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Hint For a Kiss From a Guy?

In our society, it is up to the guy to initiate for the first kiss. Kissing is the perfect way to end your date or to build a romance in your relationship. Sometimes it can be frustrating if you want to be kissed but your guy is too shy to kiss. Guys give hints for a kiss if they are shy. Many guys dream to have their first kiss with the special girl. They find the right girl but they don’t know how to kiss her. Maybe he is scared of being rejected or a girl can back away from a kiss. He may like you a lot and he will give you some signs or wait to get a sign from you first. Use some tips to get a hint for a kiss from a guy. Read this article, you will get some hints from a guy.

Hint For a Kiss From a Guy

Best Tips to Hint a Kiss From a Guy:

1.) Notice If He Invites You 

Just because of respect for your wishes and the fear of rejection, a guy will not try for a kiss unless he is sure you want him to. If he wants to kiss you, then he will try to make you feel comfortable and confident. He will flirt with you, crack jokes to make you laugh, compliment you and will give you a smile a lot. If he is trying to put you at ease and he is enjoying being with you then it means he wants to make a move.

2.) Notice If He Breaks the Touch Barrier 

Breaking the touch barrier is an important way to hint a kiss from a guy. Notice if he touches you lightly on the shoulder or arm when you are talking. He touches you innocently and doesn’t make a big deal out of it. Holding hands is a good way to break the touch barrier. Touching will strengthen the intimacy between you and her. Sometimes, a girl will break the touch barrier. If you are comfortable with him, he will try to touch your back. A girl can also make the first move if they are feeling comfortable.

3.) Notice If He Looks at Your Lips to Get Hint for a Kiss From a Guy

When you are alone with a girl and want to be kissed, move your gaze down to her lips and make eye contact. Now move your eyes back to meet her eyes and smile. You don’t need to be obvious about it. A quick glance at her lips is better than staring at her all conversation. Many girls will take the hint. If it doesn’t work the first time, then try again.

4.) Notice If He Draws Your Attention to His Lips

If he is drawing your attention to his lips then he will like you to kiss him. Try to focus on his physical draws.

  • Notice if he gently touches his lips or plays with his bottom lip. These both are good ways to give a sign to your partner that you want a kiss. If he overdoes it, it can be a huge turn-off or make it look unnatural.
  • Playfully lip bites will draw your attention to his lips.
  • He started licking his lips to draw your attention. But licking too much will make lips slobbery and unappetizing.

5.) Notice If He Linger to Hint For a Kiss From a Guy

If he is dropping you off after a date then linger for a moment. He will sit next to you and wait for a few seconds. Don’t make awkward conversation that may seem painful but it may be the thing to spark him into kissing you. If your conversation is too exciting or passionate, then pause for a while to feel comfortable moving in for a kiss.

6.) Notice If He Moves In to Kiss You

To kiss your partner, you have to be close to each other and the less distance you have to travel to kiss your partner. He will get close to you. When the moment is right, he puts his face close to you and looks at you expectantly. If you are brave then you can try moving in as you are going to kiss him. This is the good way to get a hint for a kiss from a guy.

  • He will try this move just after a hug. He gives you a long and intimate hug. He tries to lean in for a kiss and will kiss you on your cheek.

7.) Notice If He Talks to You About It

If you are not taking his hints then he tries to bring up kissing in conversation. When you both watch a movie together and see a kiss scene, he will say something like, “it is so romantic.” He will also tell you a silly story about his bad kiss he had. If he notices that you are really shy, then he can put it on the line and tell you that he would like to kiss you. This is the best way to get a hint for a kiss from a guy.

8.) Kiss Your Partner

To kiss each other, make sure that you both are alone. To kiss you, he will hold your hand, get close to you and kiss you. While kissing, he touches your waist or hands. If he does this, you will feel good. If you don’t pull him away, that means you are also interested and you can go for a long kiss. You can also try French kiss. In French kiss, all you need to do is to use your tongue.

Other Tips to Hint For a Kiss From a Guy:

  • When you both are together, it is important to pay attention to each other and live in the moment. If your mind is somewhere else, then you will not be able to kiss each other.
  • Compare hand sizes then smile as this is a good way to break the touch barrier.
  • Don’t cross your arms. This body language sign shows that you are not open to affection.
  • If you have lip balm then put it on your lips.
  • Before seeing her, get your lips in kissing order. The kissable lips are sweet and smooth. You can exfoliate your lips with sugar to make them soft.
  • Another way to get a girl to move closer is to pretend to shake as you are cold. If she doesn’t get it the right way, then rub your hands up and down against your arms. This will help you to get her attention and hint to her what you are trying to do.

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