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How to Be a Good Kisser?

A kiss is a lifetime achievement if you do it rightly. If a kiss is done right then it stays forever in your partner’s heart. Being a good kisser can be everyone’s cup of tea but you have to help yourself with few techniques and steps. A good kiss increases the feeling of love between you and your partner. Women can not afford to lose a man who is a good kisser. To be a good kisser it doesn’t takes much just your few efforts which will make you rule amongst the ladies or the men. A bad kiss can be the cause of spoiling the whole romance going on. A bad kiss can also be a great hindrance in getting you intimate. To be a great kisser follow this article.

How to Be a Good Kisser

Steps to Be a Good Kisser

1.) Proper Hygiene

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do to be a good kisser. Have a fresh and good breath when you are going to kiss. It is very important for a good kisser to have a good and refreshing breath. To give a good kissing experience to your partner you have to keep everything perfect so that she or he will never forget the kissing experience with you. A proper oral hygiene is must to maintain if you don’t want your partner to get scared from you. You can clean up your mouth by mouth freshener you may also brush your teeth if you already know that you might be lucky enough to kiss someone. Also, if you go for a dinner then do not forget to clean up your mouth properly and avoid eating food with strong smell.

2.) Soft Lips

Get soft and tender lips if you are going to kiss a person. Apply any gentle lip balm or petroleum jelly before going to kiss someone. It will give you better experience while kissing. Take care of your lips, a dry and harsh lips may not give best experience or even hurt your partner. You should always keep your lips moisturized to get a soft lips. Female can apply light lipsticks to make it look more appealing.

3.) Set Up the Mood

A mood is very important when you are going to kiss someone. A romantic surrounding or any romantic lines will help to set up the mood. A great kisser always know the right place and right time to kiss. Take her or him to a silent place where they can be fully comfortable with you. If you are in a public place then talk sweet and romantic to set up the mood. You can sit closer and look into their eyes to set up the romantic mood or can whisper sweet nothings into your partner’s ears.

4.) Act Around

To be a great kisser you have to do few things such as act around differently than the commoners. A great kiss is not only the part of kissing but it is a series of process which makes a kiss perfect. To be a good kisser you will have to take care of other things as well such as pre kissing events which will make a kiss wonderful.

  • look into her eyes, an intense passionate look into her eye will make her go crazy for you. Whenever you get a chance make an eye contact with her. Look with full passion and love also, smile while making an eye contact. Try to look deeper into her or his eyes and for a longer time.
  • Maintain the position, a position is very important when you are going to kiss your partner. Lean towards her or incline your body towards your partner.
  • Take her into arms (for male), to go further take her into your arms and stay there for a while it will increase your bond and will lighten up the mood. Also, it will create the desire and increase the desire to be kissed by your partner. When there is desire then kiss will be much better.

5.) Neck Kissing

This is the best tip to be called yourself as a best kisser. Neck is a very sensitive area and most of the people likes the neck kissing the best. If you are kissing your partner do not forget to give a gentle kiss on the neck. It will make them put under your love spell and indeed your kiss will be just perfect. Neck kissing can turn of anyone instantly. If your partner;s neck is sensitive then it is a boon for you. Hug your partner from the back or kiss him or her. You can also hug them from front and kiss their neck gently.

6.) Flirt a Bit

Flirting increases your chances of becoming a good kisser. Flirt with your partner and lighten up the mood. This will create a better kissing impact and you will be considered as a good kisser by your partner. Flirting can be done with or without words. You can whisper dirty words in your partner’s ears or can touch them to flirt with them.

7.) While Kissing Do These to Be a Good Kisser

  • Be gentle and slow while you start kissing your partner. Do not rush or go deep in the start. Make your parter feel the whole process. Gently and slowly go ahead.
  • Make your hand work while kissing your partner. Caress your partner’s face and move your finger in hir or her hair. Hold your partner’s face or neck or put your arm around your partner’s neck while kissing your partner.
  • Use a bit of tongue if you are planning to go intense. If you feel that your partner is okay with it then go deeper. Try French kissing your partner, know how to french kiss and then try it on your partner for a better kissing experience.
  • Match your partner’s style while kissing. Try to go with the style which your partner likes. If your partner is going slow or liking it then do it that way of if your partner prefers more intense one then go for it. This way you will definitely be a good kisser.

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