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How to Air Kiss?

In this article, we will tell you how to air kiss. Sometimes, you get along with people in a social gathering or party and you seem to do blunder while air kissing someone. You may not know the basics of air kiss and why and when it should be carried out in public. Well, here in this article we will let you know about all this and you may be able to use it appropriately without making it look awkward. There are certain rules which you need to follow to keep yourself from creating an embarrassing situation.

How to Air Kiss

Top Tips to Follow to Air Kiss:

1) Read the Body Language to Air Kiss

You should read the body language of that person to whom you are meeting. It all depends on how that person responds to your greeting. That person may take out their hand and shake your hand on the first go. If the grip is very firm and that person is recoiled back then a pat on the shoulder or a touch on the elbow may be enough. They may seem relaxed to you. In that case, you may give them an air kiss. If they have hugged you tightly and touching your face then you may kiss them in a traditional style.

2) Calculate if it is Appropriate to Air Kiss

You should greet different people differently. It also depends on which occasion you are meeting with a person. You can’t do this air kiss thing with each and every person you meet up. If you are in a formal event then you may air kiss people while greeting them. These are those people who are less acquainted with you and generally don’t meet you throughout the year. You may air kiss those people whom you know but not very well. However, you should not air kiss a stranger. It may look inappropriate.

3) Avoid Undue Force to Air Kiss Someone

You may hold the person through their elbow softly to go ahead to air kiss beside their cheek. It is highly inappropriate to grab the person through their shoulder and give them a wet and sloppy kiss on their cheeks. You must stick to the norms according to the region you are in. Generally, people go for right cheek. So, be prepared for it otherwise, you may end up bumping your nose to theirs.

4) Lean in a Little to Air Kiss

You should lean a little to hint the other person that you are going for an air kiss. Begin with right cheek. Brush your cheek gently on their cheek. Pucker your lips and release. Similarly, you may proceed for the other cheek. However, in some regions only single air kiss is enough for greeting someone. You may hug the upper portion of the person to whom you are meeting after an air kiss.

5) Acquire Silence to Air Kiss Someone

You should be silent while air kissing. At least don’t take out that “mwah” sound while air kissing someone. It may look too awkward. Generally, air kiss is done in a formal setting. So, these sounds are forbidden for it. You just need to act like you are kissing. You don’t need to kiss actually. You should not leave any saliva traces on the other person’s cheeks.

6) Know the Cultural Conventions to Air Kiss

You should read about the cultural conventions of a particular country before going there. In different countries, a different way of greeting conventions is practiced. In large cities air kisses are quite popular. In most of the countries, men air kiss women and women air kiss women often while men do not kiss men. But, in France men kiss men too. Similarly, in Greece, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile men kiss men who are familiar to each other. Likewise, in the Middle East same gender persons kiss each other for greeting each other.

7) Observe People around You to Air Kiss

You may learn air kiss by observing other people around you. You may have been to some foreign country and you don’t know the right way to greet people then you may learn it by observing others. You may come to know whether you need to air kiss them once, twice or thrice. It is one of the best ways to familiarize with the new environment and know the greeting habits of locals.

8) Choose between Handshake and Air Kiss

You should know when to shake hands with your colleague or professional partner and when to air kiss. It is generally not advisable to take out your hand for a handshake after an air kiss. Air kiss is fine if you have done it already to greet the other person. Or, you may shake hands with them if you are not comfortable with air kisses. However, if someone is approaching to air kiss you and you are drawing out your hand for handshake then it may look rude the other person. You are expected to go for air kiss then.

9) Keep Air Kiss for Friends and Family

You may not want to air kiss your co-workers. Thus, it is better to save your kisses for your friends and family. Moreover, if you air kiss any of your corporate partners then people standing there may feel like you may have some personal motive to get fulfilled by them. So, be careful while adopting this “social kiss” in your daily routine. It may put you into a wrong place. People may misunderstand you.

10) Whisper Something while Air Kissing

You may air kiss someone on right cheek and then proceed for a second air kiss. However, some people in America whisper small questions like “how are you doing?” or “it’s nice to meet you” in the other person’s ear to balance the awkwardness of air kiss. You may skip the second air kiss as well and hug partly to greet them. It is a nice way to make them feel comfortable and greet them wholeheartedly. You should put a smile on your face while approaching for an air kiss. Part with the other person slowly after having an air kiss.


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