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How to Surprise Your Girlfriend?

If you are in a relationship with a girl and you love her from the core of your heart. Expressing your love from time to time can keep your relationship alive and also it will make her feel special. But when you want to do something special for her then nothing is better than giving her surprises. Surprises are such a nice ways to show your love and care to your girlfriend. Girls always love surprises. Girls are not looking for huge and expensive gifts but instead they want love and kindness and a few surprises which amaze them and make them happy. Here in this article, you will get some brilliant ideas to surprise your girlfriend.

How to surprise your girlfriend

Best Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend:

1.) Make a List What Your Girlfriend Likes

Before planning a surprise think about what she likes and what can surprise her most. Identify your girlfriend’s likes and make a list of them. After making a list of likes, select one or two items that can help you to plan the surprise. Make sure that the things you select will help you to surprise your girlfriend which is realistic and within your budget. Don’t plan something which is unusual.

2.) Choose the Best Time for the Surprise

Choose the best day and time when your girlfriend will be able to come to meet you somewhere or over your house. Try to ask her what her schedule is for the week. Then, invite her to come to your place where you want to meet. You can take help of one of her friend to do this for you. But make sure that the friend is trustworthy. Say something like, “if you are free on Saturday night then we can meet if you want”.

  • Gather all the things that you need to surprise your girlfriend.
  • Once you get everything, start setting it up. Everything should be like how you want it to look when she arrives.
  • It can be simple as lighting a few candles or decorating an entire room with balloons and streamers. Give yourself lots of time to get everything in order.

3.) Surprise Her with a Love Letter

Writing a love letter is the best and amazing way to surprise your girlfriend. Hand-written love letters are more sentimental than e-mail or text messaging. Letters are more thoughtful and romantic. If you feel awkward to say your feelings out loud then your girlfriend will like to hear them on a paper.

  • If you use any type of cologne, then add it to the paper before mailing the letter.
  • Try to place the letter in her locker or in her lunch box.

4.) Get Her Little Things to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Girls love receiving surprises or gifts but they don’t need to be expensive. Little gifts can surprise her and lighten her day. Surprise doesn’t need any occasion, do it whenever you feel like. For example, Get her a rose or her favorite chocolates or an “I Love You” card. You can also plan out an entire day to comfort and pamper her. Prepare meals for her, offer to give her a massage or do her chores. You can schedule this day on weekday or weekend.

5.) Show Up Outside Her Office or House

Planned dates are exciting and romantic but when dates are unplanned then it will give you maximum joy. Get a bouquet of her favorite flowers, chocolates, jewelry, roses are romantic gifts. Show up any of these gifts outside her house or her office just before when she is about to come out. Or you can call her up and make some excuse so that she can come out. This is the most romantic way to surprise your girlfriend.

  • Girls love when their guy put some effort and plan a proper date for her. Girls love to see you take the lead. If you are living together, then get an amazing outfit along with accessories and shoes and leave a note mentioning a restaurant and the time.

6.) Organize a Surprise Party to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Plan a surprise party for your girlfriend on her birthday, anniversary or any other special day. Talk to all her siblings and friends, decorate the area and order her favorite food. Call her and ask her to come at a place as there is something very important that requires her. She will love you more by seeing all the people who matter to her a lot.

7.) Prepare a Meal to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Bring cooking skills to use is the best way to impress your girlfriend. Prepare a meal which you can cook the best or with her favorite dishes. If you are not an expert in cooking then you can take help from your family member or a friend that can help you to prepare your surprise. In fact knowing that you are not good at cooking yet you made the effort will make her feel very special. Present it in a good way like set up the table and chairs on your terrace.  Place some candles and enjoy your food.

8.) Make a Recorded CD to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Girls love things with a personal and romantic touch. Your girlfriend will love to hear your voice in the morning that can set her mood for the whole day. Record a voice note or sing a song for her and place them where she can get it easily. You can also take help of her any family member to set up this surprise.

9.) Leave Her Lot of Notes

Leaving short notes all around the place may sound girly but it will make her happy. Write something sweet in each of the note.  Write compliments for her or you can write something like reasons why you love her. Leave these notes in her office or in her apartment where she goes the most.

10.) Choose a Personalized Gift to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Get her favorite band’s latest album or a book by her favorite author. This will show that you understand her well. Another best way is set the wallpaper on your phone with a picture of her. Let her notice it on her own. You can also make a photo album by putting sweet photos of you two and give it to her.

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