  • If you notice she has gotten the hair cut recently then compliment about her haircut.
  • If she accomplishes something smart, hard or grueling then tell her you to respect her.
  • Simple compliments always work best like you have pretty smile or you have beautiful eyes.
  • Compliment her with a smile and in a sweet tone.

4.) Be Lovable to Get Your Girlfriend Kiss You More Often

Make your girlfriend want to be around you. Never complain to her about the little things that bother you. Always be in good mood and be interested in the life around you. If you are a lovable guy then she will feel like that she can never show you affection.

  • Surround yourself with cool and happy people. Always do fun things and don’t panic so much about every little thing. Every girl loves guys who take things easy.

5.) Be Playful to Get Your Girlfriend Kiss You More Often

Girls are always attracted to guys who know how to have fun. It means you should have fun around her. Do some silly things together. Do the things that get her in a playful mood with you.

  • Play practical jokes or crack some jokes in your conversation. She will like it if you have a good sense of humor. Tell jokes to make her laugh and this way she will want to show you more affection.

6.) Maintain Good Hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene is the way to get your girlfriend kiss you more often. It includes brushing your teeth, using mouth watch and washing your clothes. Wear a pleasant scent cologne or deodorant and after shave. She will feel good when you get close to her.

  • When you wear a scent, be sure it should not too much. Girls hate it when guys wear a lot of cologne.
  • Wash your hair daily and let her play with your hair. Girls like running their fingers through their boyfriends’ hair.
  • Make your best effort to look good and clean. Girls don’t like when you don’t care about your looks.

7.) Give Her Something Special to Get Your Girlfriend Kiss You More Often

Bring her something special to impress her. Don’t bring something big. It could be a funny card or anything big. It is such a nice way to show that you want to please her and you are interested in her.

  • Try to bring her lunch or dinner out of the blue. Find out what she likes and eat it with her.
  • Write her a letter or note once in a while. Handwritten works best. In a letter, tell her that you think about her all the time and how much she is special to you.

8.) Plan Special Dates to Get a Girlfriend Kiss You More Often

Special dates are always great as they are exciting. Surprise her by taking her to a romantic place. Plan a dinner date, movie date or an activity like ice- skating, bowling or a sports game. Plan a surprise birthday party with her family or her friends. This is the way to make your girlfriend happy.

  • Make her feel that she is the only girl on the earth who means a lot to you. This will make her feel relaxed, comfortable and happy.
  • Don’t forget the flowers because flowers are the great way to get her to hug you or kiss you.

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