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How to Deal with a Bad Kisser?

Even if your partner is just perfect for you still a big flaw in her/him is being a bad kisser. Kissing is one the best feeling in the world. Having a terrible kisser in your life can be saddening and many time embarrassing as well. Kissing plays a major role in every relationship and if you cannot get the perfect kiss then it can be a major disappointment in your relationship. Kissing habits can be improved with a bit practice and tactics. Help your partner by learning how to deal with a bad kisser and you both can enjoy the flawless relationship.

How to Deal with a Bad Kisser

Tips to Deal with a Bad Kisser

1.) Take the Lead to Deal with a Bad Kisser

If your partner is bad at kissing then you need to help him/her out. Try to help your partner to be a good kisser. Take lead while kissing, show him how to be a good kisser. Tell him to take it slow and mirror what you are doing. You can tell your guy or girl to follow you and do as you are doing. This will help your partner to come out of hesitation and kiss well. Many times people are nervous on the first date and due to which, they make terrible mistakes while kissing. Your lead will not only remove their hesitation but will also guide them.

2.) Talk it Out to Deal with a Bad Kisser

A good communication is very much important in any relationship. If you do not feel something right then let your partner know about it. When you are not satisfied with your partner’s kissing method then you need to tell him or her about it. Do not be harsh or rude as it may offend your partner. Try to talk calmly and assure them that it can be sorted out. Practice will make your partner better. Also, tell your partner not to get nervous about it as it can be worked out. Tell them about their mistakes they make while kissing and how you want it to be.

3.) Help Them Practice

When they will practice they will be better. A good relationship depends on both person’s cooperation. There might be any severe flaw in you which your partner may be tolerating. Partner should help each other in a relationship to make it better. When you know what is your partner’s fault then instead of running away try to correct it. Help your partner to practice and correct their mistake while practicing. Do not rush while practicing or lose patience as it might take time to happen. If there is any particular habit of your partner which annoys you then practice it more.

4.) Have Patience to Deal with a Bad Kisser

Habit does not get corrected easily. When you are on a mission of making your partner better then you will need to have a lot of patience. To deal with a bad kisser do not give up easily. You are helping your partner out and it would be bad to lose such a perfect partner. With time your partner would be an amazing kisser but you need to help him/her out. Not everyone is a fast learner few takes time in learning. Do not lose patience easily if you really want to make your relationship long lasting.

5.) Work Together to Deal with the Problem

In a relationship when any problem occurs, it is your responsibility to work it out together. If you really love your partner then no problem can exist between you too. To make your relationship better both of you work it out. When you both will work together you can make it better. Try to make your partner overcome his or her nervousness and embarrassment. Also, do not try to humiliate them or be rude to them for being a bad kisser. If you will make them feel bad for their flaw then they might feel bad and might try to get away from your life.

6.) Take it Slow to Deal with a Bad Kisser

While teaching your partner on how to kiss, take the things slow. If you will rush into it then your partner may not learn properly. Slowly perform each step so that it will be easy for your partner to learn. When you both get in your comfort zone then you can try taking things fast. Slow kisses are also great and seductive. Slow kisses can even be passionate you should know how to do it properly.

7.) Experiment New Ways

Trying new things while make out session to make it fun and interesting. Tell your partner that you would like to try a new form of kissing. Experimenting new forms may help you to find something intriguing. Do not afraid to do an experiment as it might even help your partner to know about your kissing style and he or she might improve. Try experimenting until you find a better form which suits you both.

Tips to Remember to Deal with a Bad Kisser

  • Do not form a very strong opinion on the first date. It might be the case that your partner is nervous and he or she is doing it the wrong way because of nervousness. Or maybe that person does not have much kissing experience. You too might be a sloppy kisser in the start.
  • Do not humiliate your partner or make them feel bad about it. You can tell them calmly about their flaw and assure them that it can be corrected with practice.
  • Do not try French Kissing, first, start with basic kissing techniques to deal with a bad kisser.
  • Do not hesitate to talk it out. As the sooner problem will be resolved the better it would be for both of you.
  • Do not break your relation without even trying. Maybe no one ever told them that they are bad at it, help them out to overcome their flaw.
  • Keep sending tips on how to be a good kisser to your partner to make him or her learn well.
  • Do not lose patience easily. Everything takes time and gives your partner time to be better.
  • While guiding them in your make out session instructs them politely.

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