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How to Win Your Girlfriend Back After a Breakup?

Winning your girlfriend back after a breakup is not really the hard part. The hard part is keeping them in your life. If your girl left you once, then it is difficult to stop them from leaving you again. Breakups are always very painful and very difficult for anyone. When you realize that it was your mistake, it is even more difficult to get your ex back. You lose your girlfriend’s trust and it is very hard to earn it again in a relationship. The best way is to give her time to go through her emotions. Breaking up with someone you love is highly emotional and you have created conflict with your girlfriend who now doesn’t trust you. But don’t take stress; you can build trust again in your relationship. Here are some important steps that you need to take to win your girlfriend back after a breakup.

How to win your girlfriend back after a breakup

Best Ways to Win Your Girlfriend Back After a Breakup:

1.) Understand Your Motives

Breakups are very hard and painful. It is very natural that after breaking up with your girlfriend you will miss her company. After a breakup, being alone with painful feelings can’t avoid. Understanding the reason behind breakup is the first step to win your girlfriend back after a breakup.

  • Before speaking to your ex, you need to sit down with yourself and honestly consider the facts why the relationship ended.
  • If your motive for getting her back is reactionary or not genuine then don’t approach her. Instead, take care of yourself.
  • If your motive is to show your family or friends that you can get her back then don’t go further. Such type of motives is not good for your relationship with anyone.

2.) Think Carefully about What Ended the Relationship

Thinking carefully about your breakup gives you a path to get your ex back. You should think carefully why you want your ex back and the reason behind your breakup so that you can prepare yourself to address that reason.

  • Show her that you are prepared to learn from your mistakes that show you are serious and willing to change yourself.
  • Admit your mistake or what you have done wrong because it shows that you care about the relationship to take responsibility and you are not trying to get her back for superficial reasons.

3.) Give Her Space to win Your Girlfriend Back After a Breakup

After a breakup, give her some space. If you approach her soon after the breakup then she will not come back to you.

  • It will be irritating, if you call her, text her, email her very soon just after the breakup. It shows that you are desperate. If you do such immature things then she will think that breakup was the right decision.
  • Wait for some days and let her come to you first. Let her open up about your relationship. If you force her then she will pull away permanently.

4.) Focus on Yourself to Win Your Girlfriend After a Breakup

Don’t feel bad or obsess over the relationship’s end. Pay attention to getting back together. Give time to yourself. Connect yourself with your favorite hobbies and hang out with your friends.

  • You may find that you are missing somewhere. You are afraid to be alone that’s why you want her back in your life.
  • Give some time to your physical appearance. Get a stylish haircut, get some cool clothes and shoes. Join a gym to maintain your body. Be confident and don’t feel like that you are nothing. Your confidence will help to win your girlfriend back after a breakup.

5.) Do the Best Thing to Get Her Back

Before making any move to approach your ex, make sure she is available and you have her interests. If she is dating another guy then don’t try to stop her. Wait until she is not seeing someone. If you really care about her and her happiness then put aside jealousy, bitterness or resentment before trying to approach her again.

  • If your intentions are good and your relations are good with her friends then try to get help from them. But be cautious, her friends may be against you.

6.) Go Slow to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Once you have taken enough time apart, now you are ready to approach her but do it in a slow way. Don’t start your conversation in an emotional way by saying like “we need to talk” or “I truly want us to get back together”.

  • Make it clear that you want to get her back as a good friend. Fix your meeting in an isolated place. Suggest her getting a cup of coffee or lunch together. Don’t choose a location where you used to frequent together.

7.) Keep Things Simple or Casual to Win Your Girlfriend Back

If your first meeting goes well and both of you are interested in meeting up again then go for a coffee again. Make it clear that you are not expecting that you are back together. After spending time together, you both will fell that there is still a strong connection between both of you. Now you can bring up the relationship issue in your conversation. You can say that “I have been thinking about our breakup and I consider the problems”. If she reacts negatively then stop the conversation or back off. If you push her harder when she is not receptive then it will hurt you more. Give her more time and reconsider the topic if she seems more interested.

8.) Restart Your Relationship to Get Her Back

Taking responsibility is the first step to restart your relationship. Take responsibility for what you have done wrong in your relationship. Sit with each other and have a calm and adult conversation about past. Own up your mistakes and take the responsibility for your own mistakes. Don’t deny the things which you did wrong.

  • Whether you get back your ex or not, move forward. If you win your girlfriend back after a breakup then don’t spend the time to blame each other for what went wrong. Focus on discussing each other’s needs from the relationship. Also, discuss how to help each other.
  • If both of you wants to give another try to your relationship, then set your expectations and take the responsibility to fulfill that.

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