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How to Have a First Kiss?

The first kiss is amazing and nobody wants to mess it up.  In the first kiss, it is obvious to panic a bit and takes precautions to avoid it. Well if you are worried about screwing it up then do not worry as there is nothing like a bad kiss. It is either a well performed kiss or not so well performed kiss. To have a first kiss you can follow few general tips which will help you to make it great. Do now worry if it does not turn out as like it is shown in movies. To achieve anything you need practice and it will get perfect with the time.

How to Have a First Kiss

Steps to Follow to Have a First Kiss

1.) Get Kissable Lips to Have a First Kiss

Getting kissable lips are the first step to prepare for the first kiss. It is very important to have your lips ready before having the first kiss. The first kiss is amazing and you would not want to commit y mistake while having your first kiss. A kissable lip will attract your partner to kiss you and will give a better experience to both of you. A soft gentle and attractive look will make your partner kiss you. You can do following steps to get a kissable lip.

a.) Maintain Oral Hygiene to Have a First Kiss

Maintaining oral hygiene is very important to have a kiss. When you are going to have your first kiss then you should be better careful about these facts as the first kiss stays forever. To have the first kiss you should properly have a maintained oral hygiene. Brush your teeth before you go to kiss your partner or when you go for a date. Keep mouth freshener with you to avoid any embarrassing situation. Also, use floss after every meal. When having food try to avoid eating with a strong smell like garlic or onion. Having mint fresh chewing gum can come handy too.

b.) Sexy Lips to Have a First Kiss

While first kiss how your lip looks also matters. Attractive lips will attract your partner more towards it. Apply a light lip balm or you may apply any light lipstick if you do not find it sticky. As lipstick might sometimes be troublesome. Do not overdo the lipstick.

2.) Get a Comfortable Place to Have a First Kiss

Environment affects a lot in creating or diverting the mood. When you are going to have your first kiss then do not choose any crowded place. A crowded place might make you uncomfortable. You can choose any romantic place with few people around. Your or your partner’s home would be a better option as both will feel comfortable and no one will be around. You can take your partner out for a date to any romantic restaurant or may call him/her as your place. Do which makes you both comfortable and will make you both come closer.

3.) Give Signs that You are Ready

When you are ready for something then your body language also speaks about it. If you want your partner to initiate the first kiss or want to hint them that you are ready then give few subtle signs which will help them to find about your mood. These signs will make your partner realize that you want the same thing too and will help him/her initiate it. Signs which can be used to show your partner are as follows:

a.) Get Close to Have a First Kiss

Sit closer to your partner. It will make them realize that you do not mind getting closer and they might think of taking the further step. When you are together, sit close and initiate a touch if haven’t broken the touch barrier yet then it is very important to break the touch barrier.

b.) Lean Towards Your Partner to Kiss 

While standing or sitting close to your partner lean towards him/her. This body language shows that you are interested towards him/her. Your gestures and body language will make your partner clear about what is on your mind. Maybe your partner is not initiating because he/she might be afraid of your reaction. When they will get signals that you too want the same then it would be easier for him/her to initiate.

c.) Look at Partner’s Lips to Have a First Kiss

This is also a great sign to make your partner realize that you are interested in having the first kiss. While talking to the one you want to have the first kiss with a look at his or her lips in between. This will give them signs about your mood and it might also make them have an urge to kiss.

4.) Go Slow with Approach to Have a First Kiss

Now everything is set and the mood is also set. It is time to have a first kiss. If your partner approaches to kiss you then it is great but if you have to do it then do not rush to it. Go slow with your approach, slowly get closer and gently place your lips on your partner. While kissing do not go fast and do not try to use tongue in the first kiss. First, have a kiss with closed lips and then open your lips a bit more. Try to match the pace of your partner to have a memorable kiss.

5.) Use Your Hands while Kissing

Do not keep your hand idle while having your first kiss. It is very important to keep your hands engaged while kissing. While having a kiss only your lips actions do not matter but your whole body’s action does. Try to make use of your hands to make your kiss more intriguing. You can wrap up your arms around your partner or use your hands to hold the face of your partner. If you are a guy then you can put your arms around the waist of your girl. If you are a girl put your arms on his shoulder.

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