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How to Be Kissable?

Are you kissable or not? Well, if you are going for a date and you are planning to smooch your partner then you should look kissable. Kissing is very sexy and exciting for many couples. A person’s kissability can be negatively affected by many factors such as chapped or cracked lips and bad breath. Here, are many things that you can do to remove these problems and make yourself more kissable. To get kissable lips, you need to make your lips more attractive by keeping them free of dead skin, dryness, and rough spots. The best way to make your lips more appealing is to exfoliate and moisturize your lips. It will not take much time and your lips will be kissable. Kissable lips are not only an implication of good health but it is also an appealing appearance. The more you kissable, the more you enjoy kissing.

How to be kissable

Best Ways to Be Kissable:

1.) Have Fresh Breath to Be Kissable

Start with flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day. The dirty tongue is the main cause of bad breath. So, don’t forget to clean your tongue. Throughout the day use breath strips, gum or breath mints. If you want to use mouthwash then use clear and alcohol-free colored formulas stain teeth and alcohol deteriorates gum tissue. If you use gum then find a way to remove it before kissing.

2.) Make Your Lips Moisturized

Carry a lip balm in your pocket and apply it frequently to keep your lips soft. The best one is Nivea, Vaseline, Carmex and Burt’s Bees. Keeping your lips moist is the good way to keep your lips soft and kissable. Try to apply lip balm at night to moisturize your lips when you sleep. If you don’t have any lip balm then you can use a bit of coconut oil or olive oil.

  • Before applying any lipstick or liner to your lips, apply a deeply moisturizing lip balm. This will create a smooth canvas for your lipstick. Apply the lip balm about half an hour before you apply your lipstick.
  • Don’t lick your lips because if you do, saliva will make your lips dry which leads to cracked or chapped lips. Keep in mind, no one wants to kiss your rough or dry lips.
  • Always try to use moisturizing lipstick. Long lasting lipsticks may irritate your lips or dry out your lips.

3.) Take Care of Your Skin to be Kissable

Being kissable doesn’t mean that you need to only take care of your lips, you should also look after your skin. Always wash your face with an unscented soap or mild soap which is for the face. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer. It protects your pores from dirt that cause acne and prevents the build-up of oils.

4.) Make Eye Contact to Be Kissable

Making eye contact provides the intimate connection which is an invitation to kissing. If you wear glasses then take them off. Some people don’t like when your glasses interfere with the contact. Before kissing, take them off. Don’t stare as this may seem a bit frightening or make the other person uncomfortable. If you are comfortable then you appear more relaxed and more kissable. Always wear comfortable clothes. If you are a guy then don’t forget to shave if you need.

5.) Make Sure Your Mouth is not carrying a River of Fluid

Just before you kiss, swallow discretely. When you move your tongue around your mouth or you do French kiss and use a very light sucking action then the glands on your tongue will produce more saliva. If you don’t want your lips dry but you can’t drop your saliva in your partner’s mouth.

6.) Smile and Relax to be Kissable

When you are tense, your body will respond including your lips and tongue. Don’t be nervous when you are going to kiss. Keep smiling and relax. Move closer as physical closeness make your lips more kissable. Try standing close to your partner you want to kiss. Make it clear that you want to be kissed. Try to look at your partner’s lips instead of making eye contact. This will help your partner to understand that you want to be kissed.

7.) Touch Your Lips to Be Kissable

If you want to draw attention to your lips then touch them with your fingers. This can be a playful and seductive way to get someone to kiss you.

  • Run the tip of your finger over your lips as you are thinking about something.
  • Hold a piece of fruit such as strawberry or a grape or an ice cube against your lips for a few seconds before you put it into your mouth.
  • To send a signal, try to make eye contact with your partner as you touch your lips.
  • Holding your lips in a seductive way is another way to bring attention to your lips. Like, part your lips slightly, lick your lips or gently bite one of your lips. So you can try different ways to draw attention to your lips.

8.) Apply Sugar Scrub

Applying sugar scrub is the best way to get kissable lips. You can buy sugar scrub at any beauty store or you can make it your own. Make your own exfoliating sugar scrub.

  • Add 1 tbsp of sugar to a tsp of coconut oil or olive oil. Mix the sugar and oil until it forms a paste. Keep the scrub in a small bowl in your refrigerator for a week.
  • If you want to use the fresh scrub ten take a pinch of sugar and few drops oil. Mix them well and apply it to your lips in circular motions.
  • Rub the sugar scrub well all over your lips. Scrub all of the surfaces of your lips and areas around the lips.
  • Don’t use the sugar scrub more than a week as it may irritate your lips.
  • When you are done, take a clean cloth and moisten it with warm water. Use this cloth to remove the sugar scrub. You can also use warm water to wash your lips.

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