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How to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend?

Well! girls, everybody knows that no one is perfect and everyone has character flaws but the biggest and the common flaw is being jealous. Many girls suffer from jealousy. If you are in a relationship then you might have to face problems including the feeling of jealousy. When your partner talks to other girls, you find yourself being jealous. Follow some instructions that will help you to stop being an overly jealous girlfriend and start being a best friend or a dream girl.

Jealousy is basically a fear of loss. It involves negative thoughts and the feelings of anxiety, fear, insecurity and resentment. Girls feel jealousy because they don’t want to lose their boyfriend. You will start to feel jealous if you are in fear of losing someone. You may not want your boyfriend to spend time with other girls because you are afraid to lose him. So stop being jealous and love your partner to make your relationship  happy.

How to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

Best Ways to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend:

1.) Feel Good about Yourself

Feeling good about yourself is the best way to stop being an overly jealous girlfriend. Feeling of jealousy come from the feeling of insecurity and thinking that other girl can make your boyfriend happier. Always keep in your mind that your boyfriend chose you not anyone else. Stop obsessing over your height, looks or weight. Your negative thoughts will drain you and your partner both. An overactive attitude of insecurity can make your partner away. So accept yourself as the way you are. Your boyfriend finds you attractive that’s why he is with you. Never allow anyone’s opinion to define you or validate yours.

  • Give some time to yourself. Go for a workout and do some exercise to stay fit and healthy.
  • Cut your hair and do things that make you happy.

2.) Learn to Have a Healthy Relationship

Whether you are new in the relationship or you have been for years it is not easy to know what a relationship supposed to be. Many people don’t grow up with healthy relationships among their family, friends or even parents. An unhealthy relationship can worsen your relationship.

Here are some tips to have a healthy relationship:

  • Always take the responsibility of your own happiness.
  • Every relationship needs trust. So always follow your promises.
  • If you know that you have hurt your partner then admit your mistake.
  • Always be honest about your relationship as honest holds the relationship together.
  • Forgive your partner as it helps to build trust between you.
  • Always listen to your partner carefully and be realistic.

3.) Give Some Space to Your Boyfriend

Giving space is the best way to stop being an overly jealous girlfriend. If you have been checking his phone, his social media profiles and confronting him with accusations then you should back off. You need to take a few deep breaths. Let him go with his friends, or to an event where he is interested in. Be careful don’t act on this. You should give a break to both of you. You should also spend time with your friends and family.

Here are some tips to do:

  • Enjoy the outdoors like climbing, walking, swimming, sailing etc. as it will improve your mood.
  • You should get back to your old friends.
  • Involve yourself in your career direction.
  • Change your wardrobe and hair color.
  • Do exercises as it will clear your mind and boost your confidence.

4.) Build Your Communication

Building the communication between the two of you is the best way to stop being an overly jealous girlfriend. It is very important to let him know that something makes you upset. If you are jealous then you should speak up. Otherwise, your boyfriend will not understand what went wrong and misunderstanding will lead to breakups. Choose the right place and right time to communicate with each other. Don’t talk in public. Make it clear what you are going to convey to your partner. Make eye contact while talking to each other.

5.) Learn to Trust to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

Trust issues can drive you crazy. Sometimes you get angry when he talks with other girls. You start questioning him about where he was last night or what took so long? Stop doing such things as these things will make you feel jealous and upset. Now this is the time to build the trust. Trusting your partner is the most important thing to build up a healthy relationship. When you realize that your partner intentions are always in your favor that means you are on the way to a happier relationship.

6.) Analyze Your Current Relationship

Once you have cleared all the things, this is the time to take a look at your relationship with a fresh eye and mind. Keep your doubt, jealousy and fear aside. If you feel that you are not as stable as a girlfriend should be then you should think about all the good things that he has done for you. Remember, the happiest time that you have spent with your boyfriend. This will help you to stop the being overly jealous girlfriend.

7.) Don’t Compare Yourself with Other Girls

Comparing yourself to other girls that are in your boyfriend’s life can create problems in your relationship. Don’t compare yourself with other girls. Remember, people with self-esteem are not jealous. Take some time every day to do things that make you feel good about yourself.

8.) Be an Awesome Girlfriend

If you have solved all the problems and heal the damage then this is the time to be an awesome girlfriend.

Here are some tips to become a good girlfriend:

  • Being honest to your partner is the most important thing. When you make a mistake then apologize.
  • Don’t be fake to impress your partner, always be yourself.
  • Understand what your partner like the most. Ask him about his interests.
  • Instead of fighting with him, try to learn to comprise.
  • Giving each other space is very important for a healthy relationship.
  • The most important to become a good girlfriend and don’t be jealous.

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