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How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy?

To keep your girlfriend happy all you need to do it to make her feel special and make her feel that you are lucky to have her. This is very easy to do once you know what a girl wants. Most of the time girls do not believe in words but in actions. To keep you girlfriend happy you will have to show her not her tell her that she really means a lot to you. There are different kinds of girls in the world and everyone likes different things. She is your girlfriend you must know what makes her happy. If you do not know that why is she behaving oddly these days and the reason behind her being upset then try to find it out first. The various ways by which you can keep your girlfriend happy are given in this article. Do these to keep your girlfriend happy.

How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Steps to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

1.) Try to Know Cause of Her Sadness

She is your girlfriend you must know what makes her happy and what makes her sad. Try to talk to her that what is bothering her? Then try to find out the solution for it. You can try knowing the reason of her sadness by observing her too. Like does she gets upsets about a particular thing or maybe she is moody. There can be many cases by which you get to know what makes her happy and what makes her sad. Once you know the cause of her sadness try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

2.) Listen to Her to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

This is the common problem faced by girlfriends. To keep her happy you will have to become a good listener. Whenever she talks listen carefully and suggest her accordingly if she wants suggestions. Many times girl vent out their feelings to let go her bad feelings that time being a good listener will be helpful. Do not give excuses to not listen to her. She will stop sharing her feelings with you and your relationship will become distant. Being a good listener is a very important quality for becoming a good boyfriend. Also, do not take her words carelessly she will feel offended.

3.) Make Her Feel Special to Keep Her Happy

To keep your girlfriend happy make her feel that she is the most special person in your life. Do not take her for granted. She might go away and will never come back to you if you will take her for granted. There are various ways to make your girlfriend feel special. You can bring flowers on you way back to home. Text her in your busy schedule. She will appreciate your all of these efforts and will be happy with you.

4.) Respect Her Friends to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

This is the biggest mistakes boyfriends do which irritates their girlfriends. If your really like your girl and want to see her happy then treat their friends well too. Hang out in a group with her and her friends. This will make her feel happy and loved. Try to be friends with her friends that would make your task easier. Getting along well with her friends will also save your relationship from small mis happenings leading to disasters.

5.) Respect Her Decisions to Make Her Happy

She is mature enough to handle you then she is mature enough to handle herself too. Try to understand things from her point of view. This will make her feel loved and she will also realize that you love her a lot. Stand with her whenever she feels like doing anything on her own. Support her and never let her feel that she is alone. Leave your male ego aside then only you can be a good boyfriend and make your girlfriend happy.

6.) Tell Her ‘She is the Only One’

Do not make her jealous this is not the act of a gentleman. Instead, make her feel that she is the one and only one in your life. If you will b loyal to her she will feel herself lucky be with you and will stay happy and satisfied. Make her feel that no one ever can take her place in your life. Tell her that you are lucky to have her. This will probably make her feel special and she will get to know that you love her the most.

7.) Gift Her Randomly

Small gifts will also do, you need not to buy her always expensive branded items. Pick up anything and tell her that you bought it because it will look more beautiful on you. Do not wait for occasions to gift her. Surprise her with your small token of love and she will love it. Your these small and sweet actions will make her feel loved and she will feel happy to be your girlfriend.

8.) Plan a Surprize Trip

To make your girlfriend happy surprise her with any unplanned trip to her dream destination. She will go crazy with happiness. Pack up hers and your stuff and surprise her with packed bags and tickets. This idea will definitely make your girlfriend happy and love you more. This time alone spend at an exotic destination will also help to increase your bonding and love.

9.) Cook for Her to Keep Her Happy

She will love this effort made by you. Cook her favourite cuisine for her and she will feel loved by your action. Even if you are not very good at cooking, try making a simple dish by referring a cooking show. Blindfold her and bring her to the table and serve her well like a professional. She will feel like a princess and she will love your efforts.

10.) Share Your Routine

Sharing your daily routine will make her feel that you really love her. Tell her about your schedule it will make her feel that she is important in your life. Sharing little things will also get you both closer than before and will stronger your bond. You can also tell her that what you are thinking and what is bothering you. She will feel lucky to be in your life. These tips will definitely help you to keep your girlfriend happy forever.

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